August Training Recap: Lots of Trails

me running

August flew by! It’s my first month of living in California. It’s been hard to get fully settled. After spending a couple of weeks househunting, we finally found a house we can afford and liked in Napa. It’s been fun to have a complete change of scenery./ While I miss friends in New Jersey, the new change has been exciting and fun.

Of anything (life, job searching), running has been going the best. It’s consistent and you can get out the door most anywhere.

me running

Miles Run: 324

Range of Paces: 6:30-15:30-untimed 

Biking: 16 miles

So How was the month of August?

August training was good. I’ve continued building my mileage.  I recently finished the GRIT 300 race.  My goal was to run 300 miles in 30 days, and I did just that.

This month I made more trail running than ever before. When we lived in a hotel near Vacaville, the majority of my runs were on trails. Now that we live in Napa, I’ve started looking for more trails to run on. It’s been tough finding them, especially with many parks in the North shut down due to fires.

I like the peace and relaxation that trails have given me. Many runs are more like a walk/hike/run, but I’m still getting in the mileage.  I’m looking forward to finding more of those.

Workouts have gone, ok but not great. Read: Unlike July, I actually did a few workouts in August.

Last week, I ended the month with a recovery and a rest week. It was good to have time off to step back, relax, and continue unpacking.  I’m already fueled for my next challenge!

So What’s Next?

I’m going to continue running and doing the same thing. Hopefully, now that I’m slightly more settled, I will find a few more trails around Napa to run.  I’m also going to add a few structured workouts to see what I can run for a virtual version of “The Race.” The Race is black-owned in Atlanta, with proceeds going to many Black-Owned Businesses. (I don’t know many if any similar races,). I’m looking forward to seeing what I can run.

I created a team: “LOLZ Team,” and the password is newsletter if you want to join me and support a black-owned race director and cause.

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Questions for you:
How was your month of August?
Are you training for anything?