Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review:

Also known as the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 or Zoom Pegasus, or any combination of Nike, Air, Zoom, and Pegasus.

The Nike Pegasus 37 is one of the most popular shoes out there.  The Nike Pegasus 37 is one of the best selling and longest-lasting shoes in the entire running industry. Unlike most Nike shoes, the Nike Pegasus 37 continuously stays around in the running industry.  In fact, it’s typically most people’s first running shoe; it was for me!

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

The Nike Pegasus 37 has been completely overhauled and doesn’t feel anything like previous versions.  That’s because Nike has now added the React Foam as well as the Zoom Air. One thing I love to hate, is no two versions of the Nike Pegasus are the same. Despite the Pegasus being one of Nike’s best selling running shoes, every model is different. Despite how well the Nike Peg might have done, Nike makes complete changes. So when you find a version you love, you might be out of luck.  This was definitely the case for many people with the Nike Pegasus 34.

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

So What’s New for the Nike Pegasus 37?

Basically everything. The Responsive React foam is lighter and more responsive than previous foams used in the Nike Pegasus. While previous Pegasus formerly featured a thin, full-length “Zoom Airbag,” the Pegasus 37 only has a Zoom Airbag in the forefoot.  That being said, the Zoom Airbag in the front is twice as thick and provides more pop.  I’ve personally felt there hasn’t been enough cushion in the last few versions of the Nike Pegasus, which is why I’ve chosen other shoes.

Nike Pegasus 37 Quick Facts:

Weight: 8.3 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 10 mm

Nike Pegasus 37 Fit:

The Nike Pegasus 37 has gotten a significant overhaul in the looks department. The Pegasus 37 looks like a much more substantial trainer. Nike has always done well with the “looks” of shoes. Not that it matters.  The color of this particular Nike Pegasus 37 is a muted pinkish rose gold. Not bright, but not white either.

The reputation of Nike has been narrow, but that only tells half of the story. The Nike Pegasus 37 is narrow through the midfoot but gives the feet plenty of room to splay. Nike added a new band through the arch of the foot allows for a more secure fit through the arch. According to Nike, the midfoot band adapts to the size of your foot.  Theoretically, it should adjust if you need a slightly wider foot.  As someone who has a slightly wider foot, it felt comfortable and my toes have plenty of wiggle room.

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

The translucent upper of the Nike Peg 37 is all seamless, so if you have bunions or a wider forefoot, it won’t rub. Some feel as though it feels like your toes are free-floating around.

Like many Nike shoes, the Nike Pegasus 37 has a pointed fin-like back. The heel collar of the Nike Pegasus 37 tapers away from the Achilles tendon to reduce stress on the Achilles. Even though it’s noticeable when you see the shoe, it’s not noticeable while running.

I typically wear between a women’s size 10-11 wide and have found the Nike Pegasus 37 size 10.5 to be a good fit. I appreciate the room in the toe box to allow my feet to splay.

Nike Pegasus 37 Ride:

The Nike Pegasus 37 continues to be a lightweight and versatile trainer. It’s the shoe you can keep in your car when you have no idea what kind of run or workout you’ll do for the day.

The critical updates in the Nike Pegasus 37 come with the ride and the new foam. The Nike Pegasus 37 now uses Nike React foam at the midsole, which makes the Nike Pegasus more lightweight, springy and durable. More foam (and also lighter) means more cushioning without the additional weight.

What interested me the most, was the addition of an Air Zoom Bag unit at the forefoot.  The Air Bag Unit is now twice as large as previous versions of the Nike Pegasus.  That’s a lot of extra cushion to a shoe, especially the Nike Pegasus. My major question was: Would it feel too soft or too much cushion? Would the Nike Pegasus now feel too similar to the Nike Vomero?

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

The extra Air Zoom unit means the Nike Pegasus 37 has more forefront cushion than ever before. Even with that extra cushion, the Nike Pegasus 37 has a responsive ride. You don’t feel like you’re running on a mushy cloud. As someone who needs the extra cushion in the front, this was ideal. For the last few years, the Nike Pegasus has needed more cushion in the front. It hasn’t been a shoe I’ve gravitated towards for that reason.

As far as traction goes, there is plenty of rubber on the bottom of the Nike Pegasus 37 which makes it so versatile. Whether you are running in the rain or through mud, the Nike Pegasus 37 should handle it all. Plus, it just allows it to get a few more miles.

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 37 Conclusion:

The Nike Pegasus 37 is the best version of the Nike Pegasus in several years (I’m thinking the Nike Pegasus 34). There is more cushion than the last few previous versions as well as a more springy, responsive, and durable feel to it.  The fit of the Nike Pegasus 37 is also a lot more true to size than it’s been in the last previous years.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Nike Pegasus 37?

What was your first running shoe? 



  1. Thank you for the review! It seems like each year I try the Pegasus and it just never feels right to me…but knowing that this one has more cushion in the forefoot might work well. I think my first running shoe was the Saucony Triumph!

  2. Great review. I just tried this shoe for the very first time over the weekend, having never worn the Pegasus. I loved the ride (a huge React Foam fan here) but the shoe felt too big/bulky. I might benefit from sizing down, though. I appreciate the details in this blog!

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