As Seen in the Gym

Over two years ago, I posted about various people “as seen in my gym”.  Now that I’ll be a regular at my gym again, I get to see the regulars here.

I belong to an Anytime Fitness less than a quarter of a mile from my house.  It’s pretty nice considering as it’s name suggests, it’s open anytime (including this past winter when it was snowing and roads were blocked) as well as Holidays.  There isn’t always someone working there, but each preson has a key to swipe in so you can access it anytime.

That being said, I don’t get to see the same people all the time because people come in at all hours. (Keep in my mind this is light hearted and no real names are used).


This man is really friendly.  Hr works out hard.  He shared with me that he battled both smoking and drug addictions.  His smoking ended up causing throat cancer.  He now talks through a voicebox.  He has really turned his life around and a great guy.  He is extremely chatty.

Prying Paige

I am all for chatting but this lady wants to know everything and anything about your business.  She has asked some extremely personal questions as if we are best friends chatting with wine.  She will chat your ears off and pry into your business if you even look in her direction.

Awkward Angela

(No this is not me but could be).  This young woman is between the ages of 18-20.  She is very nice but has also asked extremely awkward questions.  Between her and Prying Paige, I try not to go the gym between the hours of 3-5 if I don’t want to chat.

Powerlifter Steve X 100

The thing about Anytime fitness is there are the cardio machines and right next to them are the free weights.  The hundreds of power lifters will lift and immediately drop the weights.  That’s great except sometimes I fear the AMT or elliptical will fall on it’s side due to force.  Grunt Grunt. Lift Lift.  I am strong.

The Karate Kicker

Also located in Anytime is a punching bag.  Occasionally the Karate Kicker will use it for kicks and god knows I’m terrified to every piss him off.

Cell Phone Cynthia:

I think this person exists in every gym.  They walk on the treadmill and talk extremely loudly on their cell phone.  I didn’t know so and so broke up with their boyfriend.  Tragic.  I could tell you more about her friends than probably they would like to think.  As long as I can blast my music louder than her chatting, I don’t have an issue…unfortunately that is not always the case.

That’s all I’ve got from this week.  As I continue to gym, I will be sure to keep you updated.  With over 500 members, everyone has some sort of story.  (Including myself).

Question for you: Who are some of the regulars you see at your gym?