Orenda Winery 5k (21:27)

Orenda Winery 5k me

While in Seattle, we decided to run the Orenda Winery 5k. It was somewhat close, and it looked like a lot of fun. We didn’t really have any time goals and just decided to do it, to do it. Leading up to the race was less than ideal. I ran and hiked on Friday, ran on Saturday, then went to a long wine tasting, and the Orenda Winery 5k was on 5k. I can’t say I felt great, but also I definitely did not treat my body well. Running a 5k was the least of the focus, so I wasn’t concerned.

Orenda Winery 5k me

Before the Orenda Winery 5k:

We arrived around 8:20 for the 9 am start. I was able to get about 2 miles warmup. I felt like complete garbage, and I told myself maybe I’ll feel better. The race actually started on a crushed gravel trail. We had to walk up a steep incline to get there. Thankfully it wasn’t part of the race. The Orenda Winery 5k actually went uphill, then back down. It wasn’t a huge incline (maybe about 70 feet), but it took coming back for me to realize we were actually going uphill.

Orenda Winery 5k:

The Orenda Winery 5k started around 9. Immediately I found myself as second woman overall. It wasn’t a huge race, and I thought maybe I would stay around there. The first mile felt super hard, and I ran a 6:59. I was surprised I ran that fast. I just didn’t feel good.

Around 1.2, a woman went by me like I was standing still. I knew I probably wasn’t catching her unless something crazy happened. The next half mile had some mud, and I was careful so I didn’t fall. It rained most of the night and that day, but luckily not during the race. We reached the turnaround and went right back the same way we came.

After about half a mile, I realized we were going downhill. I hit mile 2 of the Orenda Winery 5k in 6:57. The next mile, I just tried to work the downhill and run as hard as possible. I didn’t feel great, but better than when we started. I chased down one guy and ended up running a 6:36 mile 3. LOL, you know it was downhill when my last mile was my fastest.

The last .1 I ran 6:28 pace and finished the Orenda Winery 5k in 21:27. I was slowly catching the second place woman and had to wonder if I could in 1-2 miles.

Orenda Winery 5k Thoughts:

While definitely not my fastest 5k in the last few months (in fact, my slowest), I didn’t treat my body well, plus it was on trails. It was a lot of fun, and I have no complaints. I’m happy with the result; it was a fun run on mostly fumes. They did give a free glass of wine and a plastic wine glass, which was a fun perk. Plastic was actually preferable since I do have to fly home.

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Questions for you:

Have you run a wine run?

What is your favorite 5k?

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  1. yesterday evebing I was the sweeper for a 5K here, racing sunset on the longest day of the year,,,I thought that menat I’d be following the slower runners, nope, I was behind those that wanted to finish the 5K in 15 minutes or less…OMG…needless to say, they were quickly off in the distace, but, as always, you can’t keep up, but you’re still running hard to try and keep up…so unplanned speed training as I picked up the distance/course markers along the way

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