Altra Escalante 2 Shoe Review

Altra Escalante 2.0 Shoe review

Altra Escalante 2 Shoe Review

The Altra Escalante 2 is the latest update for the Altra Escalante. The Altra Escalante is one of Altra’s most popular shoes. If you’ve never tried the brand Altra before, Altra is a zero drop brand.  Zero drop means that the front of the shoe is the same stack height is the back. So the heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground and the drop platform is zero. Altra shoes also have a foot-shaped toe box which allows the toes to relax and spread out. In any running shoe, you never want a tight toe box and the brand Altra already has more room.

Altra Escalante 2.0 Shoe review

If you’ve never run in the Altra Escalante or the brand, Altra, it’s important to note that it will take time to get used too. Since the brand Altra is zero drop, your calves will work much harder.

Altra Escalante 2 Quick Facts:

Weight: 7.4 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 0 mm (like all Altra shoes)

Altra Escalante 2 Fit:

The more significant updates for the Altra Escalante 2 come in the fit and upper.  The Altra Escalante 2 hasn’t seen much of a drastic update, but the upper of the Escalante 2 now has additional structure.  The fully knit upper still flexes and fits the foot well, but with the extra structure, it doesn’t let your foot feel like it’s free-floating.

Altra Escalante 2.0 Shoe review

I typically wear a women’s size 10-11 wide and hae found the 10.5 to fit the best in the Altra Escalante.  One thing I do caution people with is, while the brand Altra prides themselves in being “foot shaped” and having plenty of room in the foot shape toebox, they aren’t the widest brand out there. If you have a wider forefront or bunions and traditionally need a wide, Altra might be too narrow for you.

Altra Escalante 2.0 Shoe review

Altra Escalante 2 Ride:

The Altra Escalante 2 has a similar outsole as the original version.  It still uses Altra’s “FootPod Technology” as well as the Altra “EGO” Midsole Foam.   What is FootPod Technology? It’s designed to mimic the bone structure of the human foot.  This allows the shoe to flex at the same places that your foot does while running. It’s designed to really keep your feet moving naturally.

The Altra EGO foam is light but also designed to feel springy with each step.

One difference is that the Altra Escalante 2 has a 1 mm smaller stack height than the original Altra Escalante.  This means you are 1 mm closer to the ground. (The new stack height is 24 mm). I ran in the original Altra Escalante and now run in the Altra Escalante 2 and haven’t noticed a difference.

I appreciate how light and responsive the Altra Escalante 2 is. I’ve run easy runs, longer runs, and workouts and like the Altra Escalante 2 best for workouts or faster run days. Just like the original Altra Escalante, I need more cushion for longer and easier runs.

Altra Escalante 2 Conclusions:

I like the Altra Escalante and the update is a great addition to the shoe. For me, it fits best in a fast-paced or workout shoe. I need more cushion for longer runs but for me, the Altra Escalante 2 is a great shoe for workouts or faster runs.

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