White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park)

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park)

Recently I was in Highland Park and I decided to stop at the White Rose Hamburgers.  I’ve been to a few White Rose Diners and White Rose System (Roselle), White Diamond and White Rose Diner (Linden).

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park)

Why are there so many diners with the name White in them? According to Munchmobile, when diners were first starting, “white” meant cleanliness and wholesomeness.  Most diners with the color white are also older. Some even resemble hamburger stands.

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park)

In light of current events, I ordered takeout at the White Rose Hamburgers.

White Rose Hamburgers(Highland Park) Atmosphere: A
The White Rose Hamburgers looks like an old school diner and everything you want in a diner. The White Rose Hamburgers parking lot is bigger than the White Rose Hamburgers itself. Inside, there are about 15 seats, which are mostly booth seats.  The White Rose Hamburgers is a retro diner that you picture in diners.

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park)

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park) Coffee: B
The White Rose Hamburgers serves regular coffee. It’s no-frills and no whipped cream, but it was good.

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park) Food: B
The White Rose Hamburgers menu is small and located all on the back of the diner. You order at the register and then sit down wherever you want. The White Rose Hamburgers more resembles a hamburger joint than a New Jersey Diner. There are plenty of menu options, including eggs, burgers, and gyros. They are known for their pork rolls or taylor ham (whatever you prefer to call it). I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for and decided to order a beef gyro.

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park) gyro

The beef gyro was no-frills and to go. It didn’t even come with a side (which was fine). It almost felt like I ordered at a fast food place because I ordered and within 2 minutes, it was out.

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park) gyro

My beef gyro was good and I have no complaints. It was the typical gyro but stuffed with tzatziki sauce. The tzatziki sauce oozed out. It all, it was one of the better beef gyros I’ve had.  There were no sides, but

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park) Service: B

The White Rose Hamburgers isn’t a typical diner. You don’t have a host or waiter. It’s just one person taking the orders and the chefs cooking it. They were all friendly.

White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park) Cost: $
For my coffee and meal, it was $10.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the White Rose Hamburgers (Highland Park)?
I liked the White Rose Hamburgers and it’s a cheap, fun stop. If you’re looking for a no-frills, greasy stop, it’s definitely worth your while.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Service: B
Cost: $5-10
Overall: B

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Questions for you:

Do you like beef gyros?

What’s the last no-frill spot you’ve gone?