Koala Clip Review

Koala Clip Review

Koala Clip Review

What is a “Koala Clip”? A common question if you read the title. Another common and relevant question is “how can I hold my cell phone while running?

Much like it sounds, Koala Clips can hook into the back of a sports bra or on the side of shorts to hold your phone, or even money, credit cards, or a gel. You don’t have to be female to use one and they easily hook onto the side of shorts or pants too.

Koala Clip Review

Several years ago, armbands were what people used the hold cell phones. The thing about armbands is that they cause you to become unbalanced while balanced. Whichever arm uses the arm band will ultimately become stronger because it has something around your arm. Since cell phones have only gotten bigger, it’s become increasingly difficult to create an armband that isn’t cumbersome and awkward to run with.

Koala Clip was created when the founder Kristina learned to sew. She dreamed it and created it. The name, Koala Clip, was inspired by mama Koalas carrying their babies on their back for efficiency.

I’ve known Kristina for many years and it’s been fun to see the evolution of Koala Clip. She now has two types: “Koala Clip Original” and “Koala Clip Lux,” and even has an ambassador team. I have two of the original Koala Clips (a purple and a grey). I have enjoyed seeing her process and growth. The older I get, the more I prefer to support friends and local stores doing their thing over big businesses.

The major differences between the Original and LUX are:

  • The Koala Clip LUX comes with an internal card pocket to carry cards and cash separately from your phone.
  • The Koala Clip LUX outer material is a spandex/nylon blend and feels more like a sports bra. The Koala Clip Orginal uses mesh/jersey.

While I’m not an ambassador, Koala Clip is a product I genuinely like and have used for years. It simply hooks into the back of a sports bra. It doesn’t have to be a racerback and it can hook into anything from a T back, racerback, or strappy back. In the several years, I’ve used it; I haven’t had a sports bra it hasn’t worked with.

What can the Koala Clip Hold?

Each Koala Clip pouch can hold your phone, cards, keys and even a few gels. The more you add to it the bulkier it will be though, if you are worried about how it will appear on your back.

Koala Clip

Can a Koala Clip Hold my “Massive Phone”?

The answer is yes. There are several sizes, including medium, large, and extra-large. The Koala Clip is designed to hold your phone, plus more. I have a thick otter box on my phone and fits comfortably with plenty of room for fuel.

Is the Koala Clip Waterproof?

You cannot go swimming, but I’ve run in the rain and been ok.

How Do I Wash It?

Finally, you can easily clean them and run in the same load of laundry as your socks. Just let them air dry versus dryer.

Koala Clip

In use:

While running, I often forget I have it. It doesn’t bounce, move or chafe. When I was marathon training last summer, I used Koala Clip to hold fuel as well as my cell phone without sticking them in my pocket. I wish I had stuck my fuel for the 18.12 Challenge in a Koala Clip because it ultimately fell out of my pocket during a race.

So if you’re looking for a noninvasive way to hold your cell phone, fuel, or card, I recommend thinking about Koala Clip. I’ve hooked into my sports bra as well as on my shorts and never had an issue. I haven’t had a time that it’s caused me an issue.

Many local running stores carry Koala Clip, but you can also find them here.

You can see more product reviews here.

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Question for you:

How do you hold your phone while running?


  1. Maybe it’s just the style of my sports bra or my lack of flexibility, but I can’t reach it if I clip it to the back. My solution is to clip it to the front, underneath the center of the bra with the clip part facing out. The bra holds it in place and, like you said, no chafing and I don’t really even feel it. But when I need my phone, fuel or whatever, it’s easy to get to.

    1. I never thought about clipping it to the front, but that’s a god idea, Paula. It would be much easier to get to that way.

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