CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL Review

CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL Review

I was super curious about the supplement CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL. I’m not usually into trying the latest and greatest supplements, but resolitrol intrigued me. It’s supposed to help you recover from hard workouts faster and we know that running faster is also about how fast you can recover. This summer, my goal is to get faster in the 5k, and I’ve been working hard, training, recovering, and trying to be my best. I don’t take many supplements, but I am picky about the ones I take.

As most people and athletes know, you don’t always “feel an immediate difference” with supplements. Sometimes trusting the process is hard! You wonder: does the supplement work? Is it a placebo?

CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL Review

About the Brand CloudPeak:

CloudPeak Nutrition was founded in 2020 in Sheridan, Wyoming. The highest peak that inspires their name is the Bighorn Mountain range. The CEO, Lyndon Johnson, has 40 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and over 30 years in the dietary supplement industry. He knew the importance of trusting supplements and having them clinically studied/patented.

What is the CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL?

RESOLITROL is a proven formula that contains a standardized 98% combination of trans-resveratrol and ursolic acid. Both are from natural sources.

To understand Resolitrol, we need to understand both trans-resveratrol and ursolic acid. What are they? Why do they help? These two have links to many health benefits, including antioxidant effects, cardioprotective effects, and anti-inflammatory properties.

What makes CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL different? 

  • It helps maintain healthy fasting glucose and A1C levels.
  • It helps regulate a healthy inflammatory response as well as aiding in recovery from hard workouts.
  • It helps maintain healthy heart function.
  • RESOLITROL is shown to aid in mobility and recovery efforts.
  • It is proven to be 8X more effective than either ingredient alone.

CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL ReviewMy Experience with CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL:

As recommended, I began taking it twice a day.  The pills themselves are not too big or bulky, and I didn’t have to worry about them being hard to take. They go down fairly easy with water.

I’ve now been taking and using it for about a month, and I can say I’ve gotten slightly faster with running and sleeping better. Is it the CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL? Maybe…maybe not. It’s probably part of the equation.

You likely aren’t going to notice a “huge difference,” but you will notice feeling better in small ways. I’ve seen I’m recovering faster from hard sessions, and I’m beginning to feel better overall.


For 30 days, it is $39.99. You can also subscribe and save for cheaper, making it $37.99. It’s definitely not the most affordable supplement out there, but you know you can trust the quality.

CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL Review

CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL Conclusion:

Overall, I think the CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL can benefit most runners and athletes.

Who should not buy the CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL? I can’t think of someone who definitely should not take the product, but if you are looking for results you see and feel, this might not be the product for you.

Who should buy the Cloud PeakNutrition RESOLITROL? Really any athlete can benefit from taking it because it will help you perform your best and recover faster. And we know by now most endurance athletics is about recovering faster and stronger.

You can purchase CloudPeak Nutrition RESOLITROL here and see all reviews here.

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