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May Training Log

May began “seriously” getting back into running. As I’ve mentioned in a few previous training logs, my goal for the foreseeable future is to build a base. I’ve run my PRs when I’ve run anywhere between 70-80 miles per week with speed work. While that’s not in the immediate future, I will hopefully build back there.

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March Training: 8 Miles and an Injury

Admittedly, I thought until a few days ago; this would be my first zero mileage month. Then I realized, my last run was on March 1. So with that, I log 8 miles and one race in March.

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Injury Wk 4: Strength Work

It’s hard to believe I’m now four weeks deep into a calcaneus stress fracture. Everything else in the world seems more important. Even if I was healthy, like any runner, all my races are canceled or postponed. I get to start a slow return to running in another two weeks. So I guess I’ll begin counting down to that.

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