Wrist Locker Review

Wrist Locker Review

Recently I decided to try Wrist Locker. Like many runners, I’m always looking for something to hold credit cards while running. After doing research, I stumbled upon Locker Lifestyle and Wrist Locker.

Wrist Locker Review

What is Wrist Locker?

Wrist Locker was founded by Kat, a student-athlete, who was sick of bringing her entire wallet to the gym when working out. After researching what to do, she found fanny packs and running belts too bulky (I agree) so she decided to create a running pouch and something to keep her valuables safe. She literally founded Wrist Locker in her college dorm.

Wrist Locker Review me

Whenever Kat wore her prototype of Wrist Locker around, people would ask where she got it. After realizing she was not the only one with the issue, Kat learned how to sew and created the very first sellable Wrist Locker. What is even more awesome is she did this all while being a student-athlete on a tennis scholarship!

Wrist Locker Review

As someone who loves to support local businesses as well as women-owned businesses, Wrist Locker is awesome! While I haven’t tried the Locker Lifestyle headband locker (it has a hidden pocket), there is also that too!

Her Locker Lifestyle Headband Lockers also have a button to attach a mask too (so you don’t use your ears). She is one of the most creative people I’ve chatted with! The buttons on the headband allow you to attach a mask so it doesn’t irritate the back of your ears.

The Wrist Locker is discrete and easy to fit onto your wrist. It’s done by sizing, either a medium or large. I have large wrists so the large fit well.

Wrist Locker Review

The Wrist Locker can fit a lot more than it looks like. The large zippered pocket Wrist Wallet fits credit cards, debit cards, cash, keys, id, and phone. I use an iPhone which fits inside.  I like to put a gel and credit card inside. If I’m on the go, like at the grocery store, now I use Wrist Locker, so I have no phone, but don’t have to pull it out while getting groceries.

Plus, the Wrist Locker is made with one vertical seem so you can use the entire pocket space.  Cleaning is easy and all color options are machine-washable, high-performance, & dry-wicking.

Wrist Locker While Running:

I’ve run several runs with Wrist Locker and never had an issue with movement, bouncing or sliding. I prefer to keep my car key and credit card so I have both in case of an emergency.

Wrist Locker Review

If you are looking to support a women-owned business and are looking for a something to hold credit cards while running, I highly suggest Locker Lifestyle and Wrist Locker.  Plus Kat was even kind enough to give readers 10% off using the code FUELEDBYLOLZ.

Wrist Locker Review me

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Question for you: How do you hold your ID or credits card while working out or running errands? 



  1. Very useful and it is nice that it is also so aesthetically pleasing.

  2. What a great idea! I need one of these. Sometimes I have no idea where to put my keys. Plus I love the colors!

  3. I like it a lot. I think it’s perfect for runners and people that go to the gym or people that like to be on hikes all the time. Is perfect to carry vital object that are just uncomfortable to carry on hand.

  4. What a genius idea! I always get annoyed when I go for walks that I have to hold my phone or bring my whole purse with me, so this would be a great way to avoid all of that nonsense. Glad to know these exist!

  5. Wow, wonderful idea! It is very useful, looks nice and the color and design are attractive. It seems perfect for runners as well as peoples who attend gym.. Thanks for sharing great idea.

  6. This looks like a great place to keep your valuables whilst you run. I have seen a lot of waist bags but never one for the wrist.

  7. By the look of it I find it so useful. It will be useful for me to have on for walking.

  8. Wrist locker is very useful for runners but it can also be used on a regular day. Just to keep your valuables in.

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