Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

The Hoka One One Rincon 2 was an anticipated updated after the Hoka Rincon debuted last year. It became prevalent due to the lightweight yet high cushioned Hoka model. Most people picture Hoka as a big, bulky brand, but the Hoka Rincon is quite the opposite. If you liked the original Rincon, you won’t be disappointed with the Hoka One One Rincon 2.

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Quick Stats:

Weight: 6.5 ounces

Heel to toe drop: 5 mm

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Fit:

The Hoka One One Rincon 2 has a breathable sandwich mesh upper. The single-layer mesh covers the shoe and wraps all of the way around. There is only one seam in the Hoka Rincon so there are fewer ways for blisters or rubbing.

Hoka also uses a light printed overlay to add structure to the midfoot without adding more weight. This keeps it simple with structure and lightweight. The thin tongue on the Hoka Rincon reduces the weight. I am not completely sold on thin tongues because sometimes they can cut my angles if not positioned perfectly. There is a heel tab to pull off and on.

The Rincon 2 is designed on a straight last, which you can see if you look at the shoe from above. The medial side of the shoe tracks relatively straight from heel to toe rather than bending inward like shoes built on a curved last.

The straight last has a couple of benefits: It feels natural and provides inherent stability. Because of that, the Rincon 2 feels stable without using any traditional features, like a medial post. It’s also built on a wide base, which enhances that stable ride.

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

As far as fit, the Hoka One One Rincon 2 fits true to size. Something to keep a note of is the Hoka One One Rincon 2 does have a straighter last. What does that mean? There is minimal curvature in the shoe (You can read about shoe lasts in my Running Shoe Ebook).

f you have a wider foot all around, it might be a better fit for you. I typically wear between a women’s 10-11 wide, and the 10.5 fits well. Although the Hoka Rincon is not available in wide, I appreciate that Hoka has a wider toe box.

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Ride:

The Hoka Rincon is known to be a simple shoe, but the midsole is packed with technology. It features lightweight EVA foam that keeps the shoe bouncy and responsive but also not heavy or cumbersome. If you find the Hoka Clifton 7 or Hoka Bondi 6 to be heavy, the Hoka Rincon might be a good option for you.

Hoka uses the Early Stage Meta-Rocker in the Hoka Rincon 2. What is the Early Stage Meta-Rocker? It’sd designed to roll you forward and faster. This means the curved design that propels the runner forward — that powers the athlete forward.

How does Hoka keep the weight down? 

There is less rubber on the outsole. Instead of an entire bottom of rubber for traction, there is rubber in “high abrasion areas.” This keeps the weight down and makes it less ideal for inclement weather, and makes it less durable than a traditional trainer (but also cheaper). Instead of lasting the traditional 300-400 miles, you might get about 200 from the Hoka Rincon. The price you pay for a cheaper and lighter shoe.

Keep in mind, similar to the New Balance Beacon v3, you will get fewer miles out of it. The Hoka One One Rincon 2. I’ve taken the Hoka One One Rincon 2 out for several runs, including some speed work, long runs, daily runs, and easy runs. For me, it fits best on a day I want to go faster. It’s not a “track shoe,” but it’s a nice harder effort shoe like a tempo run.

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

Difference Between the Hoka Rincon and Hoka Rincon 2:

There aren’t any major differences in the shoes. The Hoka Rincon was received well, so Hoka didn’t want to change much. I think the Hoka One One Rincon 2 is slightly wider than the original, but that’s about it. The outsole is the same, and the durability is the same. The major updates just come in the look of the shoe. There wasn’t a need to change a good thing.

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Conclusion:

If you liked the original Hoka Rincon, you’ll like the Rincon 2. There is very little difference in the shoes, and you could probably wear an original on one foot and the Rincon 2 on the other. If you are looking for a faster shoe, the Hoka Rincon 2 is a great option. It’s not the plushest or durable, but it serves its purpose. For me, it’s definitely one of my more favorite shoes of 2020.

Current Rotation:

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Speed Work: Hoka One One Rincon 2, Reebok Float Ride Run fast Pro, Saucony Kinvara 11, NB Beacon v3

Long Runs: Hoka Clifton Edge, New Balance FuelCell Rebel,

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Hoka Rincon?

What is your favorite workout shoe? 


  1. Great review. I love the Rincon OG and the 2. Great responsive shoes if you’re tired of the cushion of the Cliftons.

    1. I agree Eric. Have you tried the Clifton Edge? I love how responsive that shoe is too.

  2. Nice review! Great shoe for days that I want a lighter shoe. (1080 V10 & Clifton 6). For my foot the Clifton & Rincon run 1/2 size big.

    1. A lot of Hoka models are wider so a few people have said the same thing. I generally stay in the same size personally. I also like how lightweight it is Mark!

  3. Thanks Hollie. Great review. I have become a big fan of the Rincon. Was always a fan of the Clifton (mostly) but sometimes the toe box would shrink. For me, the Rincon 1 has a wonderful large toe box and a good feel, so I’m really glad they did not make significant changes in the Rincon 2.

    1. I appreciate they kept the Rincon 2 similar as well Steve. I like that it’s much more responsive than the Clifton.

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