Injury Week 5: Easy Walks

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As I seem to mention every week, time is flying. I can’t believe that it’s now been five weeks since I broke my foot. This is my final week of zero running or attempts to run. At the end of next week, I will try to slowly walk-run about a mile. (So there is potential, next week could log 1 mile of walk-running).

I mentioned in the monthly recap, all of my doctor’s appointments and X-rays have been canceled due to the Coronavirus. During my first appointment, I was told it would be a 6-8 week healing period. Since I have zero pain, I will try a one mile walk-run next weekend. If it hurts, I will wait another week or two…if it doesn’t; I’ll slowly start adding running into my routine.

A few months ago, I mentioned I was contemplated stopping my weekly training logs. Sometimes it feels trivial to type out workouts and recaps when I haven’t done much. It takes up time I can be investing in other things. I am going to stop, but I created a Strava, which will show my runs and workouts there.

The blog will still be here and remain for product and shoe reviews, race recaps, and of course, diner reviews. (Which is still a lot!). This extra free time in the last few weeks has given me more time to decide what I want to invest and focus my time on.

Injury Timeline:

March 1: Calceaneaous Stress Fracture Occurs

Week 1: (March 2-8): Boot, slight pain, and swelling, allowed to swim

Week 2: (March 9-15): Boot, minimal pain, minor swelling, allowed to swim

Week 3: (March 16-22): Boot, no pain or swelling, gyms closed, and almost 0 activity

Week 4: (March 23-29): Boot, no pain, added core

Week 5: (March 30th-April 5): Boot removed, no pain, core, and leisurely walks

Week 6: (April 6th-April 12th): easy walks, 1-mile walk-run at the end of the week core

This Week:

Doing core work in the morning has given me a sense of “doing something.” I can feel my core getting stronger, which is a good feeling. I also don’t feel like I’ve sat around all morning.

The weather and the ability to get out and walk lifted my mood and my spirits. During week 4, I was down because it was cold rain all week and it was my last week in the boot. I haven’t sat around that much in a while, but you can only do what you can do.

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Questions for you:

How has your week of running been?

Do you have a Strava? 

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