Types of Runners You’ll See Out This Winter

Types of Runners You'll See Out This Winter

Happy first day of winter!

Welcome to another edition of runners you might see out during the seasons. In case you missed Types of Summer Runners You’ll See Out or  Types of Fall Runners You’ll See Out (Pandemic Version) or even  Exercisers You’ll See During Social Distancing.

As we runners know, some days, getting outside during the winter months is hard. Between icy roads, slush, or even freezing rain, it can be tough is to rip the blankets off. But we still do it.

Types of Runners You'll See Out This Winter

So Who are Some Runners You’ll See Out This Winter?

Weather Checking Will: 

You can always depend on them to know when the best time of day, sunrise, sunset, wind direction, humidity level, and every other weather condition you might need. Will it snow at exactly 3.8 miles into the run? Will can tell you.

Shirtless Sam (Winter Edition):

You’ll see this runner always wearing the least amount of clothing as possible. It could be -10 degrees and a blizzard; they are still trekking along in short shorts, a tank top, or possibly shirtless.

What’s even more interesting is that this person usually has minimal body fat…how they continue to keep warm is a mystery to us all. How are they so warm? Can they tell us their secret?

The Running Sauna Roy:

I will admit this is me all the time.  I would rather be overdressed all of the time than be cold.  The running sauna is typically wearing 5 more layers than necessary.  Even though it’s a “warm” 20 degrees, they might be wearing 5-10 layers.  In fact, their running stride more resembles a waddle due to the layers. Usually, about halfway through the run, they need to delayer. They don’t, and once you are done, they are sweating so much you wonder if they actually ran in the Caribbean.

Complaining Caren (yes Caren with a C): 

You ask this person to run during every single season, and every single season they complain.
It’s too hot…
It’s too cold.
Oh no, rain. 
Oh no, I can’t run…it’s absolutely perfect conditions… 

If there is a will to complain, they will find it. Caren wants to talk to the weatherman’s manager.

Treadmill Tara (Winter Edition): 

Living a life opposite of the summer treadmill runner, the winter treadmill runner doesn’t do cold. During the winter, they disappear and retire to the treadmill.  They are most comfortable there, and you know you won’t do any runs with them until April.  The first year, you thought Tara just stopped running through the Holiday season, but it turns out she got super fit on the treadmill. When Spring comes, they find their outside legs and seem to drop you every run.

If you are looking for a new TV show to watch, they can probably give you a good recommendation.

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Questions for you:
What type of winter runner are you?

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