Run for the toilets onancock breaking tape
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Run for Toilets 5k Recap

I was looking forward to this race all week. The race benefited the Elks Lodge and was to raise money to rebuild their bathrooms. I was hoping they would go “all-out” with the theme and they did.

My parents own a house on the Eastern Shore of Va near Onancock. Dad and I spent the night up there. The race started at 8, and we got there around 7:15. When we got there, there weren’t too many people.

We registered and picked up our T-shirt’s and stared at the awards: plungers. I didn’t think the race could get better.Run for the toilets onancock shirt

Plus the Plunger Awards!

Run for the toilets onancock awards

By 7 am, it was already in the 80s. After racing the day before and with the heat, my goal was to run around 7:15 per mile.

We lined up at the race was off right at 8 am. It was a small race and immediately found myself as the first woman. I ran the entire race alone, which was fine. I had two goals: to win a plunger and to work hard but not injure myself.

I crossed the first mile right at 7:15. I felt like I was working hard but not overworking.

Run for the toilets onancock

The second mile went through downtown Accomac and did a u-turn and headed back towards Front Street. For a small race, the course was better marked than many bigger races I’ve done.

I hit the second mile in 7:18 which I was happy with.

The final mile headed back on front street and towards the finish. There was no shade, and it was hot. You can also see the finish line about half a mile away! I thought I was never going to get there.

When I got to the finish, I was surprised to find I got to break a tape. Not just any tape, but a tape made of toilet paper.

Run for the toilets onancock breaking tape

I don’t think any other tape will beat that. I crossed in 21:50 and got a plunger trophy.

My goal was to run hard but not get injured and I did that.  It felt more like a workout than anything, but I’m happy with my effort and I’ve even more thrilled with how much fun the race was.

I hope they continue to do the race because they were committed to the theme. Finally, have you subscribed to the LOLZletter? It’s a free newsletter that comes out each Monday. In the newsletter, I share running industry trends and things relevant to the sport. 

Questions for you:

What’s the funniest race you’ve done?

What’s the smallest race you’ve done?

Runners You Might Encounter this Winter
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Runners You Might Encounter this Winter

Last summer I wrote a post about “summer runners” and many people identified with one or more of the runners.  Thinking out loud, now that the season has somewhat changed, it’s time for another edition with:

Runners You Might Encounter this Winter:

Weather Checking William

This person is never without their technology and they are tracking the weather 100% of the time.  Even during a run, they’ll know the exact precipitation.  You can always depend on them to know when the best time of day, sunrise, sunset, wind direction, humidity level and every other weather condition you might need.

Shirtless Sam (Winter Edition):

You’ll see this runner always wearing the least amount of clothing as possible. It could be -10 degrees and a blizzard, they are still trecking along in short shorts, a tank top or possibly shirtless.  What’s even more interesting is usually this person has minimal body fat…how they continue to keep warm is a mystery to us all.

The Running Sauna

I will admit this is me all the time.  I would rather be overdressed all of the time than be cold.  The running sauna is typically wearing 5 more layers than necessary.  Even though it’s a “warm” 20 degrees, they might be wearing 5-10 layers.  In fact, their running stride more resembles a waddle due to the layers.

Complaining Courtney

You ask this person to run during every single season and every single season they complain.
It’s too hot..
It’s too cold.
Oh no, rain. 
Oh no, I can’t run…it’s absolutely perfect conditions… 

If there is a will to complain they will find it.

Treadmilling Timothy (Winter Edition)

Living a life opposite of the summer treadmill runner, the winter treadmill runner doesn’t do cold. During the winter, they disappear and retire to the treadmill.  They are most comfortable there and you know you won’t do any group runs with them until April.  If you are looking for a new TV show to watch, they can probably give you a good recommendation.

Questions for you:
What type of winter runner are you?


So You’re Running Late with Gift Giving?

If you are anything like me then you normally wait until last minute to Christmas shop. Unfortunately, that isn’t as easy this year because I’m working. So I was forced to get my shopping done early and by early I mean yesterday and online.  Just thinking out loud, I’ve created a LOLZ worthy edition of some last minute gifts to get your loved ones. 

Last week to get into the Holiday spirit, I posted about the five types of Holiday shoppers.  Now I’ll post about getting a few last minute Christmas gifts.

Last minute holiday gift guide

So you waited until last minute?

Christmas is two days away, and you see friends and relatives all have gifts out…but you forgot about Great Aunt twice removed Sue, who you met once after having a few cocktails.

Like half of the population, I never got my “gift giving guide” on the blog.  I never really had a great gift guide to be honest, I feel as if I just purchase people what they want and gift guides are never that personalized.  My dad loves to run but doesn’t want a Spi belt…gift guides tell me Spi belts are great options for runners.

Here are some awesome gifts you can go out and buy in the next 24 hours. Maybe even on Christmas at your local drug store.

Socks: Most people need socks as much as underwear. Since it’s just awkward to buy someone underwear…stick with socks. You might not want to know their underwear preference.

Towel: Most people shower and after taking a shower you must dry off. A towel is a nice way to do that. Heck, you can even personalize and glitter gun it if you are the crafty type.  Or give it to them in a towel animal form.

Plus you can make a towel animal post with it too...
Plus you can make a towel animal post with it too…

Tweezers: Tweezers are one of the most universal items out there.


Do you have an emergency eyebrow hair in the way?

Do you have to tweeze out a splinter?

