July Training Log: Many states, much fun

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July flew by. I seem to say that with each training log recap. I started July off in San Diego, headed to Baltimore, then Virginia, and now I’m back home in Edwards. I wanted a change of scenery, and there it was. As always, if you are interested in the day-to-day training, you can follow me on Strava.

Miles run: 303

Shortest Run: 4 miles

Longest Run: 12.5 miles

Races: 2

Crown Classic 12k and Allen Stone Run Swim Run

Workouts: 6


I’m fairly happy with how the month turned out. July was a month of traveling and just getting the mileage in. The beginning started with the Crown Classic 12k, which I ran 7.4 miles around 6:40 pace. Truthfully, I was hoping to be faster, but in all, I’m happy with the result. It was my first road race in over a year.

Then in mid-July, I went to the East Coast for the first time since we’ve moved. After hiring Nick K as my coach, my workouts have changed slightly. It’s intimidating to give someone control of your training and workouts, but since I haven’t made significant improvements in the last year, I figured it was time. Not that I think “progress is fast,” but I do believe I’m faster than running what I have.

1:30 half marathons are still a stretch for me; where they were once an “easy” now are not. My ultimate goal is to get back down to a 1:25 half marathon and then eventually PR again. It seems like a million year ago that I ran a 1:22 half marathon and even longer than I ran 18:XX 5ks. Some days it feels like that is long gone, but hopefully, I’ll get back there. Anyway, with hiring a new coach comes new workouts, which have challenged me in good ways.

Right now, I’m running two half marathons: America’s Finest Half Marathon on August 15th and the San Francisco Half Marathon on September 18th. Both are challenging and hilly courses. I’m hoping to go under 1:30 in both, which would mean I am in faster shape on a flatter course. It’s fun to have races again on the schedule.


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Questions for you:
How was your month of training?
What are you currently training for?




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