Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

The Hoka Clifton Edge is a brand new shoe from Hoka One One. It’s called the “Hoka Clifton Edge,” not just the “Hoka Edge” because it is a version of the Hoka Clifton.  Usually, 2-3 shoes a year impress me on my first run, and I think: this is a good shoe. The Hoka Clifton Edge is one of them.

According to Hoka, the Hoka Clifton Edge is a culmination of all of Hoka’s technology to date. The foam offers a lightweight springy, responsive cushioning, and ride.

The Hoka Clifton Edge has a unique look to it. It’s got an extended heel, which leads to a smooth transition. The extended heel is the first thing you notice.

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

Hoka Clifton Edge Quick Facts:

Weight: 7.2 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 5 mm

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

HOKA Clifton Edge Fit:

The upper of the Hoka Clifton Edge is interesting. According to Hoka, the Hoka Clifton Edge has an embossed TPU yarn, which delivers premium finish with targeted support in the forefoot and eyerow.

There isn’t a lot of design in the upper, which makes it reasonably easy to get away with as a “casual shoe.” Often times running shoes are bold, but the Hoka Clifton Edge is actually toned down. I personally like the look.

Back to the Fit: One thing to include with the fit is the padded heel and vertical pull tab.  Most Hoka shoes have a padded collar, which delivers enhanced comfort at the ankle.  I find the heel collars from Hoka to be one of the more comfortable. It doesn’t slide around, but it doesn’t dig into your ankle either.

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

One thing to make note with the Hoka Clifton Edge is that the tongue is thin and sharp. A few people have noted it’s cut into their skin.

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

I found the Hoka Clifton Edge to be more narrow than many Hoka models, including the Hoka Clifton but not too narrow. Typically I wear a women’s size 10-11 wide and I’ve found the size 10.5 to fit well.

Hoka Clifton Edge Ride:

The Hoka Clifton Edge is designed to have plenty of cushion but extremely lightweight. Hoka states it’s a “cumulation of all their innovation to date.”  So the most modern shoe using all of their technology.

Inside the cushioning of the Hoka, Clifton Edge is a firmer heel bed. In fact, the Hoka Clifton Edge is one of Hoka’s most firm shoes. I find the regular Hoka Clifton to be a little too soft for me (which is why I like the Hoka Bondi or Hoka Cavu 3).

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

Like all of Hoka’s shoes, the Hoka Clifton Edge has a Meta-Rocker that moves naturally with the foot. The Hoka Clifton Edge uses an early stage Meta-Rocker, which sits further forward in the shoe (as opposed to a late-stage meta rocker). Other Hoka models that use the early stage Meta-Rocker include “faster” shoes like the Hoka Rincon, the Hoka Carbon X, and the Hoka Arahi 4.

The wider base of Hoka shoes makes them inherently stable.  There is no “stable piece to it,” but because of the wide base, it provides stability.

Let’s talk about the Hoka Clifton Edge Midsole: it’s probably the first thing you notice about the shoe. What is happening there?

The big difference between the Hoka Clifton and the Hoka Clifton Edge is in the heel. The Hoka Clifton Edge has a flared heel collar which keeps it from rubbing against the Achilles tendon. I never had that issue in the Hoka Clifton, but many people do.

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

The Hoka Clifton Edge also has a flared midsole at the bottom. The back of the shoe jets out to create a huge landing zone. For all of that cushion, it’s incredibly lightweight, and for women comes in at 7.2 oz.

The rubberized EVA outsole delivers lightweight but snappy feel.

All of this to say: the high resiliency foam offers signature Hoka Cushioning and ride while still staying lightweight.

When running in the Clifton Edge, I feel fast. Unlike the Hoka Bondi or the Hoka Clifton, I want to run fast when running in the Hoka Clifton Edge.  It’s not as fast as the Hoka Carbon Rocket or Hoka Carbon X, but I find it perfect for those workouts you want to run a little quicker than usual. For me, they work as a daily run shoe. I think it’s one of my favorite Hoka shoes to date…which says a lot.

Hoka Clifton Edge Shoe Review

Hoka Clifton Edge Conclusion:

The Hoka Clifton Edge is a much firmer version of the Hoka Clifton. I think Hoka did a great job with it. It is a contender for my favorite shoe of 2020. At first I thought the Hoka Clifton Edge might be a gimmick with the heel, but it’s just a good shoe. While it might look a little “different,” it’s an extremely comfortable shoe and I’ve enjoyed running it.  Compared to the regular Hoka Clifton, the Hoka Clifton Edge is much firmer

I like how lightweight but cushioned the Hoka Clifton Edge is. Just don’t shorten it to the “Hoka Edge” and pronounce the One One in Hoka One One as Oh-nay Oh-Nay. 😉

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Hoka Clifton Edge or Hoka Clifton?

What is the funniest looking shoe? 


  1. I’m definitely interested in these. Thanks for doing lots of the homework for me. 🙂

    Funniest looking shoe for me will always be the Under Armour Fat Tire. I thought they were made up at first.

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