Scott Coffee 8k (32:44)

I had been looking forward to the Scott Coffee 8k for a month.  My work helps with the race and since I’m familiar with the area, I knew how exciting the race was.  Although the race was named after someone who passed (Scott Coffee), this year the race directors and family decided to make it “coffee themed”.

A coffee themed road race? 

Of course I was on board.  I had originally hoped to use it as a baseline to figure out my fitness but the course, heat and humidity did not allow for that.

I arrived at the race at 7:45 and the race started at 8:30.  After picking up my packet, my free bag of coffee and number, I warmed up 2 miles.

I made my way to the starting area where I saw lots of friends and people I knew.  The race promptly went off at 8:30.  I found myself caught up in the action and many people flew right by me.  I told myself the first 100 meters doesn’t indicate how you will do in an 8k.  I also thought “the kid running by you in flip flops might have a bad time.”  During the first half mile, it felt as if everyone was running by me.

scott coffee run 8k

I’ve been struggling with the first mile in races lately.  I feel like I mentally take the race out too slow (which is false since I’m been running positive split races).  The first mile felt like it took forever (6:23).

During the second mile, a female I knew well ran by me.  We’ve gone back and forth with running races together.  Not only is she an incredible runner but she is also one of the nicest and overall most fit people I know!  Sometimes she has a faster race and sometimes I do…it just depends on the day.  We ended up chatting through the second mile (6:28).  Mentally, it made the second mile go by much quicker.

The third mile had multiple noticeable uphills.  With each turn, it felt like another uphill (that I didn’t want to deal with) popped up.  It began to get hotter and more humid.  I tried to push through but I faded pretty quickly and ran a 6:41.  We passed a few men and just focused on the finish.

For some reason crossing the third mile motivated me. I didn’t get any faster but the race was already halfway over. I just had to make it through the next two miles. I saw one of my good friends cheering but other then that nothing sticks out to me during the 4th mile. It was just focus on getting to the end (6:45).  The 6k and 8k distance just remind me of 5ks with bonus rounds.  We were entering the bonus round…

After crossing the fourth mile, I began focusing on the last .98. I started looking at my watch a little too much.  I desperately wanted to tick off the miles.  I tried to reel in a few men in front but only ended up catching one. I just kept pushing through. The end of the race finishes in front of the giant craft fair and festival.  The venders were all out cheering so you have to look strong. I saw several of my coworkers and sprinted as hard as I humanly could to the end.

scott coffee run 8k 1
Glamour shot…

I finished in 32:44 and 7th woman overall (67th person). I am happy with the race because it was the general pace of the races I’ve been running. I’m injury free and healthy.  The race itself was a lot fun and I obviously loved the coffee theme.

me running scott coffee

I’m beginning to learn that it is going to take a lot more time to build speed. I haven’t worked on speed in 2 years so it won’t be built in a day.

Questions for you:

What are you working on that is taking time to build?

What is the coolest themed race you’ve done?

This coffee themed race is one of the best.