April Training Recap: Some Nothing, Some Everything

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April Training Log:

Like many people, April brought around the sad realization that running races probably weren’t happening anytime soon. It also brought back running (for me). I wasn’t sure if I would be able to start running again in April or May. I’m happy that this particular injury was sooner rather than later.  Speaking of races, this is by far my favorite edition of the newsletter so if you’re interested in reading about how races and race directors are being affected by the pandemic, I highly suggest it!

Since April was relatively boring for me, easy runs, and no races, I am just lumping it in with my injury recovery log and training. For individual runs, you can follow me on Strava.

Injury Timeline:

March 1: Calceaneaous Stress Fracture Occurs (Known as the Heel Bone)

Week 1: (March 2-8): Boot, slight pain, and swelling, allowed to swim

Week 2: (March 9-15): Boot, minimal pain, minor swelling, allowed to swim

Week 3: (March 16-22): Boot, no pain or swelling, gyms closed, and almost 0 activity

Week 4: (March 23-29): Boot, no pain, added core

Week 5: (March 30th-April 5): Boot removed, no pain, core, and leisurely walks

Week 6: (April 6th-April 12th): easy walks, 1.5-mile walk-run, core

Week 7: (April 13-April 19): 1.5-2 mile walk-runs, core (Total Walk-Run miles 13)

Week 8: (April 20-26) 2-4 mile walk-runs, core (Total Miles 24)

Week 9: April 27-May X 4-5 mile runs, core

So What Will May Bring?

My goal for May running is to build a base. I want to run a lot of easy runs, maybe some workouts, and just truck along. My ultimate goal is to build up to 80 miles a week. Probably not may but maybe June. I’ve run all of my PRs are on that mileage.

I have hope some local 5ks will still happen in the summer or fall and I would like to do some of those. I’ll probably do some virtual races as well.

As far as moving, I still have no idea. We could move this month, or next, or December and I won’t know until about 2 weeks prior. So I live in the limbo land of that too.  Also trying to figure out moving in the midst of a pandemic and what to do with cats is slightly overwhelming.

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Questions for you:

Are you doing any virtual races? How is your running again? 


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