Asics Nimbus 22

Asics Nimbus 22

Asics Nimbus 22 Shoe Review:

Well…it’s been a long long time since I’ve run consistently in any Asics shoe. The Asics Nimbus 22 is the first shoe in several years that has worked for me from Asics. I used to run a lot of mileage in the Asics Nimbus but Asics got too narrow for my feet and they no longer felt comfortable.  The Asics Nimbus 21 made significant improvement over previous versions, but the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is even better.

The Asics Nimbus 22 is a high cushion, neutral shoe. The Asics Nimbus been around 22 running shoe generations and is known for the gel and soft cushioning, shock absorption, and gel technology. It’s been a staple of neutral runners for years.

asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Asics Nimbus 22 Fit:

The updated Asics Nimbus 22 finally has a more roomy toebox. It’s not a wide shoe by any means, but it runs more true to size. For several years of the Asics Nimbus, the shoe fit almost a size and width short. So most people not only went up a half size-full size, they also went wider to get an appropriate fit.

The Asics Nimbus 22 update now uses a monofilament engineered mesh upper. The jacquard mesh provides excellent moisture management and a high level of breathability.

Plus it provides a more roomy toebox and breathability of the shoe.  The mesh upper is more durable and just fits better.  The heel counter fits better for the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 as well.

asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Asics Nimbus 22 Ride:

The Asics Nimbus 22 has always been well known for the premium cushion. It has plenty of cushion to protect the body. The updated version of the Asics Nimbus 22 uses a thicker version of Asics softest and most resilient midsole foam. Plus now, the Asics Nimbus 22 has wrap around gel cushioning in the heel and better-shaped gel inserts in the forefront.

The new wrap-around gel allows your Asics Nimbus 22 to protect your feet no matter how the foot strikes. Whether you are a forefront runner or heel striker, you are going to get the cushion you need. The transition from heel to toe is a lot more seamless as well and it feels less clunky.

How does the Asics Nimbus 22 feel less clunky? The Asics Nimbus 22 now uses Flytefoam Lyte Propel foam.  What is Flytefoam Propel Technology? While it’s also a mouthful, Flytefoam Propel foam is lighter, with a soft and energetic return. The Asics Nimbus 22 now has 2 mm more of this foam.

With the updated Asics Nimbus 22, it’s less rigid. The gel in the Asics Nimbus, made the shoe firmer and less flexible. The deep flex grooves allow the Asics Nimbus to be more flexible and move with your foot.

asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Asics Nimbus 22 Conclusion: 
I’ve run just over 100 miles in the updated Asics Nimbus 22 and for me, it fits nicely into an easy run or recovery run day. I like the Asics Nimbus 22, and this is the best update they’ve had in several years.

me asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Current Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Hoka Bondi 6,  Brooks Ghost 12

Speed Work: New Balance FuelCell RebelReebok Float Ride Run fast ProHoka RinconNike Pegasus Turbo 2

Long Runs: New Balance FuelCell RebelMizuno R2Hoka Cavu 2

Races: New Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Reebok Run fast Pro, 

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Questions for you:

Have you run in the Asics Nimbus 22?

What is a staple running shoe you use?


Asics Cumulus 18 Review

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

As most people know by now, I’m recovering from an injury, and I’ve been on the hunt for finding a shoe with enough cushion.  The first (of a few) shoes I chose was the Asics Gel Cumulus.  I’ve no stranger to Asics, and I’ve reviewed the Nimbus, Quantum 360 as well as the FuzeX.

Speaking of the Asics Quantum, it’s retired from running and is my favorite shoe to walk around in.  It’s been the shoe protecting my feet while recovering and I like the cushion for hiking too.

Back to the Asics Cumulus: I’ve worn previous Asics Cumulus models to work and run minimally, but I never posted a Asics Cumulus shoe review.  So with the latest update of the Asics Cumulus and running miles, I decided to post a review.

I’m not sponsored by Asics and they aren’t paying me to promote their shoes. I’ve run on a variety of surfaces including the pavement, treadmill, and alter G treadmill.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Asics Cumulus 18 Fit: 

The fit of the Asics Cumulus 18 is much better than previous models.  While most Asics shoes run narrow, the latest model is wider and able to accommodate wider feet like mine.  I usually wear a size 10, and it’s a good fit. The ortholite sockliner in the Asics Cumulus adds extra cushion.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Asics Cumulus 8 Ride: 

Like most Asics models, the Asics Cumulus uses gel.  I like having all of that cushion and feeling under my feet, and I feel the support.  The Asics Cumulus has more gel in the back of the heel as well as ankle.  Truthfully, I could use a little bit more in the forefront, which is probably why I prefer the Asics Nimbus or Asics Quantum for walking around.

