Achedaway Scraper Review

Achedaway Scraper Review

I was excited to try the Achedaway Scraper. Why? It’s the first of its kind, a heated muscle scraper. Plus, I’m already a HUGE FAN of the Achedaway copper.

Achedaway Scraper Review

About the Brand:

Achedaway Cupper, as well as their massage guns, was founded when the owner Tim. He wanted a convenient product that would change a person’s life. He consulted many fitness specialists to create Achedaway.

About the Achedaway Scraper:

What makes the Achedaway Scraper different?

  • World’s first heated muscle scraper
  • ergonomic design to use with a single hand or both
  • Easy clean

As mentioned, the world’s first heated muscle scraper. It heats up to 122 degrees in just a few seconds. But never fear, there are three different and adjustable heat settings.

The ergonomic design allows you to use a single hand on clients or both hands. It’s great to use for yourself or on others. It will enable you to use both hands or a single hand for clients and is even great for self-care and self-use. Three different edge choices allow you to reach all the muscle groups.

Finally, it’s easy to clean, which is important!

The Achedaway Scraper comes from the concept of Chinese traditional Gua Sha techniques. Most of the time, stainless steel and stone muscle scrapers are cold and difficult to use. They are uncomfortable for everyone! Often, therapists have to use hot stones or heated towels to heat the muscles. That’s why the Achedaway Scraper was born.

Achedaway Scraper Review

My experience with the Achedaway Scraper:

The Achedaway scraper has a USB charging cable and a gorgeous carrying case. It’s one of the best tool-carrying cases I’ve seen. Using the Achedaway scraper is easy, and after you charge it, you press the power button, and it’s good to use. They weren’t lying when they said it heats up fast. Within a few seconds, I could feel the heat ready to go.

But you don’t really have to worry about it burning you because it never gets *that hot*. Using it is fairly easy; it acts as most muscle scrapers to work out knots and tight muscles. I do really appreciate the heat because my muscles feel a lot better.

One thing I was interested in is that you’ll have to pick up your own massage gel, but I usually use Voltaren gel.

It’s one of my favorite massage tools, and I feel better when I use it. Like any recovery device, they are only as good as if you actually use them.

Price: $250

Generally, most massage muscle scrapers cost between $100-$200, but it makes sense for a heated massage tool to be slightly worth it. Do I think the Achedaway Scraper is worth it? Yes, if you actually use it. The heat is a game-changer!

Achedaway Scraper Review

Achedaway Scraper Conclusion:

I do think the world’s first heated muscle scraper is worth it and awesome. It takes away heating up the muscles before needing to use the product.

Who should purchase the Achedaway Muscle Scraper? If you’re looking for a muscle scraper to use on yourself or on others. The ability to heat it up makes it a notch above other muscle scrapers.

Who should not buy the Achedaway Muscle Scraper? Really any running or athlete can benefit from it, but if you don’t actually think you’ll use it…there is no point.

You can purchase the Achedaway Scraper here and see all gear reviews here.

Achedaway Scraper Review

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Questions for you:

Have you tried a muscle scraper before?

What is your favorite recovery device?