Nike Zoom Fly Review

When Nike created the “breaking 2 project”, they created two shoes: the Nike Zoom Fly and the Nike Zoom Vapor Fly 4%.  The Nike Zoom Fly retails at $150, while the Zoom Fly 4% comes in at $250.  That is, if you can find a pair of Zoom Vapor fly 4% in your size.

The Zoom fly is a bit heavier and made for the everyday runner (or any runner not trying to break 2 hours in the marathon).

It’s made more for training.  When we first brought them into work, I wanted to try them because “everyone was”, however, I had plenty of shoes in my rotation.  Waiting enough time also gave me the option to buy a flashy red colorway too.

Nike Voom fly red


The Zoom Fly is more narrow than many of Nikes training shoes including the Pegasus and Vomero.  The upper is seamless so it’s able to fit wider feet.  They don’t make either in a “wide”.  I bought a women’s size 10 which is fine, but I do believe a 10 wide would be a slightly better fit.

Nike Voom fly red


The shoe weighs about 8.75 ounces for men and 6.5 for ladies.  While it’s not the lightest, it’s definitely a lighter shoe.

The Zoom Fly has  10 mm heel-toe drop so it isn’t minimal either.  The focus of the shoe is for “everyday” training.  It’s not the shoe meant to run sub 2 hours in a marathon but the shoe to keep you healthy during training.  Nike is in the process of changing many of their running shoes to the new technology you see in the Zoom Fly and Zoom Vapor Fly.

I’ve run just over 100 miles on it and I like the fit and feel a lot.  It’s soft and cushioned but not too squishy.  It’s responsive enough that I like to do workouts in it without my feet feeling too beat up.  I was doing workouts in either the Saucony Type A or the Altra Escalante but have found the extra cushion to be nice and better to recover faster.

One thing I will say is, similar to the Nike Lunarglide, there isn’t a whole lot of traction at the bottom.  On a rainy day or mud, be prepared to not feel as much contact with the ground.

Nike Voom fly red

Finally, something I shouldn’t comment on but I will is these are a good looking pair of shoes.  It’s always fun to run in a shoe that you’re like…wow these are sharp.

Personally, I see the Nike Zoom Fly as a tempo, speed, or racing shoe.  While I know many people who do the bulk of their mileage in the Zoom Fly, I personally need more cushion.

Current Rotation:
Saucony Freedom (daily runs, easy runs)
Brooks Glycerin (daily runs, easy runs)
Brooks Levitate (easy runs)
Hoka Clifton 4 (daily runs, easy runs)
Nike Zoom fly (workouts)
Altra Escalante (workouts)
Saucony type A/Endorphin (racing)

Questions for you:
Did you watch the Nike Sub 2 hours documentary?
What is your current favorite running shoe?


LunarGlide 8 Review

The Nike Lunarglide is a special kind of shoe.  It’s mildly supportive when you need it, and not when you don’t.  It can fit a broad range of foot types, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. In fact, if you need an extremely supportive or high cushioned shoe, this probably isn’t a shoe for you.  If you need a mildly supportive or neutral shoe, it could be a great option.

While I never ran in the LunarGlide 7s or any previous model of the LunarGlude, I had put them on before.  They felt too supportive, and it was a shoe I didn’t need.  The update from the LunargGlide 7 to 8 made it less supportive and a shoe I wanted to try.

Nike LunarGlide 8 Shoe Review


The LunarGlide 8 now uses the flyknit upper that many other Nike shoes use.  The fit is similar to other Nike Flyknit shoes, but it’s different than previous LunarGlide models.  It’s not a good or bad thing, and the flyknit upper accommodates wider feet (like mine) as well as those with a higher instep.  A lot of brands are going towards a seamless upper, and it’s a good thing. I usually wear a size 10, and the size 10 was the best fit for my foot.

It’s not a shoe I would just order online because you’ve worn that size the previous year.


As I mentioned, I’ve never run in LunarGlide before and in fact, on paper, it’s not exactly a shoe that would make sense for me.  Since it is a special design that works for runners who need mild stability and those who need nothing, it can work for a few different people.  (Sorry friends, not going to try a shoe that would injure me “for the sake of the blog).

