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August Training Recap: Lots of Trails

August flew by! It’s my first month of living in California. It’s been hard to get fully settled. After spending a couple of weeks househunting, we finally found a house we can afford and liked in Napa. It’s been fun to have a complete change of scenery./ While I miss friends in New Jersey, the new change has been exciting and fun.

Of anything (life, job searching), running has been going the best. It’s consistent and you can get out the door most anywhere.

me running

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me running
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July Training Recap: A Month in Many States

July of 2020 might have been the most states I’ve ever run in in one month. It was a busy life month as I moved from New Jersey to California.

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Andover Diner BLT

Andover Diner

Recently I was at the Andover Diner in Andover, NJ.  It’s close to one of my favorite airports: Aeroflex-Andover Airport. Anyway, since I was in the area, I decided to stop at the Andover Diner.  Which, for now, seems to be my last New Jersey Diner for a while.

Like all of New Jersey restaurants, the Andover Diner is only open for outdoor seating and takeout. We chose to do takeout.

Andover Diner

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Jumboland Diner (Branchville)

While in Branchville in Sussex County, I decided to stop at the Jumboland Diner. I wasn’t terribly hungry and in fact was eating a couple of hours later, but I had wanted to go to the Jumboland for a while so I decided to get a light snack.  Like all of New Jersey, the Jumboland is open for outdoor seating and takeout. They had a nice picnic table set up so I decided to eat outdoors.

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Double S diner wantage nj burger

Double S Diner (Wantage)

Recently, I was up in Wantage, NJ way up in North Jersey. I’ve heard the Double S Diner is good, so I decided to check it out. The Double S Diner is known as a “farm to table” diner. There aren’t many farm to table diners.  A couple of other ones I’ve been to include Vincentown as well as Silver Diner.

While outdoor diner is open in New Jersey, I’m not ready to do a lot of it just yet. So we ordered takeout from the Double S Diner.  I appreciate I can still support local businesses.

Double S diner wantage nj

Double S Diner Atmosphere: A
The Double S Diner sticks out in Sussex, NJ. There isn’t a lot but farmlands, and it’s hard to miss. The outdoor seating looks evening spaced, and everyone was wearing masks. I was able to get my takeout quickly.

Double S Diner Coffee: X
With takeout, I haven’t been getting coffee. I do miss diner coffee and maybe one of these days I’ll get some.

Double S Diner Food: A
The Double S Diner menu has everything you want in a diner and more. There are healthy options like salads, all-day breakfasts, “farm to table burgers,” home fries, specials, and everything. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but the Jack Daniels Burger caught my eye. The Jack Daniels Burger came with pepper jack cheese, fried onions, and BBQ sauce.

Double S diner wantage nj  burger

While the burger itself doesn’t look like the most appealing ever, let me tell you it was delicious. It was cooked perfectly, and there was plenty of seasoning. I was pleased with my selection.

Double S diner wantage nj burger

Double S Diner Service: A
The hostess at the Double S Diner was friendly and made me feel safe and welcomed in the Double S Diner.  It’s a diner I would feel comfortable dining outside if we end up back out there.

Double S Diner Price:
For the Jack Daniels Burger, it was $13.95.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come to the Double S Diner?
I liked the Double S Diner, and it was one of my favorite diners in Sussex County. If you are hiking up north or find yourself in Wantage, I highly recommend going.

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of burger?
Have you been eating outdoors?