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Vincentown Diner

Last weekend, I was in the area and decided to order take out from the Vincentown Diner. I’ve been to and reviewed the Vincentown Diner dozens of times since moving to New Jersey (not an exaggeration, I’ve been well above 30). Anyway, since the Vincentown Diner reopened for take out, I decided to stop by.

Vincentown Diner me

I’ve always found the Vincentown Diner food to be good. Sometimes the service at the Vincentown Diner can be hit or miss, but their food has been top-notch.

As far as diners go, it’s one of the more expensive diners. The Vincentown Diner food and menu is locally sourced, which makes it more expensive. It has smaller portions than many diners as well.

Vincentown Diner Atmosphere: A

The Vincentown Diner exterior has had a huge update and overhaul since we first moved to New Jersey in 2013. It’s modern and clean with seating in the front.

I was most interested in was the inside.  Would I feel comfortable picking up my food? The door was propped open and I didn’t have to touch any door handles. Inside, there was plexiglass separating the cashier and myself.  There was also plenty of hand sanitizer too.  No part of me felt uncomfortable or unsafe and the Vincentown Diner had one of the better take out setups in the local South Jersey area.

Vincentown Diner

Vincentown Diner Coffee: —

Like many take-outs, I didn’t order coffee. I felt like it would be a burden to travel home with.  Plus most people know how much I like whipped cream in coffee (it’s just good) so it would melt in my travels.

Vincentown Diner Food:  A

The Vincentown Diner menu offers all locally sourced ingredients. Plus in New Jersey, you can get take out beer which is interesting. The Vincentown Diner has its full menu, including some of the local favorites like chicken cordon blue, mile-high meatloaf, crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and prime rib.

The Vincentown Diner was also on Diners, Drive In’s and Dives for their “Mile High Meatloaf” and “triple decker apple pie french toast”.  If you’ve never been or never had either, I suggest starting there. The Vincentown Diner breakfast menu is known for its organic eggs, french toast, and pancakes.

I was craving a burger, so I decided to order the “Better Cheddar Bacon Burger”. It came topped with melted cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion plus french fries and a pickle.

It was a great burger and I have no regrets. It was cooked well, stayed fresh on my drive home, and wasn’t soggy. The Vincentown Diner burger buns are some of the best I’ve ever had and this didn’t disappoint.

Vincentown Diner take out burger

Vincentown Diner Service: A

The manager and the host was friendly and everything felt comfortable. I was pleased with my experience there.

Vincentown Diner Cost: $$

While the Vincentown Diner is usually more expensive, right now, they are offering more specials and deals. For my burger and fries, it was only $14.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back: A

In all, it was a good experience and I’m glad I ordered take out from there. If you are looking for a safe take out, I highly suggest the Vincentown Diner.

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Questions for you:

Have you ordered take out recently?

Which businesses have you felt most safe going too? 

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  1. There was a diner in that area (I think it was this one) or maybe it was the Red Lion where the customers men’s room shared a door with the restaurant kitchen. The Vincenttown Diner looks unrecognizable now though.

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