Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Review

Solpri All Natural Anti Chafe Balm Review

Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Review

As most runners know, chafing is one of the worst things to experience during a run, or anytime. If you’ve experienced chafing during a run, then you know you never want too again. If you haven’t: chafing is when the skin rubs against itself or a nonmoisture wicking material.  It is the friction between the two. You always want to prevent chafing while running. It’s one of the top ten unwritten rules of the sport.  Anti Chafe products for runners are everywhere, but some anti chafe products are better than others.

Solpri All Natural Anti Chafe Balm Review

So Before I Talk about my Experience with Solpri, What is Chafing?  How can you Prevent Chafing While Running? Plus, if you do get chafing, what is the treatment? 

Chafing means to irritate by rubbing. This could be irritated skin rubbing or clothing rubbing. Moisture can make it worse, so you might be more susceptible to chafing in the rain or hot, humid, conditions. When beginning running you need a good pair of shoes and probably an anti chafe product for runners. That’s it.

There are Two Types of Chafing While Running:

  • Skin on skin (usually between your thighs (thigh rubbing), under arms, or armpits)
  • Skin on clothing (this could be nipples chafe against a shirt, sports bras against the skin, or somewhere else).

How do you Prevent Chafing While Running? 

  • Wear sweat-wicking materials (don’t wear cotton)
  • Apply a lubricating anti-chafe product such as Solpri

The Treatment of Chafing Includes: Use loose clothing that doesn’t rub against the skin and antibacterial ointments so the chafing heals.

Now That You know about Chafing, How Can you Prevent Chafing?

There is no shortage of anti-chafe products for runners, but very few are made from natural products. Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm is made from natural ingredients, plus is backed by a 100% guarantee.

To Prevent chafing while running, you want to create a thin layer between your skin and fabric. This reduces the friction of skin rubbing. By applying an anti-chafe product such as Solpri, your skin move smoothly and doesn’t rub.

Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Review

How Does Solpri Help Prevent Chafing?

Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm looks and is applied like a deodorant. It’s easy to apply so if you can apply deodorant, you can apply Solpri. Most anti chafe products for runners are similar.

What makes Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm different?

Solpri uses four natural ingredients:

  • sunflower oil
  • shea butter
  • beeswax
  • vitamin E

Each ingredient of Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm plays an important role: The Sunflower oil and shea butter help your skin retain moisture and reduce inflammation. Sunflower oil and shea butter also contain vitamin E, which allows for healing faster if you find yourself already chafing.  Many anti chafe products for runners have questionable ingredients and very few are all-natural. Even less only have four ingredients.

Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Review ingredient list

Since Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm only uses four natural ingredients, it’s much less likely to clog your pores.  As someone with sensitive skin and prone to acne, I haven’t had a single issue with Solpri (which is very rare for me). For a while, I thought I had to choose between breaking out later or terrible chafing. Neither of which is pleasant.

I’ve used Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm on a few runs, including a treadmill run, outside in the rain, and regular weather. Even though I’m not running long distance, I am prone to chafing, so I need to prevent chafing on every run. I like Solpri and it’s been a great so far. Another thing I didn’t mention about Solpri is that it is unscented. No one wants to run by someone who smells of some fancy product.

Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Review

Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Conclusion:

Solpri does exactly what it needs too. I like there is a minimal list of ingredients, plus Solpri doesn’t clog your pores. If you are susceptible to acne or clogged pores, Solpri is the best product I’ve found that doesn’t clog them.

Finally, while I don’t do triathlons or use a wetsuit, Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm is known to prevent chafing against wet suits as well. So it’s not just an anti chafe product for runners and can be used for any sport you experience chafing!

If you want to check out Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm, you can here. As a small business, they can use your support like anyone! They are also offering readers 10% off and free shipping with the code: “LOLZ.” 

me Solpri All Natural Anti-Chafe Balm Review


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Questions for you:

What is your favorite anti-chafe product for running?

Where are you chafing hot spots for running? (do you have them, if not teach me the secrets LOL) 


  1. Your blog has always been a fundamental resource for those who play sports and look for really useful advice.

  2. I’ve actually never used a product like this before. But I am not opposed to it, just never had the need for it. What I do love is that list of ingredients!! Everything is so natural, it’s great 🙂

    1. That’s awesome that you don’t chafe Gigi! I love how natural all of the products are.

  3. I’ll have to check this out. When I start increasing my mileage past the 8 mile mark, I get terrible chafing from my sports bra. It is awful!

    1. Oh no, that’s exactly where I chafe too Adrienne. I think you’d find success with Solpri.

  4. looks like a nice product to try. I can’t wait for our ban to running (in here it is specifically stated we can’t go on a run) and can start running again

    1. I can’t wait for you guys either. I have friends stationed overseas and I can only imagine.

  5. I love this! And the ingredient list is perfect! It is definitely my go-to product.

  6. I’ve never had a need for this as I’m not a runner, but my son’s do sometimes complain about chafing. I LOVE the ingredients list. Seriously…it’s hard to find a product that is all natural. I’m saving this in my wish list for when I need to get something for my sons. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. I’m going to have to check this out. I have had problems when I really increased my exercise regimen in the past. I am planning on doing so again and this would help so much.

  8. I am gonna have to give this a shot! I am a bigger gal so when i wear dresses or skirts m thighs chafe. so im always looking for something to fix it! Thanks for the share on this!

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