NYCM Training Week 80 (80 miles)

I could say a lot about this week but I want to separate it into another post.  Long story short, my motivation is still not here.  Which makes absolutely no sense because it is one of my higher milage weeks in a while.   Every run I sat there and debated whether I wanted to run or cross train or neither.

Monday: Strength class
Tuesday: Easy 13.15 (untimed)
Wedneday: 12.55 (untimed) and p90x ab ripper
Thursday: 16.2 long run (untimed)
Friday: 10.2 treadmill (8:50 pace)
Saturday: 1 mile track race (5:36)
15.4 total miles for the day
Sunday: 10-13 with a good friend of mine Theresa.
Total: 80


Training thoughts:

Let’s see here my training has been a hot mess the last few weeks and at least I can admit that.  I haven’t been motivated to do much speed (or really haven’t been all that motivated).   Part of the reason I think is that I have gone somewhere the end of all summers.

Gone back to grade school.

Gone to college.

Gone to my internship.

This particular summer seems to drag on for ions and I desperately need a change.  Well how did this relate to my training?  I feel stale…unmotivated.  Why am I even doing this?  Will I run all these miles and then get an unforeseen injury not relating to running? (thanks cyst last year). Well I’m not a fortune teller or psychic so I have absolutely no idea.  I’m just hoping to stay injury free.  The marathon is close but not too close.

So thoughts about this week?  I nixed all my speed work apart from the 1 mile track race and just ran untimed miles to try and defunk myself.  On Friday I sat debating if I wanted to run in the morning.  I opted not too and planned to cross train in the gym after work.  I don’t know why the spirit moved me to run but after getting to the gym I decided I would run and watch trashy TV.  It almost felt like wintertime again where that was basically my life.  (how I survived that I don’t know). To tell you I had really not planned to run, all I had in my bag were basketball mesh shorts and I can’t remember the last time I ran in those.

After running 10 miles in the afternoon on Friday, I didn’t exactly have high hopes for the mile on Saturday morning.  5:36 is a good time, but I almost always do something similar in the first mile of my 5ks and to tell you the truth I felt like I could keep going.  It was decently windy and drizziling.

And now today I’m off to run with a good friend of mine, Theresa, before work.

All of that aside, I’m not complaining about this week I just know it was a mental struggle for me to get my miles in.  I’m craving a change…but I’m moving in 3 weeks so that isn’t hard to find.

Thoughts for next week?

Every week I write thoughts for next week and every week I don’t really follow any of my plans. I am running an 8k which I’m pretty excited for but other than that I’m just going to get the miles in again.

Questions for you:

Training for a marathon did do speed work?

What is your favorite trashy tv show? 


  1. Ah-mazing! You are just amazing.

    I hope you are able to get your running mojo back. I sat around debating yesterday’s run but in the end I pushed (forced) myself out the door.

    I try to incorporate speed work into at least 1 run during the week. I’m not sure if it’s actually helping but it’s fun to mix it up a bit. I hope it pays off at MCM.

  2. Moving in 3 weeks… NOOOO! I am going to miss you! We can talk about how you are feeling on our date I want to hear it all. I do think the untimed runs will help you, and you have time to get the motivation. I think maybe with the move coming up and the marathon being close but not too close (so it is looming sort of) might be getting to you. Things will come together. Just like the winter treadmill runs passed, this to will pass.

  3. Moving in three weeks? How exciting! Enjoy your present, change will be coming soon enough! I do tempo runs and fartlek to get my speedwork in for marathon training (which I’m so ready to be done with)! My favorite trashy tv show is Toddlers and Tiaras….I know, it’s bad! Have a great Sunday!

    1. So I have heard thanks Ericka! I’m sure there will be so many rough portions of the marathon that I’ll want to quit so this is just a warmup for that. 😉

  4. 80 miles…if I could run 80 miles while still being unmotivated, welp then I guess I would be a beast like you haha. I still have yet to run – its been two weeks and I’m not complaining. I’ve kinda just enjoyed cross training so we shall see what happens tomorrow. AHH TEXAS – I can’t wait to see what crazy adventures you get yourself into down there 😉 Enjoy these last few weeks at home.

  5. That is one tough schedule! I understand why you would get a little down. But you are doing some great training and running while still knocking all that other stuff out. It’s extremely impressive! Not many people would even attempt that! Keep up the great hard work! You have a new follower in me!

  6. I did a little speed work when I did my half and I think it DID help me a little bit. I think the quicker bursts even at shorter miles just conditions your body in a different way. I did A LOT of hamster wheel workouts with hills, hills, and more hills which really helped when I started to run outside again. Trashy TV at 10 PM every night is my way to unwind… Bring on MTV and all things ridiculous!

  7. You will have a new change of pace soon enough! I am so excited for you to move. I need routine back in my life. Routine makes me have more motivation. I have gained weight this summer instead of losing it… 🙁

  8. I have never done speed work on a regular basis. I think the most I’ve gone to a track, while training for a marathon is 3 times.

    I completely understand how you feel. I personally, only train for 12 weeks for a marathon, I find anything longer than that, and I peak too soon, then burn out.

    You are going to do great though, and no matter what, you are going to PR!

  9. I like MTV for trashy TV like Catfish and Teen Mom. I figure if i’m running on a treadmill, I’m entitled to watch whatever I want however trashy. Sounds like you had a good week of training and great job on the mile, we have a few mile races here but I haven’t signed up for them. Never seen them until this year.

    I do speedwork most every Tuesday morning, mostly because I go with a group and it gets me out of the house… before I became friends with them, I almost never did it. I have yet to run a race since starting it to see if it actually helps either (lol).

  10. In the past, when I have trained for marathons (that I never seem to run because of sickness/injury–ugh), I do some speed work but focus a lot on hills!

    I’m sorry you’ve been unmotivated lately. Maybe when you get to TX, you’ll be excited to explore the area on foot!

  11. Moving seemed to suck my motivation to train, so maybe that’s it? 80 miles is pretty legit for not feeling it, though. Keep it up.

  12. That mileage makes my head spin. As I have said to you a lot lately…. it WILL COME. you’ve got a lot going on and when things start to slow down you will find a renewed sense of motivation.

  13. You took the words straight out of my mouth! (on a significantly lesser scale of course.)
    I’ve decided not to really worry about my funk. I’ll be fine. I was flexible last week so this week I am going to stick to a schedule and see if that brings about a change.
    Good luck with the move!

  14. With the move coming up and life changes, maybe that’s just sucking the will to find motivation and run? When I have big things like that I always get too stressed out and in my own head about it, and running seems to take a back seat mentally. Maybe after the move things will improve?

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