The ride itself is light and soft.  It doesn’t have a lot of cushion but definitely more than a racing flat.  It’s not a shoe I’m comfortable running more than 10 miles in but some people might get away with it.  Based on the design, I’m curious to see how much mileage,, it will be before the shoe breaks down.

Something interesting about the design pattern of the bottom is how many rocks it collects.  I’ve only run into this problem with a couple of different shoes (including the Newtons).  It’s not a make or break for the shoe, but you will hear a little clicking noise when (not if but when) a rock gets stuck in between the layers.

Nike LunarGlide 8 Shoe Review

Rock City

The major difference in the ride is the stability factor.  The LunarGlide 8 is far less stable than the LunarGlide 7.  If this is something you needed from the shoe, I would be more hesitant.  For me, this is a good thing and why a neutral runner like myself likes and can use the shoe.

Final thoughts:

While I never ran in the LunarGlide 7, I do know it’s a drastic and significant change.  That change is why I can run in the 8, but it’s a change that many running in the 7 might not appreciate.  I would go to your local store before purchasing.  Due to the changes, it’s not a shoe I would recommend ordering online, just because you’ve worn several models.

I do like the shoe and will continue to run in it until it wears out. 


  • Less stable and can fit a broad range of foot types
  • No seem upper allows accommodating bunions and wide feet


  • Drastic changes from the LunarGlide 7 to LunarGlide 8
  • Collects a lot of small rocks underneath

Not too many “similar” models of shoes to compare too.

My Running Shoe Rotation: Hoka Clifton 3, Saucony Zealot 2, Brooks Launch 3

Questions for you:

What shoe are you currently running in?

Do you have any shoes that collect rocks underneath? 

Nike Pegasus

Often times my shoe choices surprise me. When I first started running the Nike Pegasus was my first running shoe. After running through my first pair of “real running” shoes, I felt as if I needed more cushion.  I left Nike and went to other brands.  I tried the Pegasus on in the store occasionally, but they never felt “good” to me.

Fast forward four years and I found myself truly enjoying the fit and feel of the Nike Pegasus 32.  After I had fallen last month while running in the Nike Vomero, I decided to retire them.  They were just reaching 400 miles and the fall caused them to be stained with blood too.  I retired the Vomero and inserted the Pegasus into my rotation instead. Plus I know one of my dearest (and fastest) friends Kris L loves the Pegasus and realistically who doesn’t want to be like her?

Nike Pegasus Review

Cost: $110
Neutral Cushion

The Colors:
The Nike Pegasus gets it’s own separate color review because of any running shoe in the industry it’s available in the widest range of colors.  My pair is actually a custom “photosynthesis” design.  (On the tongue of the shoe you can see I put LOLZ on it…because why not?) I knew this shoe was an appropriate shoe for me, and I was able to choose the colors later.  I did not just say “oh pretty colors” and buy the shoe.  So a major plus is the wide range of colors this shoe comes in. 

The Fit: 
Repeat after me: Most Nike running shoes don’t run narrow.  The last few models run true to size.  Nike uses “flywire” around the arch, so the shoe hugs the arch but gives plenty of toe box space. Personally I like it. I normally wear a size 9.5 wide or 10, and I comfortably fit into a size 10.  The Pegasus 32 fits true to size.

The Ride: 
Before the new models of Pegasus and Vomero, they used to be very similar. Too similar in fact. Why pay more for the Vomero when the Pegasus feels the same?

Nike has firmed up the cushion in the Pegasus and added more to the Vomero.  I like how firm and peppy Pegasus is.  It reminds me a lot of a firmer zealot.  It’s light weight, but I have run as much as 11 miles and my feet have felt great. The shoe itself is firm and responsive. I was surprised with how much I like the ride of the shoe.

Inexpensive for running shoes ($110)
Light and responsive
Widest selection of colors

Light weight and less cushion
Nike is known to drastically change shoes.  While you might like the Pegasus 32, the 33 could be entirely different.

Who I would recommend it for: 
A neutral runner who enjoys a light weight, firm shoe.  It could be a great shoe for someone already running in the Nike Vomero but wants a lighter shoe for speed or tempo workouts.

Similar options I’ve reviewed:
Saucony Zealot
Hoka Clifton 
Nike Vomero (most similar in fit and feel but has more cushion)

My personal current rotation of shoes:
Saucony Triumph ISO 2 and Saucony Zealot
Nike Pegasus and Altra Paradigm

With this last review, I don’t have anymore shoes to review for a while since I’m working through these.

