8 Things Runners Training Through the Summer Understand

As summer approaches, the change in weather and attitude to does too.  Running in the summer can be fun, exciting but hot.  We complain about the cold weather in the winter and the warm weather in the summer. Thinking out loud, here are some thoughts I have when training through the summer.  While I’m not training now, […]

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Five Types of Summer Runners

As we enter the hotter and summer months, it’s guaranteed you’ll see more runners and characters on the road.  Whether you know the runner, or don’t you’ll begin to recognize many faces. Maybe you even fall into one of these categories (I know I do). Here are a Few Types of Runners you Might See […]

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How to Celebrate Global Running Day

Today is the best Holiday ever! Despite the government not recognizing it as a national holiday, today is Global Running Day.  Most of us still have to go to work, but hopefully, you can celebrate with your friends or alone if you desire. How can you celebrate National Running Day? Step 1:  Go for a […]

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Five Things Runners Can Never Have Enough of…

As runners, we can never have enough of several items.  One of my first fears is running out of any of these items.  If you are anything like me, then you have many items stocked and ready. Underwear I don’t think anyone can have enough underwear but as runners we definitely can never have enough.  The […]

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So You’re Running Late with Gift Giving?

If you are anything like me then you normally wait until last minute to Christmas shop. Unfortunately, that isn’t as easy this year because I’m working. So I was forced to get my shopping done early and by early I mean yesterday and online.  Just thinking out loud, I’ve created a LOLZ worthy edition of […]

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