Hoka Carbon X Shoe Review

Hoka Carbon X Shoe Review

The Hoka Carbon X is the most requested shoe review I’ve ever had. Keep in mind, I’m not a Hoka athlete (or “sponsored” by any running shoe brand) so just because a shoe comes out doesn’t mean I immediately get a pair. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Luckily our local running store carries them. The Carbon X came out in early May during the Project Carbon X in Folsom, California. Ultramarathoners and elite runners debuted the shoe while chasing the 100k and 50-mile world records.

The Carbon X is designed to be ultra-cushioned while still be very light. It’s intended to be a distance shoe for half marathons, marathons or ultras.

Hoka One One Carbon X Shoe Review


Like the Cavu (my favorite shoe),  I appreciate how the upper is light and simple. It’s just a single layer of breathable mesh. I wear anywhere between a women’s size 10-11 wide and the women’s 10.5 fits well. There is minimal structure to the upper, so your foot floats around. Your running shoe should always have space. Most “racing shoes” fit much more narrow, so this is the first racer that has plenty of room.

One thing to keep in mind is there is no heal counter. Your heel might not feel as secure as other shoes, but I’ve run just over 50 miles in the shoe and haven’t had an issue with sliding.  It does take patience the first time you put the shoe on. There is still the back eyelet that you can use to secure your heel more into place if you find it to be an issue.

Hoka One One Carbon X Shoe Review


This is what I was most curious about. Would I feel the carbon plate like the Vaporfly? The ride is smooth, and you feel the cushion but also feel the propulsion of the carbon plate.

There is foam both above the plate and below (think of it like a sandwich). With the carbon plate, it feels much stiffer than many brands. If you love the Hoka Clifton, this is a very different feel. If you’ve been running in the Hoka Bondi or the Mach, it will feel more similar but faster.

I’ve run tempo runs, easy runs, and workouts. Do I feel faster in the shoe? Yes. Would I race a 5k in it? Probably not, but I would be more likely to do a longer race or workout in it. I am curious to see how the Carbon Rocket compares.

Finally, to reduce weight in the shoe, there is minimal traction. On a typical day with no moisture on the ground, this is fine. When it’s rainy or wet, I’m not sure how the shoe would respond without sliding (just like the 4%).


Debut shoes can be tricky. Sometimes, they are fantastic, and sometimes they miss their mark. For me, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the best for a 5k but do believe for a half marathon or above it’s an excellent option. I do feel faster when I run in the shoe. Like the Cavu, I appreciate the minimal upper with less seems to irritate.

Current Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Hoka Bondi 6Topo Magnifly 2Hoka Mach 2,

Speed Work: Topo Fli-Lyte 3, Reebok Float Ride Runfast ProNike Streak Lt,

Long Runs: Mizuno R2Hoka Cavu 2

Races: Nike Fly, Reebok Run fast Pro

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Hoka Carbon X?

What shoe do you like to race in? 


Training: Beach Runs and Long Runs

Training: Beach Runs and Long Runs

Last weeks training was ok. I didn’t get done everything, but I raced and ran long. Both last week and next week will be busy in life. I’ll have more about that soon but my personal life and summer took a 90-degree turn as of Saturday.

Anyway, this is about running right? During this marathon cycle, I said I wasn’t going to be miserable. I’m going to work hard and get the long runs in, but I’m not going to slave away to marathon training during the summer.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes/Swim 2 miles
Tuesday: Easy 10 miles with Skip
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes
Friday: Easy 9 miles with Alexis
Saturday: Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (34:14) Total mileage: 10
Sunday: Long Run: 16.8 miles
Total: About 53


Week 1: Hello Humidity

Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw

Week 3: Travel and More Travel 53 MPW

Week 4: 52 MPW

I planned to get into the pool three times last week but only had the time once. I haven’t been able to get in the pool as much recently, but I’m hoping to get back there over the summer. Next week our community outdoor pool opens so it will be much closer.


My easy runs were easy. There is nothing to note about that. I mentioned in a previous post but most of my easy runs are untimed. I average 60-minute runs to be about 6.5 miles. Is it 6.1 or 6.7? The world may never know.

