Exercisers You’ll See During Social Distancing

Exercisers Youll See During Social Distancing

Luckily for the US, exercise is permitted right now. With most everything shut down, exercise and outdoor activity seems like one thing we can control. YAY, as long as your safe and stay 6 feet apart, exercise is great for both the body and mind. (This is a running blog after all, so you don’t have to tell me that twice).

Exercisers Youll See During Social Distancing

Since the weather is warming up and gyms are closed, you’re likely to see plenty of people exercising, which is a double-edged sword. It’s hard to social distance with so many people doing the same thing.

So Who are You Most Likely to See Exercising During Social Distancing?

Daily Runner Danielle:

Daily Runner Danielle: has been running before social distancing. Like the hipster of running, they were running “before the gyms were closed.” Rain, sleet, hail, they are out there in everything.  In fact, with the influx of people working out on the roads, Daily Runner Danielle struggles to find open pieces of road or sidewalk.

Avoid Eye Contact Allen: 

Right now, you can’t be overly cautious, but Avoid Eye Contact Allen refuses to acknowledge anyone, even six feet away. When you walk by, they do anything to avoid eye contact.

Stir Crazy Susan:

Stir Crazy Susan never realized how much they hated staying home, until they did. Now you see them walking or running at every hour of the day. Rumor is when social distancing comes to an end, Stir Crazy Susan will have found ultra marathoning just to get out of the house.

10 Feet Tom:

This person is walking, running, or doing a combination, but when you come within 10 feet of them, they’ve already moved to the other side of the road. Their point to point route might be a mile, but based on how many times they’ve crossed and recrossed the road, they’ve done at least 5 miles.

The Chatty Neighbor Cathy:

Even though they do stay six feet away, the Chatty Neighbor Cathy insists on talking to everyone. Because they are so far, their chatting is more of a yelling.  You hear them say hello neighbor at least 30 times in 20 minutes.

Dog Walker Dylan:

How did this person get so many dogs? How did they put the leash on each one and still keep them under control? We may never know.

The Stay at Home Parent Polly:

This parent has found their newfound exercise routine to escape their children from being home all day. Or who knows, maybe they are pushing a child in a stroller? Whatever the reason, you can tell this person is going stir crazy in their home and you see them taking walks all day long.

Work From Home William:

This person has an iPad, cell phone, and maybe a mobile laptop-All While Walking!

How are they doing that much work while also walking? The world may never know.

Gym Rat Jerry:

This person went to the gym every day and hit the weights. They could probably bench press your car, but with the gyms closed, they have taken up running. Good for them, you just wish they weren’t running in their converse shoes.

The Frankford Family:

You always see a family taking mid-afternoon walks to get some exercise in. Maybe they have a kid or two in the stroller; maybe the kids are biking alongside, but you always see them out and about.

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Questions for you:

Who would you consider yourself most similar too?

What kind of exercise are you currently doing?