March Training: Miles and Speed

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It seems like I start every training log with…how are we already at the end of the month? But yet, here I am again writing a training log.

For the most part, March was a good month of training. I’ve been focusing more on adding speedwork, and I was able to achieve my goal of not skipping any speed workouts.

As always, you can follow along on Strava.

Miles Run: 390
Range of Paces: 5:35-21:30 min
Swimming Days: 2
Workouts: 10
Shortest Run: 3 miles
Longest Run: 14.4 miles


I’m fairly proud of getting in as many workouts as I did. I’ve struggled with getting the motivation to run “fast,” but I’m happy I was able to. I will say I wish I had run more trails, but you can only do so much in a week, and some days I did choose speed workouts over trails.

Running seems to be going fine. I don’t feel as though I’m getting as fit as I would like but with no races it’s tough to tell.

I haven’t been swimming much over the last couple of months because, honestly, I haven’t felt like it. I have to remind myself (too much) that you can only do so much in a week. I am not training for anything (running or swimming but especially swimming). Swimming is supplemental, and it is a slippery slope to push yourself to work out more and do too much. So I haven’t pushed myself as much at the pool lately.

My singular goal of March was to get the record for around the Travis AFB runway, and I was happy to achieve that (while my husband got the male record).

April Goals:

I haven’t settled on a goal for April yet. I hope races come back sometime soon so I can test my fitness and see where I’m truly at because, honestly, I have no clue. I haven’t really found a racing shoe I want to use either which I’ve realized when racing comes back…I’ll have no idea what I want to wear.

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Questions for you:

What was your best workout of March?

Do you have any goals for April? 


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