Bungalow Beach 5 Miler:

It’s becoming evident; my body is comfortable at a 6:50 pace. I’ve raced that speed for almost everything recently. It feels challenging but not all out. I can’t seem to get my legs to move any faster, and this race was no exception. I’m not disappointed with the race, and it finished on the sand. I took it out comfortably and was able to pass two women to end up as 3rd overall.

Since school is out, it will be easier for me to get to the track. I need to work on paces that aren’t comfortable, which isn’t easy when most of your workouts are alone.

Long Run 16.85 miles averaging 8:06 pace:

I decided to get out of my usual routes and run in Philadelphia (only about 10 miles from my house). It was nice to have different scenery and the run went by fast. I’m happy with my effort and the second half of the run was faster than the first.

Next Week:

I’m just trucking along. I’m hoping to get a faster speed workout in as well as another local race.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Have you ever run on soft sand before?  

Big Cottonwood Marathon Training Week 1: Hello Humidity

Big Cottonwood Marathon Training Week 1: Hello Humidity

I told a few friends and anyone that asked I would start marathon training when there were 100 days until the Big Cottonwood Marathon. I have a strong enough base that I’m not starting from zero. Plus, I have no plans to grind away at extremely high mileage during hot, humid months like July and August. I will train appropriately, but am I going to do countless 20 milers? No.

Despite being a short work week, this week felt like it took forever and it was also exhausting. I’ve been increasing mileage and time on my feet. Together with oppressive humidity, it took it out of me.

That being said, I got mostly everything I wanted to get accomplished in the workout week done.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes (Charlottesville)
Tuesday: AM: Easy 60 minutes
PM: Swim 3000 meters
Wednesday: AM: 6x800s averaging around 6:20 pace (90 seconds jog in between).
PM: Easy 3000 meter swim
Thursday: Easy 3000-meter swim
Friday: Easy 80 minutes with Alexis
Saturday: Scott Coffee 8k 33:03/6:41 pace
Sunday: Long Run 14 miles averaging 8:05


Typing this out, it’s easy to see why I’m more exhausted. I upped my mileage and crammed my swimming in early (the only time I had to swim).

Wednesday: 6X800 averaging 6:20 with 90 seconds in between

Running in Charlottesville early in the week was hilly, and it made my calves a lot more sore than they have been. I felt as though I could not get my legs to turnover as fast as I would like. The workout wasn’t terrible, and it was humid, but I was hoping to be faster.


Swimming didn’t feel as good as some weeks, but I was happy to get some swimming in. I wasn’t sure I would be able to find the time during the midweek, but it all worked out.  Last week I wrote a post about swimming for runners. I’ve been doing 2X1500 meter swims because I like the mindlessness of it.

Scott Coffee 8k: 33:03 (6:41 pace)

I haven’t run the Scott Coffee 8k in several years, but I’m happy with my result. It’s one of my better races recently.  It was hot, humid, and the course is hilly, but my effort was there.

Long Run: 14 miles averaging 8:05 pace

Low, 8-minute pace doesn’t feel “easy” for me, especially in the heat. This was at a moderate effort. I was able to finish with a few 7:45 miles, and I felt strong the entire time.

Next week I’m going to continue to increase my mileage. I’m racing a half, so realistically I don’t have to do anything different but add a couple of miles after the half marathon on Sunday.

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ERR 10k: 42:40 

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training? 

How long are your marathon training cycles? 

Training Log: Long Runs, Races, and Swimming

Training Log: Long Runs, Races, and Swimming

Hopefully, everyone has a good Memorial Day Weekend.

The next few weeks of training are geared towards upping my mileage. Upping mileage while the weather gets hotter, doesn’t make for the most enjoyable running but I will keep racing and keep on trucking along.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes/Swim 3000-meter swim
Tuesday: 5X1000 with 90 seconds rest
Wednesday: Easy 60 minutes/3000 meter swim
Thursday: Easy 3000-meter swim
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Elizabeth River Run 10k
Sunday: 12 miles (11 easy, 1 mile worth of strides at the end)


Workout Wednesday: 5X1000 averaging 6:25 pace.

It’s a little faster than the week before, which is the most important to me. I’m not where I was a year ago, but I’m further along than last week. The weather was ideal, and I couldn’t ask for a better day.

