Best Options for Running with Your Phone

Best Options for Running with Your Phone

I run with my phone on 95% of my runs. Here are a few best options for running with your phone. I don’t hate carrying it on easy runs but there are ways that you can bring your phone without physically holding it.

Best Options for Running with Your Phone

First, why run with your phone?

  • You get injured and need to call for help.
  • For whatever reason, you want or need to end the run. Maybe you’re tired, maybe you’re not feeling it.
  • You get lost and need to GPS back
  • Safety. You can never be safe
  • You want to take a photo. If you don’t Instagram it, did it happen?

Where should you place your phone while running?

Truthfully a big portion of best options for running with your phone is what feels the most comfortable and natural to you. It usually comes down to personal preference of what doesn’t feel cumbersome. We are all built differently so certain things will feel more or less comfortable.

So what are the best options for running with your phone?

You can hold your phone by hand but often that causes your body to favor that particular side. Yes, this really happens.


Flip belts don’t look like much but they can carry a lot from phones to gels, keys, and there are even water bottles designed to stay in place. The nice thing about having a Flipbelt is you don’t need to rely on a single pair of shorts with pockets or pants with pockets. You can use it with all your outfits. When you buy the appropriate size you don’t have to worry about it sliding or moving. That makes it one of the best options for running with your phone.

If you are longer distances like marathon training, the Flipbelt is one of the best options for running with your phone because you can carry so much.


You can see my review here.

Similar to the Flipbelt, the SPIbelt goes around your waist. It’s more like a fanny pack and there is just one large zipper pocket and a strap that goes along your waist. The belt is adjustable so you can get an even more secure fit and measure it to the precise measurement you want. What makes this a best option for running with your phone? It’s easy to hold and the belt make it’s adjustable for almost everyone.

Spibelt Running Belt Review

Running Shorts: 

Most brands make a short that will hold a phone (for men or women). I could write a million post article about it but it comes down to personal preference. Your favorite brand probably makes something that fits you well.

Unless you have 20 of your favorite phone holding shorts, I personally prefer to have something extra I can attach to whatever outfit I’m wearing for the day.

Sports Bras with Pockets:

Sports Bras with cell phone pockets is a fairly new trend these days and I’m loving it (sorry men). Many brands have a sports bra with pockets that are designed not to chafe when holding large items like a phone. A few sports bras with pockets include the Brooks Drive 3 Pocket, Senita Perfect Pocket, and rabbit utilBRA-vo.

Personally, while I like the idea of the sports bras with cell phone pockets, having a cell phone flush against my back can feel uncomfortable. I often store a credit card or gel in the pocket designed for phones.

Koala Clip:

This is my staple way to carry a phone while running. In fact, I included it in my best running gear and still feel this way, Koala Clips hook into the back of a sports bra or on the side of shorts to hold your phone, or even money, credit cards, or a gel. You don’t have to be female to use one and they easily hook onto the side of shorts or pants too.

Koala Clip was created when the founder Kristina learned to sew. She dreamed it and created it. The name, Koala Clip, was inspired by mama Koalas carrying their babies on their back for efficiency. For me, Koala Clip is the best option for running with my phone.

Why not just use a sports bra? I’ve found that sports bras with pockets aren’t as supportive. They aren’t! I’ve also found that they make the sports bra heavier and more uncomfortable. Plus, when you sweat enough it can effect the phone. Koala Clip is water-resistant which means there is an extra layer and it doesn’t feel as bulky as having a phone flush against your back. To me the Koala Clip is one of the best options for running with your phone because it can attach to almost every sports bra or shorts.

Best Options for Running with Your Phone

Wrist Locker:

Wrist locker is another great way to hold a cell phone. It doesn’t appear as though it will hold a lot but believe me, it does. It used to use Wrist Locker a lot when I was biking and wanted something to carry my cell phone and a credit card.

Wrist locket was created by Kat, a student-athlete, who was sick of bringing her entire wallet to the gym when working out! How amazing is that, let me tell you I was not that creative in college…and definitely am not now either. Not only is Wrist locker a best option for running with your phone, it’s just cute.

Wrist Locker Review

So What are the best options for running with your phone?

Whatever feels natural. There are plenty of options these days and I always say it’s better safe than sorry. Personally, I usually use either my Koala Clip or Wrist Locker because they feel the most comfortable to me. When I marathon train and need more things, I’ll occasionally use a Flipbelt too.

Best Options for Running with Your Phone

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Questions for you:

Do you carry your phone while running?

What is your favorite way to carry your phone?