Lyndon Diner (York, PA)

Lyndon Diner (York, PA)

While traveling through PA (the first time?) of my summer driving, I stopped at the Lyndon Diner in York. They have two locations in York and Lancaster. The Lyndon Diner has been on my to-do list for a while now, but the timing never works out.

I was excited that the timing worked out.

Lyndon Diner (York, PA)

Atmosphere: A
The Lyndon Diner looks like a stereotypical diner. The outside is built with chrome and is a big, shiny, metallic, exterior.

The inside has plenty of booths, tables, a full-length bar, and dessert case. It’s a picturesque diner in all of the best ways.

Coffee: A
The coffee was brewed hot and fresh. Plus, the whipped cream is homemade. The waitress brought plenty of refills. In all, it was one of the best coffees I’ve had in a while.

Lyndon Diner (York, PA) coffee

Food: A
The Lyndon Diner has everything you would want and need in a diner. From all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was hard to choose! I decided with the BLT.

First, the meals came with a bread basket with pumpkin bread. It might be the best pumpkin bread I’ve tried. It seemed odd to have pumpkin bread in May, but I won’t complain because it was delicious.

Lyndon Diner (York, PA) pumpkin bread

I also ordered the Greek platter, which came with pita bread, hummus, olives, grapes leaves, lettuce, and tomatoes. It was huge and worth it.

Lyndon Diner (York, PA) greek platter

The BLT was packed full of meat.

Lyndon Diner (York, PA) BLT

It also came with a mixture of nuts and sweetener (I think). I still don’t know exactly what it was or what it was for, but it was delicious.

Lyndon Diner (York, PA)

I also ordered sweet potato fries, which I think were the best fries I’ve had. They were crunchy, and you could taste the sweet potatoes.

Lyndon Diner (York, PA) fries

My meal was delicious, and I would order it again.

Service: A
The waitress immediately introduced herself, and she said she was new. Truthfully, I would have never guessed if she never told me. She refilled our beverages fast, our food came out quickly, and she was friendly.

Cost: $
For my coffee, Greek platter, and BLT, the cost was $16.

Overall Thoughts/Summary:
I liked the Lyndon Diner, and I’m glad I stopped. I would love to go back, and it was a positive experience. I highly recommend if you’re going through Lancaster and York.

Atmosphere: A
Cost: A
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $8-17
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like pumpkin bread?
What’s your favorite bread?


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  1. Holy yum … I probably would have drizzled the nut and sweetner combo on the sweet potato fries just to see if it was a good flavor combo! Question of the Day … do you usually choose sweet potato fries when they are offered?

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