Bombas Socks Review

Bombas Socks Review

I haven’t had Bombas socks for a while now. No reason why, but I’ve had many socks, and they haven’t needed to be replaced. Finally, my socks did, so I decided to revisit Bombas.

Bombas is a favorite of my mom, so you know if my mom likes them, they must be good.

Bombas Socks Review

History of Bombas:

In 2013, the founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg realized homeless shelters were struggling to meet the demand for clean socks. There was no option between “super technical and nice socks” and cheap multi-packs. So they began creating Bombas! They spent two years of detailed research and development and an episode on Shark Tank before getting to the Bombas product.

I actually didn’t realize they were on Shark Tank, so it was fun to go back and watch that!

Bombas Socks Review

What makes Bombas Socks Different?

Bombas was founded on the philosophy of donating to those in need. They believe that a more comfortable world is a better world. They also believe that everyone deserves to out on clean clothes and feel good. For every single item you purchase, they donate an item to someone who is affected by homelessness. The more items they sell, the more they donate. They’ve already donated over 40 million items through 3500 Giving partners. They also have a “Bombas Giving Directory” that can connect you to local Bombas Giving Partners.

Bombas Socks Review

What makes Bombas Socks Good?

They spent years testing and perfecting their product. Each product was tested rigorously for comfort and durability, and they are always looking for ways to improve.

Plus, they have an entire Bombas Customer Happiness Team to help you if you need a recommendation, refund, or just want to say hello.

Bombas Socks Review

My Experience with Bombas Running Socks:

Price: $12-16. Plus, multi-packs for cheaper.

I’ve been familiar with Bombas socks for years. I’m not sure when my first experience was, but I seem to always have a pair in my sock rotation. Plus, as I mentioned, they are my mom’s favorite socks.

But are Bombas good for running?

Bombas Running Socks have the following:

  • Strategic Zone Cushioning: This means the socks only have cushioning where you need it. It cuts down on weight, so you aren’t worried about a heavy sock when you sweat.
  • Airflow Venting: This allows cool air to flow in and manages moisture when you sweat. Which is ideal in the desert or humidity
  • Seamless Toe: No one wants blisters or that “annoying bump” on their toe
  • Honeycomb Arch Support System: This is their signature system that cradles the foot’s arch without being too compressive.
  • Y-Stitched Heel: This makes Bombas socks feel more natural around the arch of the foot.
  • Blister Tab: No one wants annoying heel blisters
  • Left versus right sock: Your feet are not exactly the same, so your socks should not be.

Matierals: 51% Polyester, 33% Nylon, 12% Cotton, 4% Spandex

All of this sounds good, and it’s nice to have a product help those in need, but are they actually a quality sock you can depend on? I’ve run several hundred miles in Bombas socks and never had an issue. It feels good to have a product that supports those in need and is also a quality product. Bombas socks are a happy medium between thin and compressive but also too thick and plush. If you are looking for a sock you can run year-round in, they are a great option.

Bombas Socks Review

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for quality socks or apparel, I highly suggest Bombas. I appreciate how they donate to those in need, and you feel good purchasing them. Plus, their products are just good, and their apparel is already a staple of my casual wardrobe.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Bombas before?

What is your favorite sock brand? 


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