The Asics Cumulus is still heavier than many of its rivals such as the Brooks Ghost or Saucony Ride. However, it is a lighter Asics shoe.  There is plenty of cushion whether you are running 1 mile (like me!) or 100.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Asics Cumulus 18 Conclusion:

If you need a neutral shoe with a sufficient amount of cushioning, the Asics Cumulus is a great model for you.  Personally, I like the Asics Cumulus, and I’ll keep it in my rotation for the entire duration of it’s running shoe life.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Similar models: Brooks Ghost, Mizuno Wave Rider, Saucony Ride or Asics FuzeX

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Questions for you:

Have you run in Asics? Have you tried the Asics Cumulus 18?

Do you like a heavy or light weight shoe when running?

Asics Quantum Shoe Review

The Asics Gel Quantum came out a few months ago.  We brought in a limited amount at work.  Since I originally liked the gel nimbus I thought it would be a shoe I would like.

Is more gel better?  

The Gel Quantum has the most gel of any Asics shoe created.  Essentially runners wanted as much gel as possible and Asics listened to the feedback.  I tried on a pair at work and decided they were comfortable enough to try running in.

Asics Quantum Review

For those who don’t know I really liked the Gel Nimbus 16 but the 17s irritated the top of my feet.

Why run in a shoe that’s going to cause your feet to bleed?  After talking with a few in store customers I realized I was not the only one that the new upper effected.  Hopefully Asics is able to fix that in the gel nimbus 18.

Finally Asics did not send me these shoes and I’m not being paid to review the shoes. I’m just sharing my personal experience with the shoe.  Remember what works for me might not work for you because no two feet are the same.  I think that is the end of spiel.

Anyways to the Gel Quantum- 
Quick Stats:
Price: $170
Drop: 10mm
Weight 11.9 ounces for men and 9.9 for women

asics quantum


The top of the Asics Gel Quantum is a different material then other Asics models.  It’s got slits on the sides and the upper is completely different.  It breaths a little bit better then other models as well.  To be honest I also find the Quantum to fit the best of any Asics shoe I’ve tried.  I’ve always gone wide in the Asics brand but I have found this shoe to fit perfectly. I wear a regular size 10 which is the same as my usual size.

The Ride: 

There is gel across the entire bottom of the shoe.  Honestly it feels as heavy as you would imagine.  It’s the heaviest and most bulky running shoe I’ve ever owned.  It’s extremely comfortable but I can feel the weight of the shoe.  I like all of the gel and it’s a nice shoe to do my recovery runs in.

Overall thoughts:

I like the Asics Gel Quantum for recovery days. I think it’s a great shoe for feeling cushioned. I don’t foresee myself doing “normal” or fast paced runs because it’s too heavy. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a high cushioned shoe or someone who is injury prone.


  • Lots of cushion
  • Breathable and one of the best fitting Asics Shoes
  • Jazzy style


  • Expensive ($170)
  • Very heavy

I would recommend it for any neutral runner who likes a lot of cushion. I would also recommend this to anyone who runs in the Asics Cumulus or Asics Nimbus would enjoy extra cushion.  Anyone who runs in Hokas might enjoy this as well. It’s a high end and very cushioned neutral shoe.

Other Shoes I’ve Reviewed:
Hoka Clifton
Saucony Triumph
Saucony Zealot
Nike Vomero
Asics Nimbus

Questions for you:
Have you tried the Asics Gel Quantum?
Do you prefer high cushioned shoes or minimalist, light weight shoes?

Asics Nimbus 17 Review

Asics Nimbus 17 Shoe Review

Shortly before my marathon and then afterward, I began running in the Asics Nimbus 17.  Since transitioning from Newtons (last year) into a more traditional running shoe, the Asics Nimbus has been a great shoe to me.  I reviewed the Asics Nimbus 16 a few months ago. The gel and high cushion in the Asics Nimbus support my feet well.  I like more cushion shoes.  I do not like lightweight shoes at all.

asics nimbus 17 1

Side Note: I’m always hesitant to do running shoe reviews because what works (or doesn’t) for me, won’t always be the same for others.  I like a lot of cushions and am a neutral runner.  This means that shoes such as the Saucony Triumph or Brooks Glycerin are good options for me.  This also means. Personally I don’t care for minimalist shoes.  Another thing to keep in mind is that I’m not a techy person.  Either the shoe feels good to me or it doesn’t and I’ll explain why.

I don’t care so much about the technical side of a shoe so I won’t review that part.  Plus, there are much better blog posts that review that anyways…I just give my personal experience with the shoe.  (And no Asics is not paying me to review their shoe).asics nimbus 17

Asics Nimbus 17 Price: 150

The price of the Asics Nimbus 17 is similar to other comparable shoes of different brands such as the Saucony Triumph (150) and Brooks Glycerin (150).

