Big Cottonwood Week 14: Peak Week and 18.12 Races

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Big Cottonwood Marathon Training Week 14:

Week 14 was the last “big week” before simmering down to taper and the Big Cottonwood Marathon. I can’t believe it’s already been three months of training and getting ready for the race.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 70 minutes
Wednesday: AM: 5X1000 meters averaging 6:40 pace, Total mileage 10
PM: 6 miles easy downhill (treadmill)
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy 60 minutes
Sunday: 18.12 Race

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Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw
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Week 11:: Quality Miles
Week 12:  Altitude and Half Marathons
Week 13: Cutback Week and Philly 10k
Week 14: Peak Week and 18.12 Race


This week flew by, and it’s nice to get a rhythm and routine back. I mentioned last week, I missed swimming, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it when I’m not running high mileage and exhausted.

Workout Wednesday: 5X1000 6:40 pace

I didn’t feel good at all during this workout. My legs were stiff, and I couldn’t seem to loosen them up. We all have those workouts, and I was glad to get it done and move on.


1812 Challenge:

I went into the 1812 Challenge, hoping to run roughly 7:30 miles for 18.12 miles and finish strong. I wanted to use the race as my last long run before the marathon. I did that and even better.

All of my miles after 14 were around 7: 00-minute pace and my last mile was 6:51.  I was not expecting to win, so it was a great feeling. The race itself was far from perfect, and I forgot to stop my watch, and 2 (out of 3) of my gels fell out of my pocket.

Next week begins slowly cutting down miles and relaxing before Big Cottonwood in 2 weeks.

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Questions for you:

What’s your favorite workout?

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