ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review

ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review

Recently it feels like ASICS has been stuck in the same cycle. From about 2015-2019, the shoes were ok but not great. The ASICS GlideRide starts a new era of Asics shoes. Previously, it was like ASICS was in the flip phone stage, and most brands were in the smartphone stage. Many brands were lighter and with more technology. BUT, if you already liked ASICS, then you still enjoyed the shoes.ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review

ASICS GlideRide Quick Facts:

Weight: 8.1 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 6 mm

ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review

ASICS GlideRide Fit:

During the last few years, ASICS has been known as a more narrow brand. Many times I find myself not even able to wear the wide version of their shoes. During the last year, they’ve updated the last to make their shoes accommodate more feet. The ASICS GlideRide is a sleek shoe with a moderately wide toebox.

The first thing I noticed when sliding on the ASICS GlideRide was how plush the heel collar is. It is one of the most luxurious heel collars out there. ASICS is also known to have a narrow and higher heel, which the ASICS GlideRide continues.

ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review
Higher heel and plush heel collar

The ASICS GlideRide has a seamless upper and is breathable. I’ve run several different types of runs from fast runs to easy, and the upper breaths well in each condition.

In running shoes, I wear anywhere between 10-11 wide and found the size 11 to be the best fit. Size 11 is what I’ve worn in most ASICS shoes since 2016.

ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review

ASICS GlideRide Ride:

The ASICS GlideRide is a brand new shoe from ASICS and uses new technology that gives you a faster turnover and forward propulsion. According to ASICS, the GlideRide decreases ankle mobility by 19%. This reduces the amount of work calves are doing.

ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review

How does the GlideRide “work”?

The GlideRide improves cushioning with a combination of “Flytefoam technology” and “Gel technology.”  ASICS was once known for only using gel, but since creating Flytefoam, many shoes have gotten lighter while remaining cushioned.

The ASICS GlideRide combines 35 mm of foam:

  • Flytefoam: responsive and bouncy foam on the top
  • Flytefoam Propel on the bottom

These two foams are rockered in a GuideSole shape, which is designed to help reduce ankle movement and return energy.

There is a lot of technology happening in the GlideRide, and it also has a hard EVA plate in the forefoot of the shoe. This helps with propulsion.

ASICS GlideRide Shoe Review

So What Does All of This Mean for the Ride of the ASICS GlideRide? 

The ride of the GlideRide is both stable and bouncy. Your turnover will feel faster and with less effort, but it has plenty of cushion. For me, it felt as though I wasn’t working as hard and maintaining the same pace. The shoe alone won’t make you faster, but I did feel slightly faster on easy run days. I’ve tried the GlideRide in several situations, including workouts, easy runs, and long runs and it’s best suited as an easy run day.  I prefer the extra cushion.

ASICS GlideRide Conclusion:

The GlideRide feels like a better version of the ASICS Metaride. It’s much lighter, less clunky and just fits well. It will continue to be an easy run shoe for me. I appreciate the cushion. I’m happy ASICS is finally getting back in the game. So far, the GlideRide is one of my more favorite shoes from ASICS in the last few years. It’s hard to beat the ASICS Metaracer though.

Current Rotation:

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Trail Running/Hiking: Saucony Peregrine 10New Balance Hierro v5 

Races: New Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Saucony Endorphin Pro, Brooks Hyperion TempoNew Balance fuelcell TCReebok Run fast Pro 

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the ASICS recently?

What is your favorite shoe? 


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