June Training: Summer of 5ks Pt 1

Corona Del Mar 5k Recap (20:30) me running

This summer, I am trying to focus on my speed. I’m doing as many 5ks as I can and building back a tolerance for “fast miles.” I want 6:30 and faster to feel “comfortable” again.  Over the last few years, I have neglected that pace, and it shows. So that is the plan: run as many 5ks, hopefully break 20 minutes in the 5k again, and have fun. There was a time, that seems to feel like further and further in the past, that a sub 20 minute 5k was not a big deal for me. Now, breaking 20 minutes in the 5k is my goal for the summer.

Corona Del Mar 5k Recap (20:30) me running

Miles run: 302

Range of paces: 6:26-18:30-untimed

Swimming: 24.69 miles


Corona Del Mar 5k 20:30

Long Beach Classic 5k (20:40)

Orenda Winery 5k (21:27)

Twilight 5000 (20:19)

Arroyo Creek 5k (21:30)

Orenda Winery 5k me


It looks as if I almost just got slower in 5ks this month, minus the Twilight 5k. A year ago, I struggled to even run 7-minute paced 5ks (woof). The Corona Del Mar 5k was a challenging course and definitely my best race of the month (although second would be the Twilight 5000). The rest of the 5ks I ran on tired legs and as workouts.

For the most part this month, my training has gone well. I’ve raced more 5ks in a month than I have since COVID began and I’m learning to get uncomfortable (is that even a word LOL) with the distance and hurting the entire time. With the 5k, I like that it’s not a production to get ready for. You can just say: hey, I want to run a 5k tomorrow, find one, and go do it (like the Arroyo Creek). You can’t really do that with the half marathon or marathon.


I love swimming outdoors, so I’ve been adding swimming in whenever my schedule/body allows. I have also occasionally substituted running days for swimming days. There is nothing more relaxing than doing easy laps in the pool. I actually did a swim meet as well last month and had a lot of fun.

Semana Nautica Masters LCM Swim Meet Recap me

What’s Next? 

By the end of the summer, I want to be under 20 minutes again. I know a good day, I have that in me. (I thought I *might* at the track, and I did for 2 miles but faded in the third mile…so not quite yet. To get there again is going to take some track work and faster/harder workouts. So for July and August, I plan to run as many 5ks as possible and get to the track as well.

Arroyo Creek 5k me

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

What is your goal for the summer?



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