Questions for you:
What was your first running shoe?
Which shoes are in your current rotation?

Running Shoes

I’ve always been interested in seeing what shoes other people run and race in so I thought I would share what I like to run in (currently).

I have a very “distinct” running style.  It’s been called weird, strange, ostrich style…whatever.  I’ve said before but I run very far on my toes.  I’ve always walked very high on my toes and when I began running I did the same thing.  What works for me, might not work for you or then again it might.  I’ve tried to run more midfoot but in the end found this works best for me and feels natural.  I am also an underpronator.

You can kind of tell my awkward form from here.

You can kind of tell my awkward form from here.


My shoes tend to wear right at the forefront in the outer corners.  That being said, I need shoes with a lot more protection in the toe box.

I’ve found Newton running shoes have the best support for my training runs.  Though they have a hefty price tag I don’t get injured when wearing them.  I’ve attempted to change shoes several times only to find myself having minor aches and pains (that I get nervous might turn into something more) so I suck up the cost.

I personally don’t care for minimalist shoes either. I’ve always found in training I need more support.  I wish I could get away with minimalist shoes because they are cuter, normally cheaper and cool but I can’t so I’m done trying.

I train in both the Newton Gravity and the Newton Distancia U:

Before donating last year.

Before donating last year.

The difference (to me) is the Gravity is heavier.  The Distancia(weight wise) is between my racing flats and the gravity.  I like to alternate my shoes.  The Distancia is also a little bit cheaper too.  I tend to get between 300-700 miles on my shoes depending on how they wear. I’ve had some wear at 300 miles (which is extremely frustrating) and have some that I know I needed to let go at 700 (like last week).

Here are my longest lasting pair being taken out of the box.

Here are my longest lasting pair being taken out of the box.

Would I recommend Newtons?

This is a question I get often.  I would recommend them but I would recommend slowly working your way into them.  I’ve seen many people have knee, Achilles and shin issues from completely emerging themselves into the shoe.  (This is something to be considered for any shoe.) Personally I have found them to be the best shoe at keeping me injury free so I would recommend them to others if it works with your stride.


I’m currently racing in the Nike Zoom Streak LT.  I really like the feel of being lower to the ground in a light shoe.  I think Nike does a great job at making racing flats.  I have raced anything from a 5k-13.1 in these shoes and they work well for me.


I have to admit although I’ve had several different pairs of Nike racing flats I’ve never tried another brand.  I’m the type of runner that once I find a shoe that works well for me, I am afraid to switch because I fear injuries.

Questions for you:

What do you run or race in?

What is the most expensive shoe you own?

Mine are not running related actually, I have a couple of nice pairs of boots.

Because I am a Material Girl

I wish I could tell you I had an exciting week but I actually spent it cleaning and organizing.  Though we moved over a month ago (Have I really been a Jersey girl for 2 months now?), we are still finding things that need to be organized.  We are also trying to downsize since somehow we have accumulated a lot of things.

This week has been a week of purchases because I’ve finally found items to use my gift cards on.  I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas, for which I’m very grateful, because it seems like there are a lot of sales right now.

First I used my Amazon gift card to buy a fitbit.  It seems to be a big trend in the blogging world, so I decided to get on board.  Plus they seem pretty cool.  Then of course I happen to get one that is defective so I have to return it.  I was lucky that the customer service was great and I have no complaints but I have to wait for another.

Remember that Christmas post about how I was lusting over Oiselle long sleeve flyte shirts?  My parents got me a giftcard for Christmas and I was finally able to order one.  They actually came out with bright green which I love.  I was also able to scoop up a funnel neck long sleeve which is also very nice.  . I wish I had waited another few days until the Lux side zip and joggings came out…but you live and learn.  Another reason I need to learn to stop jumping the gun.

So in reality I bought a fitbit and two new Oiselle tops but I feel like a big spender.   Since I have been making minimal purchases the last two months, I feel like quite the spender even though they are all from gift cards.  Being in the process of hearing back from interviews and waiting is one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had.  Being on a more strict budget is very hard but I know it’s what I need to being doing right now.

