Woodbury 5k (19:40)

Last Sunday I woke up feeling pretty good.  I wasn’t nearly as sore as I anticipated after the Scott Coffee 8k the day before.  I was also motivated to run another race.  I’m not sure why I was so motivated to run another race but I felt good.  A quick trip to our store website revealed there were plenty of races on Sunday morning.  I had not planned to run a race on Sunday but I felt good and decided to take a chance…the worst that could happen was I had a bad race, didn’t mention or blog about it and it “never happened”.

I found one about 15 minutes away. After driving there and noting how hilly Woodbury was I realized I had no idea what the course would be like.  Like the majority of Southern NJ terrain, I assumed it would be flat (which was false).

I warmed up 3 miles, which is more than usual.  I felt like I needed to flush more lactic acid out of my legs.  During the warm-up I felt bad.  I thought I would probably regret the decision to race. My dad once told me, the worse you feel during warm-up, the better you’ll do.  I find this true about 75% of the time.

There are some races I feel awful during warm-up and then race awful.

The race started on an uphill. I immediately positioned myself as second woman, which was where I stayed the entire race.  I was chasing someone who stayed about 15 seconds in front of me.  Ultimately she broke away and finished about 30 seconds in front.

After going up the hill in the start, I felt pretty good.  The woman and I stayed with a pack of men for a while.  The first mile had a series of turns and it was like a mystery of what would come next.  I ran the first mile in 6:09 (one second slower than my current fastest mile of 2015).

During the second mile I found myself alone.  I could see a few people in front and focused on chasing them.  Honestly I think having a group to chase kept me running faster.  I know it did at the 8k too.  Despite the hills, I still ran a 6:23 second mile.  I was excited that I didn’t fade as quickly as last week’s 5k. Last week, I ran a 6:08 first mile and then bounced into the 6:30s followed by a 6:58.

woodbury 3

By the third mile I knew I still had a chance to break 20 minutes again (which has been something I’ve been going back and forth with).  I knew we also had to go down the uphill we originally went up.  I hoped I could just hold on and break 20 again.  I have stopped “counting my chickens” because every time I think I’ll break 20, I crash.  I ran the last mile in 6:35.

I was able to power down the hill make my way to the finish line.  We finished the last .1 on the high school track.

I was out kicked by a man in the last stride.  I don’t think my legs could move faster if they tried.

There he goes!
There he goes (I didn’t realize anyone was there and he scared me! HA)

I finished second female in 19:40.  

woodbury 1

I am happy with my effort and time for the race. I wasn’t expecting to run a race last Sunday but I felt good. This was my fastest time on the hardest course. It was really motivating to see progress towards my goal of a PR. I didn’t feel out of breath but I did feel like my legs didn’t have any faster turnover left!

woodbury award

Questions for you:

Have you ever jumped into a race the day of?

What was the last thing that motivated you?

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  1. Woo-hoo dirty double race weekend, my favorite. Sounds like you are getting some serious speed in those legs with your RACE EVERY 5K strategy for the summer.

    1. I mean…it’s the best policy to follow right? Ha I could actually probably do a race a 8 and 9 same day if I was at your level 😉

  2. Congratulations on your 2nd place finish and fastest 5K in a while, pretty awesome that it happened the day after the 8K!

    It sounds like you ran a great race and so interesting that you guys have so many 5Ks on Sunday and you could just jump into one… we have almost no races here on Sunday (I have only known of one the whole time I’ve lived in Charleston and it didn’t have a huge turnout, but seems like Sunday is super religious here so people just don’t want to have things like 5Ks).

    I’ve jumped into a few races the day of, and I typically do better in last-minute decision races. I think it’s because I don’t have time to get nervous or overthink the race.

  3. Awesome job! I’ve never signed up for a race day of, but I have a few days before and I feel like the short notice almost allowed me to run better because I wasn’t putting pressure on myself. Last thing that motivated me was my boyfriend passing me at the end of a tempo run… and boy I tried to catch him!!

  4. You’re cruising and taking numbers! Love it. And I have spontaneously raced a few times, always surprising myself, actually. It’s a fun way to go.

  5. You definitely make me think I need to race more!! I think short races scare me so I tend to shy away from them, but I really should just go hunt some down to do!

    1. They are all from the race. I don’t have a secret person following me around…LOL. I’ve been really lucky that races have had free photos lately. That never happens!

  6. I really think the worse you feel warm-up/pre-race/pre-run, the better your runs are in the end. Every time I wake up and feel like I don’t feel like running that day, my runs are AWESOME. And the days I feel like I can’t wait to run end up being the worst. It’s weird how that works.

    Congrats on the under 20 5k!!! Speedy speedster McSpeedyson!

  7. You are a freaking running MACHINE girl! That’s so amazing that you could just jump into this race and finish second. I love the pic of you shooting daggers at that guy..it looks like you’re saying “where the *** did YOU come from?” Great race and recap!

  8. Way to go-you rock, as always. Ugh I never warm up enough for races but I totally agree that first few miles of running usually feels crappy anyways. Loving your blonde hair by the way-Maybe blondes are faster, haha 🙂

    1. Thank you Lauren! I hope that’s the case…come to think of it though my hair was pretty blonde when I set my 5k PR 🙂

  9. Wow what an awesome job especially after racing the day before too! I think your race pictures always win, especially because you almost always look like you’re having a blast. Nice job!

  10. Wow, you are seriously speedy and having raced a double for the weekend makes it even more impressive. I’ve rarely jumped into races last minute, but may next Saturday if my calf would get better.

  11. Woodbury makes me think of The Walking Dead 😀

    That’s just a blistering time one day after another speedy race and so close to your other 5Ks. It looks like so much fun to race every weekend, but I’m sure that’s because you’re so amazing and place highly every time. You look like you’re giving a death stare to the guy overtaking on the final turn rather than being scared, and I don’t blame you! I hate being outkicked at the end too and it happens a Hell of a lot more to me than it does to you – I am certain of that.

    Also, legs for days. I think your legs are the length of my entire body #jealous.

  12. Woohoo! I can totally relate to feeling like my legs can’t turn over anymore, but feeling OK cardio-wise. It’s so frustrating because the engine says “full speed ahead!” and the legs are like “nope, no more.” That’s why we train!

  13. Awesome Hollie! And you are rockin that blonde! It looks amazing.

  14. I actually have begun the policy that I only sign up for races a couple days before them. That way I avoid paying for something and getting injured. Another great race! Congrats on breaking 20:00

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