September Recap (Building Fitness? Highest Mileage Month Ever?)

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September flew by. It was an interesting month, and I spent a good portion of miles running indoors due to fires. Despite more indoors miles than I would like, I have stayed positive because running inside is better than not running or being injured.

Anyway, onto a recap of the month:

I also have a strava if you are interested in the day to day runs.

Miles Run: 360.32 (this might be the most amount of miles I’ve ever run in a month)

Range of Paces: 6:12-19:40-untimed

Swimming: 7 Hours/23,100 meters total


I haven’t run this much in a while. It’s a product of things coming together but also not having a lot of responsibilities right now. While I continue to look for an in-person job, I do have more free time. Of course, I would prefer to be working in person somewhere.  I need to write a blog on that another time, but I know for me, I thrive best when I go somewhere for a job. Working from home is nice, but I get a little stir crazy (especially when my spouse is gone frequently).

Anyway, things have also just started to fall into place with running.

One thing I’ve found that keeps me both mentally and physically healthy is running more on trails. There are some runs I log 15+ min mile on trails, and they are a cross between a hike and a run. I know it’s building fitness differently and working different muscles, and I truly enjoy it. I count them as running, too, even if it takes me 90 minutes to 8 miles.

Over the last two years (essentially since I ran my Half Marathon PR in Phoenix), running has felt ok but not great. I finally feel like I’m turning a corner with it. While I’m not in any PR running shape, I feel like I’m in much better shape than I was a year ago. Plus, the most important thing is I’m enjoying running again-truly enjoying it.

Life Update:

As far as life goes, it’s been stressful at times. Right now, the Glass Fire is burning through Napa and Sonoma Counties. It’s the worst fire in the history of those counties, and it’s damaged hundreds of homes and billions of dollars worth of wine. It’s not getting as much coverage due to everything else happening in the country right now.

It’s been hard not being able to go outdoors a lot of the time. I am someone who suffers from seasonal depression, and this is similar. Grey skies and having a hard time breathing outdoors (our AQI was over 300 a couple of times last week!). Plus, between the pandemic, my spouse is gone, job searching, and a new area, life is hard some days. I’ve been plodding along, and I’m proud of how positive I’ve been staying. I wrote a longer life post here if you are interested.

In all, I have no complaints on the running front. I’m finally starting to feel good again with running. It might have taken me 2 years to get back here, but I don’t take for granted the joy I’m currently having. Hopefully, it translates into faster times and closer to my PRs in the next 6 months.

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Finally, in case you didn’t know, I wrote an ebook about running shoes. If you’re interested in why proper running shoes are important, myths, and how to pick the right one, you can check it out here.

Question for you:

How as your month of running?



  1. Wow, you’ve really been doing a lot lately. That’s so awesome. I just followed you on Strava. Glad everything is feeling good!

  2. When I’ve seen your Instagram posts, I’ve thought about how tough this must be for you. I live South of SF where it hasn’t been as hot or as smoky, and I’ve been miserable. Fingers crossed the weather will improve, the fires will get under control, and we will have beautiful fall weather. What a crummy time to move here! It is normally much nicer. Sorry you haven’t had a better welcome to California.

    1. Thank you Kristin! I’m sure like you, some days are better than others. I try and remember it will get better. Maybe once things clear up, we can go for a run or something!

  3. I really admire your willingness to try new things, to reach out to people, and to just… engage with running and life, for lack of a better description. I, too, hope that you are okay with the fires. It’s so frightening to see the news coverage – I can’t imagine living that day to day. Hang in there… and I hope that things smooth out and get a bit easier in the coming months. (If 2020 actually leaves on NYE, that might help a lot… :>)

    1. I appreciate you so much, Anne! I feel lucky, they are starting to contain the closest fire to us: The Glass Fire. Hopefully after Fire Season things slow down a little bit but who really knows!

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