But anyways- 

Something I have learned lately is that I don’t need material things to be happy.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to segway this post into since I just talked about how excited I was to accumulate a bunch of new things.

I have realized in the last 6 months between moving-I don’t need material things to make me happy.  Don’t get me wrong, treating myself is really nice.  Who doesn’t like to treat themselves to a nice article of clothing or another treat but I don’t have to do that to be happy.  I am perfectly happy with my friends, family and enjoying life.  I am perfectly happy saying the only thing I’ve spent nongift cards on this week is food and a wawa coffee.

I would rather spend money on events or going somewhere versus spending it on an article of clothing.  In college I felt I was striving to have the latest and greatest things to make myself happy.  As I have grown older, I’ve learned I don’t need the latest and greatest gadgets to be happy.  I need my friends and family more.   I guess as I grow older and put myself in different situations I continue to learn more about myself as a person.

So I continue to get rid of things I no longer need or use, I’m jumping the gun to welcome the weekend in soon.  Though I do not have a job yet I do look forward to the weekends because the house isn’t as quiet in the day time.

Finally I’ll be adding this to every single post.  As a shameless plug please vote DAILY for me to win a trip to run at the ZOOMA Napa Valley race in June.  I am really excited and hoping for the best!  Your support has been so overwhelming.   My facebook page (that I barely use…and I’m working hard to actually use) will be featuring a daily meme.  Feel free to like it. 

Question for you:

Would you rather spend money on material items or events?

What are you up to this weekend? 

Running Shoes

The other day Tim wrote things that described me.  They were mostly material things and it was more or less a light hearted conversation.  One of the adjectives he chose was shoes.  Now if you know me or have ever seen my closet (which is a walk in closet for another week…then it’s a car closet since I’ll be living out of my car) then you know I have a lot of shoes.  I have 13 pairs of stilettos, 2 pairs of flats, 6 pairs of casual shoes (keds, sperrys, Dr. Scholls) and let’s not even get into running shoes.

Because this is not what the post is about

Because this is not what the post is about

Actually that is what this post is about-my running shoes.  Though I don’t have any statistics, I know in my personal life a lot of my friends run in minimalist shoes.  When shopping online I’ve often found that minimalist shoes are cuter or more brightly colored nine times out of ten.  I wish I could tell you I was able to get on that train but I have found that only the most expensive running shoes have kept me completely injury free.  (which is annoying because I’m on not employed so dipping into my savings for $175 shoes isn’t the best feeling).

I’ll give you a brief background of how I run.  Since I learned to walk, I’ve always walked very far on my toes.  I don’t know why or how but that is how I’ve walked.  I get mistaken as a ballerina more often than a runner and can wear 9 inch stilettos a lot easier than I can walk in flats.  When I started running, I ran exactly how I walked.  I run very far on my toes and the same shoes with 1000 miles on them, worn down completely through the toe box also have new tread on the heels.  My heels almost never touch the ground and I don’t even midfoot strike.  I have tried to be more of a midfoot striker and changed my stride but in the nearly four years of my running I haven’t been successful.  It seems to work for me and so I’ve figured why change it now?  On top of all that I’m an extreme supinator so to give you an idea of where my shoes wear…

The sad face represents the only part that wears

The sad face represents the only part that wears

**Also my biggest advice to new runners is go to a running store and get your feet looked at for what shoes work for your personal stride.  You will not do yourself any favors by buying your first pair of running shoes online.  Once you have found a pair that work for you and don’t promote injury then buy that same pair online.

So moving on to actual shoes:

I’m looking at you Newton Gravities. 

This is me exactly 3 years ago and three months into running (Well October 13) going on my first Newton run.  Adorable.

This is me exactly 3 years ago and three months into running (Well October 13) going on my first Newton run. Adorable.

I was first introduced to Newton Gravities about 3 months into my initial running career.  The folks at a local running store (Running ect) said that because I run so far on my toes that these had more support in that area.  I started running in them initially and immediately felt a lot stronger and any new runner aches I had seemed to disappear.  I noticed because they emphasis a midfoot and forefront that there was more support in that area which was something I needed.  Though I have found that Newtons have not altered my stride, they have provided me with the support that I personally need to stay injury free.   I have tried to find cheaper alternatives but haven’t.

