Electrolit Review

Electrolit Review

I hadn’t heard of Electrolit until the Los Angeles Marathon. It was the 2023 electrolyte choice for the marathon and the Rose Bowl Half earlier in the year. It made me nervous to try something I hadn’t before, but luckily it all turned out well. In fact, I have started using it for myself!

Electrolit Review

About the Brand:

Electrolit is actually the leading brand in the hydration category. It was created over 60 years ago in Mexico and is recently available in the US. Electrolit is manufactured in Grupa Pisa, a leading pharmaceutical company in Latin America. Due to the product’s success in Mexico, in 2014, Grupo Pisa created CAB Enterprises in the United States and began selling there too.

About the Electrolit Drinks:

What is Electrolit?

It is an electrolyte product designed to restore the body’s hydration levels naturally and without sugar and caffeine. It contains essential electrolytes for the human body, including sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

What makes Electrolit different?

  • The Electrolit product contains four electrolyte minerals, six ion sources, and no artificial colors.
  • Electrolit has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) because of its nutritional value as a serum that can help regenerate calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium after physical activity.
  • In addition, it can also replenish electrolytes lost due to dehydration after a hangover.
  • Uses real sugar: uses glucose as a natural sweetener and energy source and contains no preservatives.
  • Other benefits: The hydration drink formula includes essential ingredients that help with muscle spasms, acid buildup, electrolyte absorption, cramping, and more.
  • Electrolit Zero has zero calories and sugar.
  • The regular Electrolit contains about 70 calories (depending on flavor).

Electrolit Review

My Experience with Electrolit:

The first time I tried Electrolit was at the Rose Bowl Half Marathon. For some reason, I didn’t do much research about the hydration offered at the race and just went with it. I liked it, and we had a variety of flavors on the course. I didn’t plan for it that way; it just happened. The most robust and surprising flavor I tried during the race was coconut!  Personally, I think it’s a little risky to have that flavor on course to drink with no warning, but it was fine.

In general, the flavor of Electrolit is much sweeter than many other competitive brands. If you prefer a sweeter and more intense flavor, you will likely choose Electrolit. Some can be a bit too strong for intense workouts; Coconut and Guava tasted fine to me, but I’ve heard from others that they were way too potent.

My favorite flavor has been strawberry kiwi; I like the taste, and it sits well in my stomach. If given an option, the strawberry-kiwi, blue raspberry, or fruit punch are my favorites, but I’ve tried most of them with no issues.

I’ve tried their zero sugar and like them as well, but prefer the regular Electrolit due to calories. When I’m working hard, my body prefers something with calories!

Electrolit Review

The downside I’ve found with Electrolit is that they aren’t available in packets so that you can mix them with water. Sometimes I don’t want to carry many bottles around, so this can be a little frustrating. I pour the bottle into my hydration pack, and it feels like I’m wasting a bottle. I do hope. Eventually, they come up with packets.

I do appreciate you can purchase Electrolit at a variety of places including local grocery stores and even Walmart. You don’t have to go hunting at a specialty store to find it!

Cost: $35.99 for 12

Electrolit is not cheap and is one of the more expensive options. It’s likely because it’s only sold in bottles.

Electrolit Conclusion:

I am a fan of Electrolit and wouldn’t mind if other races used it as their hydration too. It is tough because Electrolit is significantly more expensive than competitor brands. Even brands that cost $1.50-$2 per serving are still much cheaper.  Cost is definitely going to hold some people back.

Who should purchase Electrolit? If you like a more robust flavor or are looking for an electrolyte drink brand with multiple flavors.

Who should not purchase Electrolit? If you don’t want a bunch of bottles or are looking for a mild electrolyte drink.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Electrolit?

What is your favorite hydration product?