Strider Mile (5:36)

I don’t really know how to write a one mile race recap.  Let’s be honest, it’s 4 laps around the track and it takes longer to write a race report about it then actually run.   The mile race is put on by my local running club and for our grand prix series.  Nevermind the fact that there were 4 5ks that day (that I would have loved to do), but a casual race with my local running friends was what on tap for me. (Since I’m out of town for 7 of the races I need to do all 5 that I am in town to be in the grand prix series.)

How to start this race recap…  I slept through my alarm at 5:30 and dad woke me up at 6.  We left by 6:15 and I would have probably had a cow if it was a longer race but luckily it happened preparing for this race.  Then due to no traffic actually arrived there early.  Dad and I warmed up for 2 miles…we saw a giant sushi buffet which we thought looked interesting so we did our warmup to the sushi buffet to check it out and then back.  HA.

Since I was hoping to run below a 6 minute mile, I was in heat 1 along with 10ish other dudes.  I told them since I was the lone ranger women I was allowed to draft or jump on their backs.  With that, we started the race and around the track we went.

Lap 1: I was in dead last place.  I didn’t really care either.  My legs were still warming up and I was hoping to be able to catch someone.

Lap 2: I started to catch 1-2 people.  It was at this point I realized I didn’t really know how to run a mile.


Look at me...I'm running on the track...
Look at me…I’m running on the track…

Lap 3: Maybe it was at this point I realized I didn’t know how to race a mile.  I started to realize I had a lot left in the tank.  I know you are supposed to take out the mile like 5ks as fast as you can and hold on for dear life.  I didn’t do that.

Look at me...I'm angrily running on the track...
Look at me…I’m angrily running on the track…They say the third lap is the most painful. 

Lap 4: As explained here when I was able to drop about 5 seconds from any other of my splits. I didn’t vomit at the end like you are “supposed” to do.

I didn’t finish with a PR (5:31) but finished 5 seconds off of that in 5:36.  I honestly feel I could have just kept running like it was a 5k which means I clearly didn’t run the race correctly.  I also don’t do speed so I really shouldn’t expect to just magically decrease my mile time.  That’s like me saying well I run 10 workout miles weekly, I’m about to PR this half marathon.

After the mile we were assigned to random relays with everyone who participated.  This meant you could be on a team with walkers, young children, the most elite runners…anyone.  Each person on the team ran 1 lap around the track.  I was really glad we didn’t have to pass batons or anything of that nature.  We just had to high five each other and then next person was off.  Anyways, I was anchor of the relay.  I started the relay in last place and was able to catch one person.

But alas in the final 50 meters one of the elite 6 year olds in the most epic of battles was able to surpass me in the final stretch.  😉

Look at me...I'm gooberily running on the track while this very serious youngin powers through
Look at me…I’m gooberily running on the track while this very serious youngin powers through (this photo does not deny the fact I’m the most socially awkward runner ever)

All in all it was a lot of fun and I’m always glad to see all my local friends.  I’m not upset with my nonPR but I am a bit disappointed since I only do the mile once a year and have done faster 5k splits then this.  No complaints from me though.

Questions for you:

Have you ever raced on a track?  Do you have a good kick?

Do you sleep through alarms ever?

Not really for me this was a rare occasion.