Safety Skin Review

Safety Skin Review

During the winter, more often than not, I start my run in the dark. By the time I’m done, it’s usually light or getting light. Staying safe while out is an important concept to me (as it should be to everyone). A couple of years ago, I discovered Safety Skin, which has been great for the weather lately.

Safety Skin Review

I cannot stress how important it is to be seen. As a runner, you should always, ALWAYS, wear reflective gear.  Like a bicycle helmet, you are not too good for it.

Anyway, we’ve had a “weird” winter this year and it’s been warmer. In fact, this week, we’ve had highs of 60 degrees. I’ve liked using Safety Skin because I can use it without the bulk of 12 reflective layers.

It’s easy, portable, and I actually keep one in my car incase I decide to run away from home. Honestly, I feel like it keeps me safe.  You can keep Safety Skin in your car incase you need it in a pinch.

What is Safety Skin?

Made in the USA, Safety Skin is an awesome new product that goes on your skin (like deodorant) and reflects light. When it’s dark and warmer, you can wear it. So if you run at 4 am, and don’t want to wear a reflective vest this will do the same thing.

Safety Skin Review

Safety Skin is reflective skin spread. It’s applied directly to your skin. There are only 7 ingredients in Safety Skin, including: “skin-conditioning agents, emollient and antimicrobials, binders, viscosity-increasing agents, suspending agents and reflectant.”

As someone who has very sensitive skin (I break out just thinking about lotion), Safety Skin doesn’t cause any issues.

Safety Skin Review

The creator, John Kulbis, had the idea after his painting his house. He was painting, went out for a run later, and noticed the white paint shined in the dark. Since house paint is probably not the best thing to run with on your arm, he created Safety Skin.

Safety Skin Review
With Safety Skin Applied you can see it with the faint grey streak)

Does Safety Skin Work?

Of course, it does, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t post about it. Anyway, it’s important to apply enough to reflect light. Since it comes off easily when you scrub, you don’t have to worry about “applying too much”.

Safety Skin Review
Safety Skin reflecting off the light

How do you Remove Safety Skin?

It’s easily removable with soap and water, or wet wipes. All you do is shower and rinse off and comes right off.

A few things that I appreciate about Safety Skin:

  • Wear my own clothing.
  • Don’t need to purchase a $200 reflective jacket.
  • Easily comes off with soap and water.
Safety Skin Review
Post-run and still glowing 😉

Plus, right now, Safety Skin is offering FueledbyLOLZ readers 20% off with the code: “FueledbyLOLZ”.  That means it’s $19.41 for a stick with shipping.  The code expires on Feb. 29th at midnight.

You can’t use the excuse “reflective gear” is too costly because for $20, you can get something to be seen. While being aware of surroundings is the drivers job, it’s also the runners job to wear appropriate clothing while running in the dark (a hill I will always stand on). So stay safe out there!

You can purchase Safety Skin here or at most Run Specialty Stores. 

You can see all product reviews here.

Questions for you:

How do you stay safe while running?

Have you tried Safety Skin before? 


  1. A very simple object that actually saves lives. I didn’t know it existed. Very useful. Thank you for the tip.

  2. I’ll have to give this a try. I do jog in the mornings. I like to get it over with 😉 But I do worry a car might hit me, so this is great!

  3. I absolutely love this idea. Sometimes, it’s too hot out to wear long sleeved jackets with reflective tape on them, but you still want to be safe. I’m glad there’s an option now.

  4. I don’t run, especially before the sun coming up. But I walk at night and find this perfect for that! I have never seen it before but I love it!

  5. Oh wow, that’s really cool! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen runners wearing dark colors at night.

    1. That’s the problem, it’s also the runner’s responsibility to be seen.

    1. That’s why I appreciate it as well. There isn’t similar to Safety Skin out right now!

  6. I never knew this existed and it’s so cool! Anyone who walks or exercises at night should have this.

  7. This is much needed by night runners. It’s the 1st time I have seen someone use this. Definitely worthwhile.

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