Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md)

Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md)

To be honest, I thought I had already been to the Boulevard Diner during all of my time in Baltimore. It turns out I have not. Even when I arrived, I thought I had been, but I was probably confusing it with the Broadway Diner.

Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md)

Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md) Atmosphere: A

The Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md) stands out along the highway. It’s a stereotypical shiny and metallic diner. You won’t find something more “dineresc.” The exterior looks like it took a page right out of the how-to be a diner handbook. There is a metallic exterior with plenty of parking (a rarity for Baltimore).

The interior is the same metallic and retro vibe as the exterior. It’s a large diner with plenty of seating. You walk in next to a bar, and you have the option for a booth or table.

Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md)


As I was adjusting to east coast time, which never happened, I didn’t order coffee.

Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md) Food: A

I haven’t been to an East Coast diner in over a year! I was excited to have an endless menu with every option from all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials. You can see the full Boulevard Diner menu here.

It wasn’t until after I left that I learned that the Boulevard Diner in Dundalk, Md was actually on diners, dine-in, and drives. Apparently, it’s known for its sour beef and dumplings, and stuffed grape leaves created from a family recipe.

Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md) greek salad

I wish I would have known prior because I always try and order whatever Guy had. Poor research on my end! (my only research was what is close because I’m hungry). I decided to order a diner staple, the greek salad. Greek salads were one of the first things I ever tried at a diner. On the East Coast and true diners, they are always large, and filling this one from the Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md) was just that. I added salmon as well. The salad barely fit in my to-go container, and the salmon portion was massive. The Greek salad also had an extra amount of cheese. It would have been fun to have grape leaves (especially now learning the Boulibard Diner is known for them). In all, it was a great salad, and I have no complaints. It was definitely the best diner salad I’ve had in a year (although I really haven’t had that many).


Cost: $$

For my greek salad and salmon, it was $22. It is pretty expensive for a diner salad, but it was extremely filling, and for most people, it would be two meals.

Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md) Service: A

I ordered take-out. The food took roughly 30 minutes to cook, and by the time I arrived, it was done. The meal was great, and I have no complaints. The hostess was friendly, and my general experience was good.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I really liked the Boulevard Diner (Dundalk, Md), and I would love to come back and try some of the staples on diners, drive-ins, and dives. It’s a great spot in the Baltimore area, and I appreciate plenty of parking and large portions. What more do you need in a diner?

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: X

Food: A

Cost: $10-$25

Service: A

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

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