How to Grow Your Blog

How to grow your blog

So you’ve decided you want internet fame and to grow your blog.

First, why? Blogging is dying. It would be best to focus on Instagram, TikTok, or whatever else the young kids use. I think it’s Tiktok and Instagram Reels, but don’t take my word for it.

But if you are all about the new year, new life, and blogging, I have some great tips.

How to grow your blog

There are several posts and several bloggers that could give you much better advice than I can.  I’m not an expert in blogging (which is why it’s not my career). That being said, I do blog most days and do enjoy blogging.  So who better than to give you advice on how to start and grow your following than a blogger who enjoys blogging?

Step 1 of how to grow your blog: Begin! 

Write about a topic you actually like. This is usually the easiest step because you probably have determined you want to blog and already thought about topics that interest you. If you’ve determined you want to be internet famous but don’t know what to write about, this step could provide challenges. Sleep on it a few days, and your topic might come to you in the shower,

Step number 1a: Create a Blog Username

Growing your blog starts with the username.

Create a jazzy username.  There are many templates that you can use:

Healthy food + Unhealthy food (kale juice and cake)

Healthy life choice+ Unhealthy life choice (running & being lazy)

Something, balance, and something else (love, balance & workouts)

A phrase that contradicts itself (sugar-free sugar cube is a good unchosen one)

sugar free sugar cube


Or something that makes no sense to anyone other than you: (fueledbyLOLZ?  What is a “lolz” anyways…why is it capitalized?) Why is at all one word? So many questions to make your followers stay engaged.

Step 2: To Grow Your Blog, You Must Grow your following.

A blog is like a must grow with things such as sunlight, useless images, and BS...
A blog is like a flower…it must grow with sunlight, useless images, and BS…

The easiest way to grow your blog is by commenting on blogs that you really don’t care about (but these blogs already have a massive following).  Using trivial comments such as “oh my stars, you are inspiring” or “oh wow, I want to be just like you” works well.  Bloggers love to be famous and feel loved online!

It’s also helpful to comment on their social media like Twitter and Instagram so you can be seen.

The faster you can type a trivial comment when the post is published; the more people will see your blog.  For me personally, I sit by the computer and wait until X time when a blog post publishes.  I have a master list of the time each “big blog” publishes its post, and I sit waiting to comment.

You need to be the first commenter. In fact, if you find yourself the first comment on a big account, then type that: first!

Time to comment on blogs (old school LOLZ computer from 90s)
Time to comment on blogs (old school LOLZ computer from the 90s)

Another good way to grow your following is using any of these methods:

Having many linkups with other blogs.  Always link up to every link up.  Your blog should be more predictable than the contents of my lunchbox.  Motivation Monday, Throwback Thursday, WIAW Wednesday…it’s like a template every day!  Use other social media to ask people to click on your blog, ask them to follow you, and use the hashtag follow4follow are all other good methods.

Step 3: After You Grow Your Blog Enough, Begin to change your voice. 

After you’ve blogged for a little bit and gain your following, this is where the real magic happens. Now that companies notice you have a bigger following, you are in the clear!  Congrats, you have made it!  This is when your following is large and in charge.  This is when your followers actually like you!  This is when readers like you and companies are beginning to want to send you things.  This is where the fun begins!

It is the step you throw a party and tell everyone you are the employee of your blog’s month and are getting a promotion! Begin to beg others for content ideas. What do you want to see? Ask your fans; they love that!

Step 4: Accept anything and everything sponsored

Some random body builder samples...because I am a body builder! Perfect!
Some random bodybuilder samples…because I am a bodybuilder! Perfect!


Stuff you know you’ll never use and will end up in a trash can?  Accept it.

Do you hate cycling but are you getting a free bike?  Accept it!

Do you actually hate certain products, but they will send you the product for free?  Perfect!

Do you have a new favorite thing every minute?  Perfect.

Suppose you know nothing about a certain topic (but a company is already willing to sponsor you, that is a start).  For instance, if you go to the drug store and buy deodorant, you are the perfect candidate for a CVS sponsorship.  If you hate running but have 10,000 followers…then you are the perfect candidate for a major running shoe brand.

This becomes the height of your blogging career. The more free stuff, the better.

Step 5: Growing Your Blog Includes Faking it Until You Make It.

Pink said it the best. She was speaking to us social media users! (You should feel like this). Begin asking for comments. Ask your friends. Ask your cats. Heck, begin commenting on your blog yourself. You may notice people comment on their own Instagrams; that’s for more engagement! Brands don’t notice who is commenting, just that there are comments. Keep that popularity up.


How to Grow Your Blog Conclusion: 

With growing your blog, either blogging is going to be your career, or blogging is not going to be your career. Your parents might read your blog, so blogging about adopting 12 cats might not be the best idea when they try and come over, and you don’t have 12 cats.

**Results not guaranteed

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Question for you: How do you grow your blog?

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  1. Holly I love this. First because I truly admire your stamina and diversity. Running. Cooking. Diners and now this. Especially the comment about bloggers liking comments. “Bloggers love to be famous and feel loved online!”

    1. Thank you John, that truly means a lot. I always enjoy your NJ posts and I miss the state so much!

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