You never know when those guys will come in handy and when they do…the gift receiver will text you a solid thanks with a Facebook “like” emoji. 

Calendar: Since most people have their personal planner preference choice (or none at all), it’s wise to go towards a wall calendar. The last thing you want to mess up someone’s planner life with one they won’t use.  I recommend staying with a plain calendar because you don’t know if someone really likes cats that much (if they don’t they are weird).


My other recommendation is to take 12 selfies and make your own personalized calendar for friends.  Your friends and family can appreciate that, but you’ll have to tape the photo to the calendar since it will take more than a day to get a custom one.  Bonus: You’ll look crafty too!

If all else fails go for the Gift Card: I get it…you want to unwrap something. So wrap the gift card in the biggest packing box you can find, add some tissue paper and you are fine. They unwrap something under the tree, and you don’t have to worry about a return. Alternative options include putting a 20 dollar bill inside a box but hoping it doesn’t somehow get lost.

Bonus: If they have cats or small kids, they can play in the boxes.  Double gift giving!

cardboard box

And of course, have a Happy Holidays. Anything of these things will most certainly make for a happy day, though.

Questions for you:

Are you done with your Holiday Shopping?

How are you spending the Holidays?

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When Two Runners Live in One House…

My husband I met through running. We were on neighboring college cross country teams and one day we ran into each other in my tiny college town, Our first few dates were runs. When we went out to eat for the first time, I knew things were real. Fast forward a few years and many timehop memories ago and here we are today.

What Happens When two runners live together

We both still run and occasionally we still run and race together. Certainly not all of our runs are together or even half but we do run together once or twice a week.

Running with my husband
Running with my husband

So what does it mean, having two quasi-serious runners in one house?

While thinking out loud, here are some common thoughts and phrases that have been said in our household….

Let’s go on vacation and oh my gosh…a net downhill half marathon. I’ll do it if you do it…

Running races with my husband
Running races with my husband

Workout Wednesday on the track is real and if you miss it the lawn is looking like a comfortable bed tonight.

Post track workout: adorable...
Post track workout: adorable…

There are three different foam rollers on our nightstand.

There are three different laundry modes.
Socks and underwear
Running clothes
Normal clothes

Long runs are together whether one is biking or we are slogging at LOLZ pace.

Happy birthday, here are these spandexy booty shorts and socks.

Wahoo spandex...
Wahoo spandex…

Sorry I’m going to eat my typical prerace dinner and breakfast. I plan to go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 4…that’s a normal and common occurrence.

Travel races in our house mean travel diners too.


There is an explosion of shoes at the front door, in the front closet and in the bedroom closet too. There is never a room without shoes.

Shoe life...old school newton gravities.
Shoe life…old school newton gravities.

We love being able to run together and support each others goals. We don’t run every run together or even half but it’s nice to run together and have a hobby we both enjoy.

Questions for you:
Do you and your significant other share a hobby?
How many pairs of running shoes do you own?


Necessary for a New Car for LOLZ

This post can also be nicknamed as LOLZProblems…

As some followers know, I haven’t had the best luck with vehicles.  I’ve never been in a serious accident (knock on wood), have I’ve had my fair share of speeding tickets (and learned driving fast gets you nowhere).

I’ve also had a couple of fender benders (including my car sliding into a police car).  Now that I’m older and wiser (ha), I’ve become much more cautious.  These days I drive like a grandma in the right lane. That is easy in NJ when cars fly by you at 80+.

Anyways enough about my driving habits.  I do like to hang out with people and telling them about my past doesn’t exactly entice anyone to go in a car ride with me…

This post is meant to be humorous.

As most people know, we recently purchased a car (which I named Gretchen). It’s a 2012 BMW. Lorraine is still running well but eventually she won’t be. I have no car repair skills and since Lorraine is a 2000 with 140,000 miles, eventually things will break.

bmw 3 series

Here are some important things Gretchen is equipped with…These are things important to my life and past with cars.

A safety feature that I cannot lock the keys into the car. Last year I was extremely ditzy and locked my keys in my car a few times…From visiting Princeton last year to the wind blowing it shut at the NJ turnpike rest stop…

Last Feb while running with Megan and Greta I accidentally locked my keys in my car in Princeton.  After a 16 mile you don't want to come back to that...
Last Feb while running with Megan and Greta, I accidentally locked my keys in my car in Princeton. After a 16 mile run you don’t want to come back to that…

Heated seats.

For heating the (non)bum butt at all times. 90 degrees riding with the seat warmers on? Sure…it will sure feel good.

All wheel drive.

My senior year of college, Lorraine skidded on black ice…

right into a police car…

right in front of the entire men’s basketball team.

Always scrape your windshield (I didn't drive like this..)
Always scrape your windshield (I didn’t drive like this..)

The policeman was nice about it but it was extremely embarrassing.  It was unfortunate my car slid into a police car and with 2 dozen spectators.  It was a rough month….anyways all wheel drive so I can plow through the NJ winter.

Most importantly…perfect cup holders for the gas station coffee life.

gas station coffee

I have to get my coffee in the morning and these cup holders hold it perfectly…I give myself about a year before I break one and then spend 200 dollars to get it fixed.

Outside of the LOLZ, I wanted a car would last a long time.  I’ve driven the same car since high school and I would like to get at least (if not more) miles out of the next car.

Leaving the dealership
Leaving the dealership

Questions for you:

What was your first car?

What is your dream car?