New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

I’ve wanted the New Balance More v3 since it came out. The More version 1 was meh, and the second version was ok. The third version received significant improvements, and I heard it was good. Would it be good enough to replace my favorite New Balance 1080v11? The New Balance More v3 is back with a better fit and a more stable and smooth ride.

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

New Balance More v3 Quick Facts:

Weight: 8.8 oz
Drop: 4 mm drop

Price: $165

New Balance More v3 Introduction:

The New Balance More v3 is a maximum cushioned shoe that competes with the likes of Hoka. It’s extremely soft, but for the amount of cushion, it’s not that heavy. It’s also got a nice roomy toebox. Basically, all of the qualities I look for in an easy-run shoe.

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

New Balance More v3 Fit:

Right off the bat, you’ll look at the shoe and think: wow, that is a lot of shoe. It looks like the tank of shoes. I guess that style is in, but as an unfashionable person, I wouldn’t know. It is imitating to look at the New Balance More v3 and think, wow, can I even run in that much shoe.

Like most New Balance shoes, the NB More has an engineered mesh upper with minimum seems. This allows it to fit a lot of feet without irritation if you have a wider foot. New Balance is usually accommodating with their shoes, and the New Balance More v3 is no different. If you have a wider foot, you’ll appreciate the extra space in the NB More v3.

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

The upper of the NB More feels premium. The mesh is soft, the tongue is plush, and nothing bothers your foot. The upper disappears off your feet as I feel the best uppers should do.

The New Balance More v3 fits true to size. I usually wear between a size 10-11 wide in running shoes, and the Size 10.5 fits well. If you’re between sizes, I do recommend going up.

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

New Balance More v3 Ride:

The New Balance More v3 is designed to be the highest cushioned shoe from New Balance. The stack height is high. I’ve tried the previous versions, and in theory, the shoe sounds great, but previous versions felt like a brick on your foot. It didn’t respond well, and it was just hard to run in. Eventually, I just gave up running in them. The New Balance More v3 is much softer and lighter, especially in the heel. This makes it much more enjoyable to run in.

The heel of the New Balance More v3 is still firm, but the Fresh Foam X does not feel mushy like your foot is sinking into the soft abyss. Unlike many versions of the More v3, it’s more flexible and just easier to run in.

New Balance is known for its wider shoes and wider last. This makes more of their shoes inherently stable, and the New Balance More v3 is no different.

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

Durability and Traction: Like the New Balance 1080, there are some exposed pieces of fresh foam. This means they will wear out quicker. I’ve put about 100 miles on the New Balance More v3, and while there is still plenty of life, you can tell that the exposed fresh foam material will wear out the fastest.

The New Balance More v3 is designed for easy days. It’s not a shoe you’ll break any records in. I’ve taken the New Balance More v3 on several easy run and recovery days, and it’s perfect for that situation. It’s a great option if you are looking for an easy-run shoe day. It can pick up the pace easier than previous versions, but I wouldn’t buy it as your “speed shoe.” For me, it’s an easy run or day after workout type of shoe.

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

New Balance More v3 Conclusion:

I would argue the NB More v3 is one of the best-updated shoes of 2021. There is plenty of cushion without it being a tank of shoes. It runs well. My only complaint is the exposed fresh foam X material which decreases the durability of the shoe. While I still think I like New Balance 1080v11 better, the New Balance More v3 is my favorite easy run or treadmill run shoe.

New Balance More v3 Shoe Review

My Current Shoe Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: New Balance More v3, Brooks Aurora, Diadora Mythos Blushield Volo, New Balance 1080 v11Hoka Bondi 7, Brooks Levitate 5

Speed Work: 361 Flame, Nike Tempo Next%, New Balance Fuelcell TC Shoe ReviewReebok Float Ride Run fast Pro,

Long Runs: Hoka Clifton Edge,  Under Armour Sonic HOVR 3

Trail Running/Hiking: Hoka Torrent 2, Saucony Peregrine 11, North Face Flight VECTIV

Races: Asics Metaspeed Sky, Hoka One One Rocket X, adidas Adizero Pro, New Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Saucony Endorphin ProNew Balance fuelcell TCReebok Run fast Pro 

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the New Balance More v3?

What is your favorite running shoe? 



  1. Yes, I have the More V3 & it is a great easy day/recovery day shoe! Haven’t bought the 1080V11 yet but I know I will like it.

    Saucony speed V1 & V2, Just got the Hoka Rincon 3 in shocking orange so they may be at the top of the pile also.

    1. I’ll be interested to see what you think of the differences Mark!

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