March Training: 8 Miles and an Injury


Admittedly, I thought until a few days ago; this would be my first zero mileage month. Then I realized, my last run was on March 1. So with that, I log 8 miles and one race in March.

Like anyone, all of my races were canceled or postponed. Truthfully, I don’t know if we will even have races for the rest of the year. A bold statement, but for us to have races again, we must be nearly entirely clear of the virus. This isn’t going to be anytime soon.

So right now, I don’t plan to race again until either the end of the year or next year, which is a bold statement…in early April.  I will run races if they come back, but I don’t know what my comfort level will be in the summer and fall to line up in crowded corrals.

That being said, unlike everyone, I’m recovering from a stress fracture, which is why I haven’t run since March 1.

Miles Run: 8 miles

Races: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 4 Miler

Cross Training:

It’s unfortunate because I was finally getting back into the pool. Not just wanting to get back in the pool for exercise, but I mentally wanted to swim again.

March was a tough month for everyone. Once pools and gyms closed, I couldn’t do anything weight-bearing, so I was limited from even going on walks outside. I would be lying if I said it was fun not to be able to do much.

Last week, I decided to add core work in, and this week I’ve started taking short walks again. My heel feels ok, and as I’ve mentioned, if I’m not wearing the boot, I can’t tell which food is broken versus not. That also makes it hard because I truly have no idea if I am healing.

With both X-rays and doctor’s appointments canceled, I’m just taking the typical stress fracture protocol of: don’t do anything that hurts. I was initially told it’s a 6-8 week process to recover from a calcaneus stress fracture.

I’ve read plenty of internet blogs of others having calcaneus stress fractures and not being able to walk, but that isn’t my story. I knew something was seriously wrong on March 1; my foot hurt differently. Once I stopped racing, I could walk somewhat normally, but I couldn’t get back running without deep pain. Then in the weeks of not running, my swelling and pain went down. With other fractures, I’ve been in A LOT of pain and not able to walk. This one was different, minimal pain living life, but the MRI read loud and clear that it’s broken.

Minimal pain is why I’m airing on the side of shorter recovery. I’ll try doing a one-mile walk-run six weeks after my break (around April 13) and see how that feels. If I don’t feel anything within 48 hours, I’ll begin slowly begin walk-running again. If I do feel pain, I’ll wait another week.


March 1: Calceaneaous Stress Fracture Occurs

Week 1: (March 2-8): Boot, slight pain, and swelling, allowed to swim

Week 2: (March 9-15): Boot, minimal pain, minor swelling, allowed to swim

Week 3: (March 16-22): Boot, no pain or swelling, gyms closed, and almost 0 activity

Week 4: (March 23-29): Boot, no pain, added core

Week 5: (March 30th-April 5): Boot removed, no pain, core, and short walks

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Questions for you:
What is your goal of April?
How was your training month of March? 





  1. I was only signed up for one race at the end of April and that was the Run 4 Cancer Ultra in Hampton. That has been postponed until the fall. Just getting in short runs and the occasional ride. I am not a big swimmer, but I sure miss the pool now. Shows you how much we take for granted.

    1. I know! I can’t believe how much I miss the pool too Steve. Hope you are staying well.

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