This was when I was getting ready to donate m shoes.  I've gone through quite a few pairs

This was when I was getting ready to donate m shoes. I’ve gone through quite a few pairs

Newton Distanica

Here they are

Here they are

I’ll be honest about these.  I bought them a year ago when I noticed they were about the same style as the Gravities but saw Running Warehouse was having a sale.  They were only 70 dollars and at that price they were the same as a normal pair of running shoes so I thought why not.  Until very recently, they sat in my closet with about 60 miles on them.  Then I decided to regive them a chance (about a month ago) and actually they are working out well for me.  I haven’t had any issues with them and run 2-3 times per week with them.

Racing flats:

Nike streak LT

I actually just retired this pair after my last half marathon when they ripped on the side.


I’ve gone through a few pairs of racing flats (all of which have been Nike).  These are the third pair I’ve used.  I’ve raced in Nike Waffle racers, Nike lunerspiders and now these.  I’ve found that racing in these have been the closest minimalist shoe I’ve had.  There have been very few races I haven’t raced in flats and those races have been training runs.  They have almost no support but enough cushioning that I don’t get injured.  I couldn’t imagine racing in the heavier Newtons (roughly 3 ounces more).  I just bought a new pair of Nike Rival Waffle flats so I’ll let you know if those are my marathoning shoes.   They felt fine in my 10k yesterday but the marathon is a different bird to fly.

So those are my running shoe preferences that have kept me injury free (mostly) and no I bought all of these and tried them out.  I was not compensated for telling you what works for me.

Questions for you:

What are your running shoe choices?

Do you like minimalist shoes?  

Because I’m Highly Interesting

Since it’s Saturday and I have done absolutely nothing exciting this week to blog about besides work (which I’m not in the place to blog about), I thought I would tell you ten random facts that make me the lolz.  Because one day I decided I would just call myself lolz…then the lolz…but in real life most people just call me Hollz. Right then.  (no I don’t really call myself the lolz). 

I cannot sleep wearing anything with strings around the neck.  (hoodies).  When I was younger dad told me that I could choke to death so I have the biggest fear of sleeping in a hoodie.

In my life I have wanted to be a zoologist, marine biologist, math teacher and none of those I currently do or have a degree to do.  (well math minor and a whole slew of education courses…but I’m about as qualified as bloggers who think they are nutrionist).

Can't you tell I'm a natural with animals?

Can’t you tell I’m a natural with animals?

I like diet coke and I like splenda. I might get cancer tomorrow because of it.

Enjoy at some restaurant that I went too they gave our table packets of a nice bowl with a doily (must not be too bad for you then...)

Enjoy at some restaurant that I went too they gave our table packets of splenda…in a nice bowl with a doily (must not be too bad for you then…)

Bread pudding is my favorite dessert.  I wish more places had it.

Like this bread pudding.  I might go up the road and get some now tonight..

Like this bread pudding. I might go up the road and get some now tonight..

In my badass days (clearly before the blog because bloggers would never do that…right…?), I went streaking once.  (no photos)..

From the real archives.  I begged the swim house to throw a white trash party my sophomore year of college so I could wear big hoop bangel earrings.  This photo makes my parents proud.

Why am I even showing you this?

Why am I even showing you this?  (and yes I was actually sober…and yes I am actually holding a baby doll as part of my costume)

I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies.  I don’t really enjoy fiction and novels.  My current read is a biography on John F. Kennedy.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I’d buy a new car.  Probably two new cars but keep Lorraine.

This is my car is snow.

This is my car is snow.

This is my car not in snow...

This is my car not in snow…

My hair has been many different colors.  Blonde, red, brown, black…pink…I’ve since stopped dying it because it’s pretty much dead.  I think we are at natural hair color now.   (and yes I’m growing my bangs out).

Good bye bangs and brown hair.  I hate you.

Good bye bangs and brown hair. I hate you.

I haven’t thrown in anything about running so let’s see here.  I bought my first pair of nike Pegasus three years ago because they had a cool color scheme…and then I just really enjoy Nike (from swimming too) and that is how I started with that.

Here are my current favorites.

Here are my current favorites.

Bonus round:  My favorite day of the week over the summer will be Monday’s because I know I’m guaranteed to get that day off.  

Tell me something about you. 

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