Asics MetaRacer Shoe Review

Asics MetaRacer Shoe Review

Recently I needed a new, faster-paced shoe. The Asics MetaRacer came out on August 1st, and I have been waiting for this shoe. I heard it was a lot lower to the ground and had less stack height than other carbon plated shoes. I was excited because my body hasn’t done well with higher stack height carbon plated shoes.

Asics MetaRacer Shoe Review

Asics MetaRacer Quick Facts:

Weight: 5.5 oz

Heel to Toe Drop:

Asics MetaRacer Fit:

The Asics MetaRacer has a sleek, lightweight upper.  Asics is well known to run narrow, and while on the more narrow side, the MetaRacer isn’t uncomfortably narrow. In fact, I think it’s one of Asic’s wider fitting shoes.

Asics MetaRacer Shoe Review

The upper of the Asics MetaRacer is simple. It’s light and airy on the foot and has a padded heel collar to keep from digging in the back. It fits fairly similar to a racing flat. So if you’ve been happy in racing flats from the 2015 era of racing, you will probably appreciate the fit and feel of the Asics MetaRacer.

Asics MetaRacer Shoe Review

Typically in running shoes, I wear between 10-11 wide. In the Asics MetaRacer, the size 11 feels the best.

Asics MetaRacer Ride:

To put it simply, the Asics MetaRacer feels like an old racing flat with a carbon plate. This is the kind of carbon plated shoe I have been looking for. Since it’s lower to the ground, it does have less cushion to it. The Asics MetaRacer is much different than other carbon plated shoes.

The Asics MetaRacer features a modified FlyteFoam midsole as well as a bottom-loaded carbon fiber plate. What does this mean? There is less cushion but it’s more responsive. If you like feeling the ground while running, the MetaRacer is a shoe you might be interested in.  The FlyteFoam midsole provides a bouncy ride with the extra spring from the carbon fiber plate.

It also features a Wet Grip rubber outsole, which makes it more durable and have better traction on those inclement weather days. Even though it’s lighter and firmer than other carbon fiber plated shoes, you’ll still get the 100 or so miles out of it (this is fairly standard for all carbon plated shoes).

Asics MetaRacer Shoe Review

One last thing to note, unlike many other carbon plate shoes, I think it will take time to get used to the Asics MetaRacer. It’s not a carbon fiber plat shoe I would take out if you’ve never run in more minimal shoes. Your calves might be sorer than other in shoes.  It was designed for elite marathoners or those who wanted that old racing flat feel. Due to the weight of the Asics MetaRacer, I also think it will be suitable for shorter races, such as a half marathon or even 5k.

Although MetaRacer is what professional Asics runners use for marathons.

Asics MetaRacer Shoe Review

Asics MetaRacer Conclusion:

If you are looking for a more responsive carbon-fiber plate shoe, it’s a good option. It’s the only one on the market right now with that lower stack height and traditional racing flat type of feel. If you were an old Nike LT Flat, Saucony Type A racer, then you may love the Asics MetaRacer.  While I’m not an elite marathoner, I do like the low profile of it. In fact, for half marathons and below it’s my favorite carbon plated shoe.

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