Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro

Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro

This is the first Reebok shoe I’ve ever tried. I needed a new workout flat, so I decided to try it out. The Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro was designed as a racing shoe.  To my knowledge, it’s the lightest racing flat on the market weight just 3.5 ounces.

It’s more designed for a 5k but could you run a half or maybe (maybe!), a full marathon, sure.  Most of the weight is taken out of the upper material. There is a ton of cushion in the shoe for the weight, which is why the price point is $250.

Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro Shoe Review

Quick Stats:

Heel Drop: 3mm

Weight: 3.6 ounces


Like most flats, they fit narrow and are neutral shoes. I usually wear between a women’s 10-11 wide. I found the unisex/9 to fit the best since it’s a bit wider.

The upper is a thin single layer engineered mesh.  The thin mesh takes off a few ounces (which is a lot in the racing flat world). There aren’t any seams or overlays that would cause blisters. For a racing flat, it fits fairly average, and I’ve come to wear unisex 9.5 in most. I’ve done a few workouts in it, and haven’t had any issues with any irritation. Like any running shoe, it has an eva sockliner.

Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro Shoe Review


This is the first Reebok shoe I’ve tried and a different feel altogether. It’s much softer and with more cushion than a traditional flat like the Nike Streak, yet doesn’t have the weight. It’s lightweight shoe designed for race day.

Reebok uses an entirely different material than the traditional EVA. Floatride Foam (also known as Pebax) is significantly lighter than traditional EVA foam. It’s also significantly more expensive.

The cushion they use it called “Pebax.” Why should you care about Pebax?

The Floatride Foam Technology/Pebax is lighter and doesn’t compress as regular EVA foams. It’s softer and similar to the Vapor Fly. So yes, this shoe feels similar to the Nike Vaporfly but lacks the carbon plate.

You do feel as though your foot springs forward with every step.  I’ve ran the Scott Coffee 8k in them and my feet felt comfortable from the start to the finish line.

One interesting thing is how much rubber there is despite how light they are.  For a racing flat, they have the most traction of any shoe I’ve seen. Reebok has separated itself from any other flat because of the high traction outsole. This shoe will be my rainy race day staple.  The entire outsole of the shoe has traction.

I like running in them, and I feel fast when I do. They’ve become my staple speed shoe, and I think they’ll be a better 5k shoe than the Nike Vaporfly. Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro Shoe Review


I do believe this is a good flat and has become my favorite workout flat.  If you had asked me two months ago, would I like Reebok, I would have LOLed. It’s not a shoe you “go for an easy run in,” but it’s a great workout and racing shoe. To me, it feels the most like the Nike 4%, but I think the durability will be better than the Vaporfly. Plus, the outsole traction (can you tell I think it’s the best and Reebok is not paying me or sending me anything) responds much better in a rainy day.

To me, this is a very strong competitor to Vaporfly and would probably win for a better racing shoe for the 5k or in rainy/poor weather conditions.

Current Rotation:

Easy Runs: New Balance 1080, Brooks Glycerin 17, Hoka Mach 2

Long Runs: Hoka Cavu 2,, Nike Pegasus Turbo

Workouts: Nike LT Streak 4, Reebok Floatride Fast

Races: Reebok Floatride Fast, Nike Fly

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite racing shoe right now?

Have you run in Reebok?



5 responses

  1. Great review, as always. I haven’t run much in Reebok, but the Floatride line has always intrigued me.

    On another topic, have you ever run in Nike Epic React Flyknits? I’m thinking about giving them a shot, but I like your reviews and wanted your opinion on them if you have. Thanks!

    • I won’t be trying that shoe. I think it’s more of a social media shoe, plus there isn’t any rubber on the bottom so it won’t be good in any inclement conditions.

      • “Social media shoe” is a new term for me. I get what you’re saying though. I guess if I’m looking for a treadmill shoe, I might try them. 🙂

  2. Hoy crap, $250! I wish Nike hadn’t set a price point so high – or that consumers ate it up. Now every brand has a high end shoe! Ugh, I’m too cheap for this sport!

    • As someone who works in specialty, I don’t think Nike really set the price point that high but it’s the cost to use these materials in a shoe. Brands don’t have a high end shoe just to have it, the cost to make the shoe is drastically higher than most traditional trainers.

      EVA foam (most traditional foams) are heavier and not as durable. So cheaper. The Pebax is lighter, and more cushioned, which makes it more expensive.

      I don’t love the cost of any expensive shoe but I also think a triathlete spends thousands on equipment.

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