Nood Review

I was excited to try the Nood Flasher. I’ve seen A LOT of Instagram, Facebook, and other ads. Some days, it’s felt like 50% of my ads on Instagram have been for Nood. When finally, it piqued my interest, I tried to find some honest reviews about Nood, but they were all paid for, and it felt like they were all just super positive. Which is great, except  I wondered: does Nood actually work?

This isn’t my normal fitness gear review, but when I mentioned I purchased it, it was one of the most requested reviews on the blog. So why not do a Nood review?

Anyway, what is Nood?

Nood is a hair removal device cleared by the FDA and designed to replace waxing and razers. It promises results in 8 weeks and reduces hair growth anywhere hair will grow. As most people (especially ladies) realize, shaving and waxing are annoying, and laser hair removal is costly.

About the Brand:

Nood came out in November 2020 and is based in Austin, Texas. It’s funny; early into COVID, I learned to wax my eyebrows since salons were closed. So it makes sense for a device like this to be on the rise during COVID times. Plus, not just that, it’s easier and more convenient than going into a salon. Now, it takes me about 45 minutes to drive somewhere that even waxes.

The first product to come out was the “Flasher,” and as their sales skyrocketed, they had both the original Flasher and the Flasher 2.0. They also make a few beauty products like the Revealer and Reviver for post-treatment.

Nood Flasher 2.0 Review

So how does the Nood Flasher 2.0 work?

The Nood Flasher lasts for 600k of flashes which is basically lifelong. They claim you can fully replace your waxing and shaving kit. To be honest, one of my biggest thoughts was: if it lasts that long and you can fully replace waxing and shaving why isn’t

a. more expensive

b. well-known

c. a monopoly.

How to use the Nood Flasher 2.0:

First, Nood recommends you use it on freshly shaved skin. If you use Nood on an area with a lot of hair, it’s likely to burn the area and even smell like burnt hair. (ew?).

When it’s time to begin using the Nood Flasher, press the power button and turn it on. There is a control button that allows you to control the intensity. New users should start with one, but the intensity depends on the thickness of the hair. For instance, areas with higher and thicker hair concentrations should use a higher setting. But you want to work into this and not just use a level 10 “just because.” Going to the highest setting right off the bat or when you don’t need it will cause irritation or pain.

The Nood Flasher works by reacting to the contrast between your skin and hair colors. It senses a darker hair on the skin. That is why it doesn’t always work for very light blonde/red or darker skin. But, this is also how laser hair removal works.

As you continue with the Nood Flasher, you’ll find you can use higher settings. I started at level 2, and now I’ve moved to level 6. I’ve noticed the hair is growing much slower. It still grows, but it has grown a lot slower. I can get away with no shaving every few weeks. 

Nood Flasher 2.0 Review
You can see why it’s important to shave first. It basically fries the hairs

One thing I was surprised about, was the Nood Flasher 2.0 needs to be plugged in at all times. I figured it was something you can charge and bring with you, but it needs to be charged. This means you’ll have to use it near a power outlet.

Nood Flasher Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Painless and permanent results
  • It can be used anywhere that has hair (yes…anywhere)
  • One-year warranty as well as a 90-day guarantee

Nood Flasher Cons:

  • Recommend you do a “spot test” and try for 2-4 weeks to see how the skin reacts.
  • It is not recommended for blonde or red hair or dark skin.
  • The unit is not rechargeable, so you must always have it plugged in to use it.

My Experience with the Nood Flasher 2.0:

I had no idea what to expect. I’ve waxed or shaved my legs for years. I mostly hate it. Nood claims you can use it anywhere that hair grows. Wahoo. It’s also scary to use the device on your face when it flashes, and you don’t know if it will cause crazy damage.

The most important thing is that Nood isn’t giving you overnight results. If you want something to remove hair immediately, it’s not a great option. It takes about 6-8 weeks of consistent use to see results. I have seen results in about 5 uses or 3 weeks.

Does the Nood Flasher hurt? No. It does feel tingly. I was surprised by the bright flash and small amount of heat admitted. I was intimidated by that flash of light because I didn’t watch any videos beforehand. But it doesn’t hurt. If you use a higher setting than you should, then it will cause irritation.

The bright light and “flash”, still intimidates me even though I’ve seen it dozens of times now. But I’m slowly gotten used to it and have seen noticeable results.

Nood Flasher 2.0 Review

Cost: $189

It’s funny, the Nood Flasher is expensive, but if you think about how much that saves you in taxes and waxing, it isn’t. I felt before purchasing that if the Nood Flasher *works*, that is pretty cheap. So it’s a good value.

Nood Flasher Conclusion:

Does the Nood Flasher work? The short answer is yes. It does take time and commitment to work into, but it does work. You’ll find yourself appreciating not needing to shave as much. Honestly, I was surprised by how much it does the job.

Bottom line: While it is a more expensive investment than, say a razer, if used correctly it can eventually save you money (and time).

Who shouldn’t buy the Nood Flasher 2.0? If you have light-colored hair, such as blonde or red, or have darker skin, it won’t work.

You can see all gear reviews here and purchase the purchase the Nood Flasher here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried laser hair removal?

Have you tried Nood Flasher? 



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