IQMIX Electrolyte Review

IQMIX Electrolyte Review

Recently I tried the IQMIX Electrolytes. Even outside of sports and activities, staying hydrated in the desert can be tough. I’ve been looking for electrolyte mixes that work but also taste good. I’ve struggled more recently with finding ones that “taste good”.

IQMIX Electrolyte Review

About the brand IQMIX:

IQMIX was founded by Will and is a small group of “functional foodies.” While studying psychology and neuroscience at Harvard, Will became interested in the human brain and its functions.

After graduating, he spent long days selling marketing software. He found himself with mental fatigue and headaches. He was also frustrated he couldn’t find ready-to-eat options that fit his new hectic lifestyle and thought: “why don’t I create that”? He launched a Kickstarter campaign in late 2017, and the first version of the IQBAR was born.

IQMIX Electrolyte Review


About IQMIX Electrolytes:

IQMIX Electrolytes each contain four key brain + body nutrients. They are formulated around four nutrients shown to improve hydration, cognitive performance, and mood.

  • 750mg Magtein (Mg L-Threonate) magnesium for cognition and mood.
  • 250mg Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane helps brain function
  • 500mg Sodium: An electrolyte important for optimizing fluid levels.
  • 380mg Potassium: An electrolyte that supports muscle function and blood pressure.

What makes IQMIX Electrolytes different?

  • Vegan and Keto
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy Free

Each of the sticks contains 10-15 calories and is lower in sugar.

IQMIX Electrolyte Review

My Experience with IQMIX Electrolytes:

I first decided to try IQMIX Electrolytes during the day to make sure they sat well in my stomach. The thought of “Lions Mane” mushroom made me want to make sure it was fine before taking it during a run or a harder workout. Immediately after sipping some, I forgot there was anything like Lion’s Mane in the drink mix. You don’t taste it at all. It sat well in my stomach, and I’ve since used IQMIX Electrolytes for runs, hikes, and during the day.

Drinking it throughout the day, I’ve found I don’t have as much mental fatigue. It’s not a “magic pill” that solves mental fatigue, but in addition to feeling more hydrated, I can function better.

The IQMIX Electrolytes comes in four flavors:

  • Blood Orange: This was my favorite flavor, and when I poured it into a cup, it turned bright orange. The IQMIX Electrolytes is sweeter than many electrolyte drinks, but I prefer that, so I was happy.
  • Lemon-Lime: I’ve said before, but sometimes the lemon-lime flavor is too bitter for my own liking. I find it sits in my throat. The Lemon-Lime IQMIX Electrolyte is one of the sweetest lemon-lime flavors I’ve tried.
  • Peach Mango: Like the others, the Peach Mango is sweet. I picked up on more mango, but I also liked the flavor.
  • Blueberry-Pomangrate: The final flavor I tried. It tasted exactly as anticipated, and it tasted good.

As you can see, the theme of the IQMIX Electrolytes is much sweeter than average. If you’re someone who prefers a muted flavor, they might not be for you. I like the sweetness. You don’t taste any of the ingredients like “Lions Mane,” and if I didn’t tell you they were in there, you probably wouldn’t know.

IQMIX Electrolyte Review

Cost: 8 sticks for $9.99 or 20 sticks for $24.99 or subscribe and save for 15% off

I really like the IQMIX Electrolytes, but it’s hard for me to justify that cost.

IQMIX Electrolytes Conclusion:

The IQMIX Electrolytes are among the sweetest (and in my opinion) best-tasting electrolyte drinks out there. Plus, they have many added benefits that I appreciate for brain and body function. I do feel better when I drink them. My only reservation is they aren’t cheap.

You can try IQMIX Electrolytes for yourself here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried IQMIX Electrolytes?

What is your favorite electrolyte mix?