Addaday BioZoom Edge Review

Addaday BioZoom Edge Review

The Addaday BioZoom Edge is the updated version of the wildly popular massage gun from Addaday. It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year and two moves later that I first discovered Addaday.

Addaday BioZoom Edge Review

What makes the Addaday BioZoom Edge good?

  • Use of stall Force Technology to avoid damaging soft tissue
  • Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to update to the Addaday app
  • Digital Display
  • Five different attachments
  • Rubber grip
  • Two-hour battery life
  • 1-year warranty with the option for longer
  • Tested by medical doctors,  chiropractors, physical therapists, and elite athletes

Addaday BioZoom Edge Review

What is updated in the Addaday BioZoom Edge?

The BioZoom Edge now features Bluetooth technology. This allows you to connect to the Addaday app and receive tailored therapies to treat pain and use appropriately.

What’s Included With The Addaday BioZoom Edge Massage Gun?

  • BioZoom Edge percussion massage gun
  • Five different attachments
  • The “Happy” – larger round ball with a happy face
  • The “Bubbles” – smaller round ball
  • The “Knotty” – bullet head attachment
  • “Ms. Fascia” – offset fork attachment
  • “Mr. Torch” – octagonal-shaped “ball” (this is my favorite)
  • Battery
  • Charging Cable Wall charging cable

Addaday BioZoom Edge Review

The 5 Biozoom Edge Massage Gun Attachments:

The attachments of any Massage Gun make or break it.  Each BioZoom Edge attachment is designed to target different muscle groups. Each is better for a different situation, problem, or injury.


The attachment that sticks out most with the Addaday BioZoom Edge is the Happy Attachment. The Happy is a round ball with a round happy face.  The low-density attachment is designed to be used on sensitive areas such as the abductor’s muscles.  Any runner can tell you; the abductors get tight for many of us!


The Bubbles is a smaller, round ball.  It’s a medium attachment that is designed for almost anywhere and allows comfort.


Knotty is a pinpoint attachment designed to go deep. You won’t get a deeper massage gun attachment than the knotty attachment.

Miss fascia:

The Miss Fascia is the most unique attachment that looks like a small fork. You’ll notice different heights inside of the fork. It’s designed to release fascia on multiple planes. This Addaday BioZoom Edge is a great attachment to work various parts of your muscles at once.

Mr. Torch:

Mr. Torch is my favorite attachment.  It’s an octagon shape and looks like a soccer ball.  Its high density is designed to torch any muscle. I use Mr. Torch on my hamstrings and quads the most.

Addaday BioZoom Edge Review

My Experience with the Addaday BioZoom Edge:

I was excited to see what Addaday had changed from the original BioZoom.

The first thing I noticed that was missing was the travel case. I use mine a lot on the road, and I really enjoyed the ability to store it easily and not worry about it rolling around. While the Addaday BioZoom Edge is cheaper, it was disappointing to see that gone.

Using the BioZoom edge is easy, and you can figure out what works best for you. I like the “knotty” and “Mr torch” the best.

Using the BioEdge Zoom App: I was excited to try the app. I like using a massage gun, but sometimes I don’t exactly know if I’m “doing it right.” I wonder, am I wasting time? The app allows you to learn how to target the muscles you’re trying to loosen up properly. This is such an awesome feature that I’m happy they added.

Addaday BioZoom Edge Review

Price: $149.99

Overall Thoughts of the Addaday BioZoom Edge:

For the cost, this is definitely one of the best massage guns out there. When these percussion massage guns first came out, they were well over $400. Now the price is slowly getting lower, and they are becoming more accessible to more people. I believe the quality of the BioZoom Edge for the price cannot be beaten. Many other massage guns around this price break every few months, whereas this one is high quality. I do wish it came with any sort of case (I think most massage guns do), but other than that, it’s a great product. It’s my favorite massage gun, especially for the price.

Finally, after I contacted Addaday, they offered readers 15% off the Addaday Biozoom EDGE using the code LOLZ15.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Addaday BioZoom Edge?

What is your favorite massage gun? 

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  1. Many patients tell me about the bargain basement “massage gun thingy” they get off of eBay / Amazon for $68 dollars on BLITZZZZZ day and then it fails a few weeks to months later. Great device from a good company like Addaday goes a long way.

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