Ener-C Review

Ener-C Review

I stumbled upon Ener-C because living in the desert, I am always looking for ways to stay hydrated. Interestingly enough, I confused it with “Emergen-C,” which sounds similar. Ener-C was actually started by employees that formally worked at Emergen-C. After large pharmaceuticals acquired Emergen-C, they wanted to create something better.

Ener-C Review

About the Brand Ener-C:

In 2012, Ener-C found themselves at crossroads. They had been working for and distributing Emergen-C. A large pharmaceutical company bought Emergen-C.

They decided: do they continue working for a large pharmaceutical company or create something different?

Since they spent ten years working with Emergen-C, they didn’t want to leave the relationships they created or the knowledge. They were also aware they might be viewed as a “knock-off brand.” They chose to develop and use the purest, bioavailable, and planet-friendly ingredients for Ener-C. That’s how they created their first multivitamin mix.

Ener-C Review

About the Ener-C Multivitamin Mix:

The Ener-C multivitamin mix is available in several flavors: cranberry, lemon-lime, peach mango, pineapple coconut, raspberry, and tangerine.

Ener-C is a Non-GMO certified multivitamin drink mix in convenient dose packets. It also contains 1000mg of Vitamin C plus essential vitamins and minerals.

Each flavor of Ener-C is made from natural fruit juice powders and does not contain artificial flavors, colors, gluten, lactose dairy, or sweeteners.

Most Ener-C drink mixes contain about 25 calories, 1 g of sugar, and about 125mg of sodium. You can also find all of the major electrolytes.

I also appreciate they are available in Whole Foods, so I don’t have to worry about shipping (which can take weeks) in the desert.

Ener-C Review

Differences Between Emergen-C and Ener-C:

I was curious about what the difference between Ener-C and Emergen-C were.

Ener-C has fewer ingredients and tastes lighter. I’ve also found that drinking it is easier, not as sweet or strong. Saying drinking is “easier” is relative because it’s all personal preference. It just doesn’t feel as thick to drink. The ingredient list of Emergen-C is much longer as well. They both do about the same thing, and Emergen-C has a few more calories with a longer ingredient list.

Ener-C Review

My Experience with Ener-C:

I was excited to try Ener-C. I appreciate that they don’t have a lot of sugar, making them suitable to drink during the day. When mixing with water, I was surprised by how bright the colors were. I always think it’s fun to see what color the hydration mixes with turn. Sometimes they turn opaque, and other times they turn a bright color.

The Ener-C flavors come in the medium taste range as far as taste. They are not too strong, but they are definitely sweeter than many other mixes.

Flavors of Ener-C I tried:

  • Peach Mango: I was most excited to try the Peach Mango because it’s such a fun and unique flavor. It quickly becomes my favorite flavor. It tastes just like peach mango and is sweet.
  • Cranberry: Sometimes cranberry can be too tart for my liking, but this Ener-C cranberry was plenty sweet.
  • Pineapple Coconut: Another unique flavor, the pineapple coconut, tastes good. It has enough pineapple to make it reasonably sweet.
  • Rasberry: While the raspberry was my least favorite flavor, it does taste good. It’s plenty sweet.

I enjoyed all of the flavors of Ener-C, and I consume each of them regularly. In summary, they are all fairly sweet and rich in flavor without being too overpowering. I first tried Ener-C during the day to make sure it worked well with my stomach. It’s slightly fizzy (but not as fizzy as Nuun), but I felt fine, and my stomach felt good. I used it again for hikes and finally for some runs. I became more energized during the day, and the hydration felt good.

I prefer the Ener-C most for drinking or less intense workouts during the day. For harder runs and workouts, I want something with more calories or just something more to consume with the Ener-C.

Ener-C Review

Cost: $15.99 for 25 servings

Ener-C is much cheaper than many other options. Many electrolyte options cost $1 per serving!


If you are looking for a hydration product that is more readily available than many hydration products. I find it’s best used during the day or with less strenuous activities. I do appreciate it tastes good, and it’s some of my favorite flavors of hydration products. If you like Nuun and want something cheaper, Ener-C is a good option.

If you are looking for something to use during that day that isn’t too expensive, it’s probably one of your favorite electrolyte drinks.

You can purchase Ener-C here and read all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Ener-C?

What is your favorite electrolyte drink?