Elizabeth River Run 10k: 42:40

I haven’t run the ERR since 2013. I thought I would run faster than the Cape May 10k a couple of weeks ago but the weather was much hotter, and the course was much more challenging. The effort was harder, but the time was slower. I ran most of it by myself. It was great to see family, friends, and people I had grown up with.

12 Mile Long Run:

I planned to do 14 but the weather was so oppressive, and my legs weren’t feeling it, so I settled with 12.  I ran 11 easy, followed by one mile of doing strides. 6-minute pace doesn’t feel natural for me right now, so I’m trying to get my body to remember how.


I’ve been swimming 2X1500 meters each time I get into the pool. After going through so many years of stress of sets, etc., I am enjoying just freely putting my face in the water, turning everything off, and swimming. I do plan to keep swimming during this training cycle. Why? Because I want too. I’m enjoying it.

Other than that, everything was low key. My goal for the next few weeks is to get a quality workout in and maybe a race or a long run.

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Movie Madness 13.1 Recap (That turned into 14 miles)

Questions for you:

What is your favorite cross-training activity?

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

Training Log: Because I’m Training for Something!

Training Log: Because I’m Training for Something!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might know I was selected to run the Big Cottonwood Marathon (Yes, MARATHON). A week ago, training for a marathon wasn’t my plan for the summer. I wanted to get speed and get back into shape, but I didn’t have any huge goals in mind. I applied for the Team Hylands Big Cottonwood Team because it sounded like an awesome experience. I never thought I would be selected.

Big Cottonwood is the exact opposite marathon experience of what I’ve been used too. I’ve run NYCM twice, and it’s crowded and hilly. Both of my better marathon times have come from NYCM (3:17, 3:07) despite it being one of the toughest courses out there. The second marathon I ran, Phoenix, was downhill enough that it doesn’t count towards an OTQ but you can still Boston Qualify. I ran a 3:14 there, and at the time was a PR. It wasn’t close to the 3:10 I wanted and my quads were on fire from the downhill.

Am I entirely sure I will excel at a new downhill course? I don’t know, but I am excited to have a big race on the books.

I’m not in the same shape as last spring, summer, or fall, so my goal is to get back into shape. I would be ecstatic to run about the same time as NYCM, knowing it wouldn’t translate into the same fitness as a 3:07 at NYCM. I’m most excited to train for something.  I’ll have a post about it at some point, but I’m going to wait a couple more weeks to start “training.”  I want a shorter training cycle with 2-3 20 miles. I don’t want to focus much on doing anything past 20 miles because in the humid summer, that is unpleasant. I would rather take shorter quality miles, than longer, slogging through the humidity miles.

That was a long intro to my training log, right?

Monday: Easy 60 minutes/3000 meter swim
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 12X400 averaging 6:20 pace
Thursday: 3000-meter swim
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Movie Madness Half Marathon (14 Mile at 7:10 pace)
Sunday: Easy 60 minutes/3000 meter swim



Besides marathon training, I guess. As always, my easy runs are just that, easy.

Workout Wednesday: 12X400 averaging 6:20 pace with 90 seconds recovery

I do my workouts on roads. I like it better, and most tracks aren’t open except very early or very late. So I do them all on roads. When school is done for the summer, I might get on the track.  The workout was a little faster than last week, which is progress.


I still plan to swim throughout the summer. I’m enjoying the cross training, and even though I’m marathon training soon, I think the extra cross training is going to keep me healthy.

Movie Madness Half Marathon: 14 Miles (7:10 average):

After my weekend plans changed, I decided to skip town and run the Movie Madness Half Marathon in Harrisburg. You can’t beat a $60 half marathon these days. The short story is, I was misdirected around mile 3 and ended up running 14 miles instead of 13.1 While yes, it stinks to get lost and run longer, my goal for the race was to get quality miles in. I wasn’t in a “race mode,” and I didn’t go to the half marathon to run my “fastest” ever.  It was fun to get a long run done elsewhere and enjoy myself.

Anyway, that was my most exciting training log for a while, because I’m going to start training for something.

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Questions for you:

Have you run the Big Cottonwood Marathon? Have you run a downhill marathon? Any tips? 

Are you training for something this summer?

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