The Asics Nimbus 17 Fit:

The Asics Nimbus has always run a little bit narrow.  Right now, Asics takes the glove-like fit to a whole new level. The previous Asics Nimbus was entirely too narrow for my foot.  I found myself being comfortable in a mens shoe versus women. I have a widefoot, so I usually run in a wide.  With the Asics Nimbus 17, they opened up the toe box space, so my foot has plenty of space to breath.  I usually wear a size 9.5 wide woman’s shoe, and my feet fit comfortably into a size 9.5 Asics Nimbus Wide.

One problem I did have was the top inner toe box rubbed my foot raw.  I ended up bleeding through the shoe.  I know it wasn’t a sock issue.  The toe box fit my foot a little bit different and caused rubbing.  My foot got used to it within a few runs, but it was unpleasant to see the shoe had caused my foot to bleed.

I like the fit much better than the previous model of the Asics Nimbus.  I think Asics did a great job with it.

The Asics Nimbus 17 Ride: 

The shoe is much lighter than the Asics Nimbus 16.  I still feel as if I have the Asics Nimbus cushion I like but with a lot less weight.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that aspect. You don’t feel much shock during impact and roll through the gait cycle.

I still feel protected in the Asics Nimbus and I haven’t had any issues or problems with the shoe.  The Asics Nimbus 17 does feel a little bit lighter since it weighs less.  After about 50 miles on the shoe, I didn’t seem to notice much of a difference in weight.

Overall Thoughts of the Asics Nimbus:

I like Asics Nimbus a lot.  I feel comfortable doing my training in this shoe.  The major differences (more open toe box and lighter weight) don’t effect my training significantly.  I will continue to run in the shoe (as well as a new to me shoe the Saucony Triumph).

Edit to add: I’ve ran 104 miles in this shoe (both before and after the marathon).

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Questions for you:

What shoe do you train in?

Have you ever tried the Asics Nimbus?

Asics Nimbus Review

Another shoe I have been running consistently in is the Asics Nimbus.  I purchased the Asics Nimbus before actually beginning to run.  I knew I wanted a maximum cushion heavy shoe.  While I had thought about the Brooks Glycerin (a shoe I dabbled in the Spring) I don’t care for the update on that shoe.  I had tried on the Asics Nimbus at work and decided that would be a shoe I would return to running in.

Photo taken from the Asics Website

asics nimbus

As always, experiences with running shoes are based on your personal gait, style and preferences of shoes….just because I think a shoe is awesome doesn’t mean you will too.  (That being said, I think the Asics Nimbus is awesome).  I bought the shoe and Asics did not request for me to post about this.  I have no incentive to post. 


Length wise, the shoe runs pretty true to size.  I wear a 9.5 in other brands…in Asics I also wear a 9.5.

Right off the bat, I would recommend seeing how you like the wide version of the shoe.  My only complaint is that I wish it ran a little wider.  The shoe is rather narrow.  It isn’t a problem for me since I could purchase a wide but I can see it being a problem for some people.

Overall feeling while running:

How I feel post running (via instagram)

How I feel post running (via instagram)

As most people I know, I ran in the Newtons for a while.  I supinate and run pretty far on my toes. I have always liked a cushioned shoe and I feel like the Asics Nimbus has a lot of cushion in the forefront as well as the heal.  That is just my personal opinion though.

I like the feeling of the firm yet soft gel underneath.  As opposed to the Hoka (which is soft and “pillow like”, these shoes are much firmer. I actually feel like (possibly because they are heavier) that I’m getting more support from the Asics Nimbus.  I honestly like them a little bit better.

Treadmill: I’ve run a few times on the Alter G.  They felt fine but as I have said before, who really knows with the Alter G.  I’ve also run once on a “normal treadmill”.  I had no issues and felt supported.  They felt cushioned and I didn’t feel like my shins were crying.

Alter G Treadmill

Pavement: I love that I cannot actually feel the pavement.  I feel like I have a lot of cushion under my feet (something I feel like I desperately need).  Since they are so firm, my turnover stays pretty normal.  (I don’t feel like I’m sinking into the shoe and slogging)

Grass: I’ve run on trails a few times in the Asics Nimbus.  They felt good and well cushioned.  I don’t remember tripping.

The Asics Nimbus (in my opinion) is a great shoe.  While it’s pricey (150), it’s worth it to me because I feel much more protected and cushioned.  (And due to the cushion, I’m not paying a deductible to insurance after running in them…ha) It’s a great shoe and one I wish I would have found earlier.

(I’ve run about 100 miles in this shoe and it will stay a staple in my running for a while).

Who would I recommend this shoe too?

Neutral runners who like extra cushion.  Someone that runs in the Brooks Ghost or Glycerin, Saucony Ride or Triumph or any Hoka model.  Also in my personal work experience, it seems to fit orthotics pretty well.

Have you run in the Asics Nimbus?

This is my first experience in it and I wish I had found it sooner.  I run in the Asics Nimbus and have been cross training and working in the Asics Cumulus (both I purchased).  I think Asics did a great update to both shoes.

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